I know it's a bit late to comment on this issue. I'm not exactly a fan of school sporting events so news about this kind of things I rarely open in my news. But after reading this article from Rappler, I guess I'll take a shot at it and share my thoughts.

Hmmmp... disclaimer first. My status has a UST graduate does not have bearing in my opinion. If you know me, I'm sure you are aware that I am not a proud Thomasian. With that said, here is what I think about the issue.

Something is amiss here. This is school sports we are talking about right? This is equivalent to school spirit and school pride. Then Mikee Bartolome's formation is incomplete because she represents a school that she is not proud of. If her life long dream is to represent UP in a swim meet, why did she enroll in UST High School? She could have easily enrolled in UP Integrated School and represent the UP Junior Swimming team. I've read in other articles that another reason for her transfer in UP is that UP is much nearer to their place. All the more reason why she should've enrolled in UPIS. Then she wouldn't be having this problem.

There was another reason given from an article I cannot locate anymore. It said that she would need to pay for her two years in college because UP cannot offer her scholarship because of the residency rule. Haaaay, then stay with UST! She'll still be part of the swim team which in turn gives her athletic scholarship from UST. My goodness! This is a hard decision she needs to make! She's lucky enough that she can even choose between these two schools, unlike people I know who can't even go to college! Nakakainis eh! You cannot have everything girl!

In my opinion, the life-long dream thing is not accurate. There's no logic in enrolling in a school far from your house, represent it in the sport in you excel in, then after four years say your dream school is the one near your place.

On another note, I understand UAAP officials why they created the residency rule. It is simply a safety net for them. How would you feel if the dog you trained and fed, betrayed you because it favored to your rival and worse bit you? Well, I don't really look at athletes as dogs and just made my remark to simply to explain the matter. But if the shoe fits...