Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

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I recently have been reading about how to manage people. Not that I aim to be a manager anytime soon but more on the circumstance that I will be transferred to a different section soon.

The book by Beverly Kate and Sharon Jordan-Evans entitled: Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em is very informative. It provides 26 strategies on how to keep good employees. I swear, even the Preface speaks volumes! Every chapter gives very real-life situations that will make you rethink everything what a ”manager” is; such as: it’s their job to communicate with those under them (Chapter 1). Supporting Career Growth (Chapter 3); Stop being a Jerk (Chapter 10); Build connection with their employees (Chapter 12); be a mentor (Chapter 13); and more!

As I read each chapter, I found myself nodding in agreement to everything I read. It really hits the spot since everything applies to me. I learned in Chapter 5 that what is happening to me is DISENGAGING - psychological separation as opposed to RESIGNING, which is Physical Separation. This manifested by absenteeism and less than quality work with a question, ”What’s the point anyway?”. It hits the mark perfectly.

I think, the overall lesson of the book is to have a pro-employee approach. The company should be pro-active in getting to know the employees more and adapting to their needs. It is not a 100% guarantee that the company will retain its prized employees, but it will lessen the amount of brain drain from one’s company, or even one’s department.


A curious love affair

A few days ago, I was gossiping with a dear friend about a certain relationship between two people. Well, ex relationship anyway. I'm not exactly curious of the totality of the relationship but more on their dynamics.

I'm curious of how it started; Was it just about physical attraction? Was it just because of their similarity of being attracted with the same sex? Or more?

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