Challenge 21

Challenge 21 is a fast paced strategy game and is proudly a Filipino invention. I'm sorry because I wasn't able to get the name of the person who invented it, but we met him when we first tried it in this years Toy Convention in SM Megamall.

Manong's 1st winning board

Disclaimer: I don't own the game, this blog is simply to show how ecstatic I am with the game. Every rule about the game was thought about by the great man who invented it.
He's the bald man standing in this video:

My friends and I made a replica of the game with folder pieces and an illustration board, we don't intend to violate any laws by doing so. We are just very enthusiastic about the game and we enjoy playing it. We promise that as soon as the real game comes out to the market, we will be the 1st ones to buy it.

Playing Challenge 21 is easy! You just need to make formations using a one colored triangular chip set versus two or three other players. You each get to place one triangle chip in any of the spaces every turn. The board has a total of 25 boxes since the chip is triangular, you can place 4 chips in each box.


Each formation has a specified number of points. The 1st one to accumulate at least 21 points and say Deal is the winner! Here are the formations:


The Papillon is worth 2 points. As an added requirement for the game, you need to have at least two Papillons so you wouldn't have a deduction of 6 points. Every Papillon missing will have a deduction of 3 points. So if for example you already have 21 points but don't have any Papillon made, your score will be deducted with 6 points. So your final score will only be 15 points (you still don't have enough points to win!).


The Kite is worth two points.


The Pot is worth 3 points.


The Box is worth 8 points.

Shark Teeth

The Shark Teeth has 3 variations: 3 Shark Teeth worth 3 points (Green), 4 Shark Teeth worth 8 points (Red), and 5 Shark Teeth worth 15 points (Blue and Yellow)


The Flags has 3 variations: 3 Flags worth 3 points (Yellow), 4 Flags worth 8 points (Red), and 5 Flags worth 15 points (Blue and Green)


The Birds has 3 variations: 3 birds worth 3 points (Yellow and Green), 4 Birds worth 8 points (Blue), and 5 Birds worth 15 points (Red)


The Zigzag has 3 variations: 3 Zigzag worth 3 points (Red), 4 Zigzag worth 8 points (Green), and 5 Zigzag worth 15 points (Yellow and Blue)

Kite Formation

The Kite Formation is composed of 4 Kite shapes in a diagonal formation and a Papillon. The direction of the Kite should be the same to all while the location of the Papillon can be from anywhere in the board. This formation is 21 points and with the Papillon considered as part of the requirement. This means that you only need another Papillon to win or just another 3 points.

Four Corners

The Four Corners Formation is worth 21 points with the Papillon that can be anywhere in the board. It is also considered as part of the Paipillon Requirement.


The Cross Formation is the Deadliest Formation but is very hard to do. It is worth 21 points. You just need to have 5 Papillons in the board in a cross position. I'm sorry Idon't have a picture. I'll upload one next time!

You need to shout DEAL! when you are sure that you have 21 points or higher so you can be declared the winner.

The game is very very addicting... And I mean VERY!!! We always look forward for the weekends so we can play! We love it because it really involves strategy. You can't win if you just keep on placing chips. Because your opponents can block you if they know what your trying to do. But you can't leave out luck. You need to balance out your gameplay. Here's the question in every turn that you're going to make. Offense or Defense? It's very very tricky because you're battling with three other persons. If your too aggressive they might see through your offense and block your strategy. If your too defensive, your chances of winning will be solely based on your luck. So this is really a battle of wits. Think of it as a war and your chips as your battalion. If you are able to make formations you win. But as I said it's not that simple. But the best tip that I can give you came from the words of Sun Tzu himself: "War is based on Deception". Deception can be used offensively and defensively. Provoke and Divert. If you know how to deceive your opponents you will win.

Because we are so hooked on this game, we have our own strategems in playing it. The following are some of our strategies and finishing move for Challenge 21:

Juancho's Mantra: Control the center

By logic alone, this is a very good starting strategy, by simply controlling the center, you will have the flexibility to create many formations. Especially the high pointing basic 5 formations each worth 15 points.

