The Rape of Tonying (redux)

I consider this story as my masterpiece because of the rawness and the intensity of the emotions being portrayed in it. I am very proud of this article, even though it was not beautifully written. I wrote this when I was first exploring my capacity as a writer. I thought I should update it so that it will be at par to the message I was trying to say.

My name is Fred. I'm a painter. I paint to share my ideas, insights, and points of view. I have made many paintings, some of which have a story to tell.

I remembered my first art exhibit. Not many known people came. Just a few bunch of friends and people who appreciate art. I put out many paintings: beautiful landscapes, beautiful men and women, and items I find interesting. Many of them were thrilled to see the different models and scenery that I painted. Except for one that they think was the most horrifying and gruesome painting they ever saw, entitled "The Rape of Tonying". When I was asked to give a speech as the exhibitor, they asked me about the "ugly" painting. I said, "Actually among my collection, The Rape of Tonying is the painting where I perfectly captured the essence of what it's trying to convey because it imparts a deep message; and also, it has a very sad but interesting history."

Tonying was my bestfriend. He, for me, was the embodiment of compassion