My Mantra: Corner Power

This is the 1st strategy that I thought of and I'm using it every time I play the game. I chose the corners because they are usually the ones neglected. Also, the four corners formation is one of the main goal of this strategy. Although it is very hard since it's pretty obvious that you need to control all four corners for you to achieve that. It is very easy to transform to any 5 or 4 formations by controlling the corners. You just need to be flexible enough to get pass the defense made by the opponents.

Averi's Strategem: The Banderitas

This strategy is simple, just place chips at random and in the same direction, also blocking opponents when you have the chance. They will look like flaglets, hence the name. It looks as if this is just a nonsense tactic but in truth this is an aggressive defense strategy. You will be able to block any formations made by your opponents. But pure defense is not an offense in this scenario. So you must be able to somehow chip in a few offensive skirmishes now and then. You will have lots of options, as your chips are scattered throughout the board. Just be wise enough to use your defense moves earlier as a late offensive assault.

My Multi-prong offense Strategy

For this to work, you must learn the art of deception. You must learn to divert your opponents' attention to other fronts while you lay the foundations of your offense. Discreet is the word for it. Be Discreet. This is a late game strategy so you must be able to successfully hide your motives. So far, only the two prong offense seemed complete. I won three consecutive games using it. Like I said, this strategy is based on deception, you must make your opponents think that you are doing the control the center tactic when in truth your doing the Corner power. Make them think your doing Sharks Teeth when you plan on doing Zigzag. You get the logic. I wouldn't want to spill all the details, they will be reading this blog! whahahah! But the end should be that you have two options for offense, and that your opponents won't be able to stop both of them. Usually, my winning board has 5 Birds, 2 Papillons, and 3 flags. That's 15 + 4 + 3 = 22. Right now, I'm trying to perfect my three prong offense. I tried doing it during my game with Juancho and Manong, but they did a joint defense on my strategy. My theory is that since there is less time for preparation and diversion, your motive will be easily noticed in the three prong offense. But I'm not closing my door yet, I will try to use it again when its against three players. I'll just try to use it again, and if it is still noticeable, I'll abandon it.

Manong's Deadly Finishing move: Shark's Jaw

Although Juancho did this too, it was Manong who first made this Deadly Finishing move. The 5 Sharks Teeth is worth 15 points. Double that and he has 30 points. Minus 6 because he doesn't have the Papillon requirement leaves him with 24 points. He still wins.

I'll just update this from time to time if we have additional strategies. If this will be a sport, I'll be a varsity! whahahah!!!

Idaan nalang sa kanta: I miss you

Medyo sumegwey lang yung 1st verse, pero yung 2nd verse! PALUNG PALO!!! Yun na yun! Grabeh! Tsaka yung Bridge! Ay!

Miss You
by Aaliyah
It's been too long and I'm lost without you
What am I gonna do?
Said I been needin' you, wantin' you
(Said I need you)
Wonderin' if you're the same and who's been with you
Is your heart still mine?
I wanna cry sometimes
I miss you

[Verse 1]
Off to college
Yes, you went away
Straight from high school
You up and left me
We were close friends
Also lovers
Did everything
For one another
Now you're gone and I'm lost without you here now
But I know I gotta live and make it somehow
Come me
Can you...feel me (Callin')
Hear me...callin' (For you)
For you...'Cause it's

It's been too long and I'm lost without you
What am I gonna do?
Said I been needin' you, wantin' you
Wonderin' if you're the same and who's been with you
Is your heart still mine?
I wanna cry sometimes
I miss you

[Verse 2]
Now I'm sittin' here
Thinkin' 'bout you
And the days we used to share
It's drivin' me crazy
I don't know what to do
I'm just wonderin' if you still care
I don't wanna let you know
That it's killin' me
I know you got another life you gotta concentrate baby
Come me
Can you...feel me (Callin')
Hear me...callin' (For you)
For you...'Cause it's

[Chorus 2x]
It's been too long and I'm lost without you
What am I gonna do?
Said I been needin' you, wantin' you
Wonderin' if you're the same and who's been with you
Is your heart still mine?
I wanna cry sometimes
I miss you

Since you went away I
Don't really feel like talkin'
No one here to love me
Baby do you understand me
I can't do or be without you

[Chorus 3x]
It's been too long and I'm lost without you
(Tell me what I'm gonna do)
What am I gonna do?
Said I been needin' you, wantin' you
Wonderin' if you're the same and who's been with you
Is your heart still mine?
I wanna cry sometimes
I miss you


A Teacher no more


Hindi ko alam kung phase lang ba to o final answer na. Basta nagising nalang ako na naupos na yung apoy ng passion ko sa pagtuturo. I am honestly flabbergasted that such a big flame would be extinguished in a snap. Ever since I became a student teacher when I was in high school, I felt that the teaching profession is for me. Ngayon I am just left to wonder what made me realize the opposite.

Hindi ko na itutuloy yung pagkuha ko ng Education units sa PNU. Hawak ko ngayon actually yung requirements na sinadya ko pa sa UST. Looking at them now... Parang wala na din saysay. Hindi ko na din itutuloy yung pagkuha ko ng MS Engineering Sciences. Niplano ko lang talaga yung kunin kasi gusto kong magturo sa Engineering Science Department ng kung saaang Engineering School. So siguro yung MS nalang na pwede sa Industry na pinasukan ko. Maybe Material Science and Engineering or Instrumentation Engineering. Sabi nga ng fav prof ko MS Chemical Engineering daw, pero hindi ko pa alam.

Nasa Flash drive ko din yung manuscript nung Physics Supplement Book na ginagawa ko. It's entitled, Si Voltes V at ang Physics 1. Lahat kasi ng example ko eh patungkol sa characters sa Voltes V. Naenjoy ko syang gawin, kasi masayang gumawa ng examples na alam kong makakarelate yung mga bata. Hindi pa sya tapos kaya hindi pa ako naghahanap ng illustrator para magdrawing, at hindi ko pa natanong sa Toei Corporation kung papayagan nila yun iprint. Pero, it doesn't matter now. Wala nakong drive tapusin pa yun. Pinag-iisipan ko nga kung buburahin ko nalang, baka may makinabang pang iba. Yan tsaka yung isa pang Algebra Supplement na more on DotA yung examples.

Ewan ko. I feel empty. Akala ko mamamaterialize ko yung Project enREACH. Buti nalang hindi ko pa sya nasimula mag-isa. Kundi ang laking problema na bigla ko nalang syang ititigil. Siguro, teaching is really not for me. I was given an opportunity to teach pero ni-turn down ko din. Natanggap kasi akong Faculty sa Adamson. Kahit part time at least nagtuturo pa din. Siguro its really a sign na hindi talaga ako passionate for it.

Panu ba to, yung email ko may teacher feel din. Pati mga estudyante kong mga nagtetake ng educ, pinipilit pa din akong ituloy yung pagtake ng educ units and then LET. Pero parang it fell on deaf ears lang din. Hindi ko na talaga nakikita yung sarili kong tatayo sa harap ng klase at mageexplain with vigor. Wala na talaga yung passion for it. I tried to assess the situation pero wala talaga akong logical explanation kung anung nangyari. Bigla nalang nawala.

Wala na si Teacher Wilberchie. -RIP-




Tanga na ko. Sige na. Tanga na. Tanga nako kasi binigyan ko sya ng isa pang chance. As you can see binura ko yung A Letter to myself na post ko. Sige tatanggapin ko lahat ng sasabihin nyo sakin. Tanga. Bobo. Ulol. Sira ulo. Kahit ano. Pero hindi na magbabago ang isip ko sa ginawa ko. Kahit pa kinabukasan ulet nun, nagbigay nanaman sya ng disappointment sken. Tanga na talaga. Nagpapakatanga.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ko ni-grab yung chance nung nag-usap kami na baguhin yung desisyon ko. For the record, ako ang nagtanong sa kanya kung tutuloy pa ba namin ang friendship namin o hindi nah. although sya naman yung unang kumausap sakin about the issue. Pero yung trigger nya eh yung mga nakasulat sa post ko sa letter ko sa sarili ko. Yun lang pala ang paraan para mapansin nya na nasasaktan ako. Anyway, naisip ko kasi nun, sa mata nya ako ang may pagkakamali, sa mata ko naman, sya yung may pagkukulang. Walang mangyayari smen kung pareho kaming magmamatigas. Kaya sinubukan ko nalang magfirst move.

Pareho nga kasi kaming stubborn. Pareho lang kaming magmamatigas hanggang sa huli. Kaya naisip ko walang mangyayari kung wala saming magbabackdown. Feeling ko ang hina hina ko. I'm so weak that despite my big effort and determination to ultimately forget about him, he just talked to me and I immediately scrambled to get back to him. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Sarap iuntog ng sarili ko. Grabeh!

The New Filipino YouTube Sensation

Move over Charice! A new Filipino Glee Sensation is in residence!!!

The Mini Warbler: Kellen Sarmiento

ANG CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEE NI BABY!!!!! Ang sarap kurutin! Mabuhay sayo bhe! Ang cute cute mo! At super talented! super kabisadong kabisado mo na yung choreo ah! Aanhin mo yung mga kasali sa Glee Project kung eto palang si Baby talbog na sila! Idol daw nya si Darren Criss who incidentaly is half Filipino din.

Cmon Glee!!! hire this kid! It will boost the ratings! Maybe as Blaine's little brother or so! Isa pa ngang ulet! ang cute kasi talaga ni baby habang nagpeperform! Wihi!

Jamich @ USTREAM


Ang kapal ng mukha ko at nagpaplug ako ng blog ko. So eto yung screenshot habang binabasa nila yung plug ko! whahahaha!! Woohoo!!! Excited nako tomorrow! MOA Fans day nila! yeah!



Tanong ni Jam, kaya mo daw bang buoin yung 11x11? whihi!!

Watch yung short flick nila here. Pwamis kikiligin kayo! hihi!!


The Duet of Darkness

Makakarelate lang kayo dito kung napanood nyo yung Flame of Recca na anime! Featured dito ang favorite Uruha members ko! Kakanta tayo ng kanta na saktong sakto talaga! Wahahahh!


1st verse: REGRET!!!!
Tulala lang sa’king kwarto
At nagmu-muni-muni
Ang tanong sa’king sarili
Sa’n ako nagkamali


Pre-chorus: QUESTION!!!
Bakit sa’yo pa nagkagusto
Parang bula ika’y naglaho


Porque contigo yo ya iskuji
Aura mi corazon ta supri
Bien simple lang iyo ta pidi
Era cinti tu el cosa yo ya cinti
Ta pidi milagro, vira’l tiempo
El mali hace derecho
Na dimio reso ta pidi yo
Era olvidas yo contigo

Echo Shield

2nd verse: PAIN!!!
Ang lahat ay binigay ko
Ngayon ay sising-sisi
Sobra sobra ang parusa
Di alam kung kaya pa


Bridge: WARNING!!!
Wag nang lumapit
At tumawag pa at baka masampal lang kita
Di babalikan
Magsisi ka man
Ako ay lisanin


Final Chorus: REVENGE!!!
Bakit ikaw pa ang napili
Ngayon ang puso ko ay sawi
Kay simple lang ng aking hiling
Na madama mo rin ang pait at pighati

Sana’y magmilagro
Mabalik ko
Mali ay maiderecho
Pinagdarasal ko sa’king puso
Na mabura na sa isip ko

Idaan nalang sa kanta! hihi!! Listen to the song Porque by Maldita here.


Aanhin ko ang isang White Knight...

Kung meron naman akong lima! Wihi!

Paxenxa na at hindi muna ako makakapagpost frequently than usual kasi busy ang lola nyo sa kanyang bagong work as Process Engineer! Actually, hindi pa ako nagsasign ng contract pero yung mga signs kasi eh mukhang mahahire ako. Kaya mega patikang gilas muna ako ha! Pero sa saturday, may pasabog na post ako! Abangan! Wihihi!


It made my day XD


Yan ang sinabi ni Coco Martin sa kanyang Nescafe 3 in 1 coffee with brown sugar commercial.

Natawa nalang ako nung nagtext si Dadee na nagkakape sya sabay sabing Yummy! wahahahah!!! Hindi kasi halata sa picture pero medyo kahawig ni Dadee si Coco Martin sa unang tingin in person. Pwamis!


Pero aminin, ampugi ni Dadee! hihi!!! Kaso ako ang pseudo Bestfriend nya eh. BAWAL! Wihi!


3 Charmed Spells


Hindi ko ata na share masyado sa blog ko na super Charmed addict ako! To the point na kabisado ko yung ibang spells! Kwento ko nalang yung funny story about dyan next time. Pero for now, gusto ko ishare yung tatlong spells na gusto ko ng i-cast.

Truth Spell
For those who wants the truth revealed
Open hearts and secrets unsealed
For now and now again
The time of which this spell will end

I know that I deserve the truth. He owes that to me. Kaso ewan ko ba sa kanya kung bakit hindi nalang nya sabihin directly yung mga sagot sa tanong ko. Para hindi nako nag-iintay at naaabala. Di ko alam bat hindi nya naiisip yun. Hindi naman sya bobo para hindi maisip yun. Ewan.

To lose a Love Forever Spell
Your Love will wither
and depart from my life
and my heart.
Let me be M
And go Away Forever

Kung pagod sya, mas pagod nako intindihin sya. Sabi nga sa kanta sa Rent: "Take me or Leave me". Hindi pwedeng Or. Kung ayaw na nya na talaga, edi wag nah. Hindi yung ganito na I'm waiting in Limbo. Busy daw sya buong taon. Excuses!

Instant Karma Spell
Let cruelty, pain, and evil ways
Follow M throughout his days
Reverse the torment that he creates
and turn to him a crueler fate

Payback? whahahah! Let his karma do what it should do. Then I rest my case.

Gawa kaya akong Vanquishing spell? Chos! Wahahahha!

-Wilberchie- Transformed!


when in solitude


Sa totoo lang, there was a time during this whole mess na inisip ko na kelangan ko na ng counseling. Gulong gulo na kasi ako. Everything was haphazard. Walang kalinawan sa lahat ng nangyari. I asked my friends who are self-proclaimed psych nurses, and also my sister-in-law who has BS Psychology as her pre-med, if what are the symptoms of mild depression. Sabi ng sister-in -law ko:

Definitely social functioning is impaired (w/c I don't think is anyway affected in your case, hehehe)

So next candidate for my case is... Anxiety. Pero pinabulaanan na yun nung dadee kasi sabi nya, hyper-active naman daw yung may ganun. Eh malungkot nga ako eh. Isip lang ng isip.

Kahapon nung papunta akong Laguna, nung nasa bus na ko, napansin ko na naiwanan ko pala yung earphones ko. Kaya hindi ako makapakinig ng music from my phone. Alangan namang mag-tugs-tugs-tugs ako sa bus, kakahiya naman sa ibang pasahero. So nagpasya nalang ako mag-isip isip ng konti.

Habang patuloy sa pag-andar yung bus at habang tuloy tuloy yung mga posteng nalagpasan namin, bigla nalang may pumasok sa isip ko. Isang desisyon na talagang kailangan kong gawin. Isang bagay na nagbukas ng pinto sa aking isipan...



New Penshoppe endorser


I'm so sorry!! It's Ed Westwick!!! OMFG!!! Napa-XOXO ako ng di oras! Grabeh!!! Napanood ko yung interview ni Raymond Gutierrez sa kanya, parang iba sya magsalita. Parang hindi katulad ni Chuck. I always thought na medyo serious sya, pero ang kwela kwela nya, tsaka pala smile sya. Parang yung Chuck na nagka-amnesia sa Paris. Iba din yung bosses nya, parang may accent ng konti na hindi ko madecipher. Nevertheless, I'm happy na bumisita sa ating Inang Mother Country.

Sana Mr. Chuck dahil mo na si Nate next time! Wihihi!! I lurv it!


By Chance

Super nainlove ako sa film na ito! Ay kakakilig sila! Pogi at maganda! Perfect match!!!

Always believe in second chances! More power sa creators! Woohoo!!! Like nyo po ang fanpage ng Jamich. Winner na winner! Fan na nila ako. Dance videos na next siguro kasi dancer ata sila pareho! hihi!!!

Relate na relate ako sa script grabeh!
"ang dating masaya, masigla, at magandang pagsasama ay napalitan ng lungkot, di pagbibigayan, at di pagkakaintindihan.
-sapul na sapol! Bullseye!

"Ewan... pagod na pagod nako..."
-sinabi nya saken to. Hindi ko alam kung saken ba sya napagod o sa mga ginagawa nya.

"Nagsimula sa napakasayang love story... pero katulad ng karamihan... malungkot ang ending... baka nga siguro hanggang dito na nga lang kame... Eto na siguro ang aming finish line...
-T_T waaaahhh!!! I'm bursting...

"Minsan kaming nagtawanan... Minsan kaming naging masaya... Minsan kami lang ang tao sa mundo... Dahil pag magkasama kami... Ok na ang lahat...
-yung sumunod na line, "Nakalimutan na namin ang minsan". Mas appropriate kung nakalimutan na nya ang minsan.

"Feelings and emotions change...
-yeah... like yun kaya yung ginawa nya na in your face move saken.

haaaay... *sigh*



Ang pinakamahirap talagang laban lagi, ay yung laban sa loob ng isang tao. Buti nalang nung bata ako eh hindi ako nagkaron ng identity crisis. Alam ko na sa simula na dyosa ako. Pero ngayon, ang hirap hirap ng laban na kinakaharap ko. Katulad nga ng sabi ko sa last post ko, torn ako sa dalawang personalities ko. Hanggang ngayon naglalaban pa din sila. Bigyan ko kayo ng script para mas maintindihan nyo. Si Betong yun benevolent side ko, si Wilbert naman yung malevolent. So here goes:

Betong: Mahal na mahal ko sya... Huhuhu!!!
Wilbert: Leche ka! Anung iniiyak iyak mo dyan! Dapat magalit ka sa hayop na yun! Iniwan ka nya sa ere ng walang dahilan!
Betong: Siguro may dahilan naman... Hindi pa lang nya masabi... Gusto ko syang intindihin... Bigyan nya lang ako ng explanation, masaya nako...
Wilbert: Punyeta! Kahit na magexplain pa sya, it won't erase the fact that he's a deserter! Pagkatapos ka nya gawing masaya, iniwan ka nalang basta basta kasi ayaw na nya! Tapos ka na sa pagiging flavor of the month mo! Kaya gumising ka hoy!
Betong: Basta mahal ko sya! Hindi ko maexplain pero mahal na mahal ko sya!
Wilbert: Mahal mo nga sya, pero mahal ka ba nya? Kung mahal ka nya kahit bilang kaibigan lang, siguro naman mapagbibigyan nya yung isang text ano?
Betong: Kagabi magkachat kami, siguro naman that means something...
Wilbert: You're pathetic! Ikaw ang nagsimula ng conversation hindi sya! Kung talagang mahalaga ka sa kanya, dapat kahit hindi mo itanong, bibigay nya yung explanation na hinihingi mo! Hindi naman sya bobo para hindi malaman yun. He owes that much to you!
Betong: Kung igigive up ko sya ng ganun kadali, hindi ko matutupad yung pangako ko sa kanya na hindi ko sya iiwan.
Wilbert: Tanga ka ba? Ikaw ang iniwan nya! Di ba sinabi mo din sa kanya na pag nireject ka pa nya kahit isang beses lang iiwan mo sya? Nakalimang rejection ka na! isang linggo lang yun! Anu pang iniintay mo? Iwanan mo na yang lalaking yan!

Sa huli, hindi pa din nagpapatinag si Betong sa pag ka stubborn nya. Haaay! Honestly, gusto ko nalang talaga patayin si Betong, kasi kung hindi sya naghohold on, edi sana hindi nako nakakaramdam ng sakit sa puso ko ngayon. Pero stubborn kasi talaga ako, gustong gusto ko din malaman yung mga sagot sa mga tanong ko. Alam ko hindi sya masamang tao, alam ko may explanation sya. Ang hirap lang, kasi pinapatagal pa nya yung mga bagay na pwede naman gawin ng isang iglap. Sometimes, the direct approach is better.

Meron syang ginawang bagay na talagang labis na kinakagalit ng kalooban ko, pero haaay Betong, bakit ba kasi ang bait bait mo!? Nakakainis ka nah!

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Baliw na ata ako, I'm talking to myself. Kaen na nga lang ako ng mashed avocado pampakalma....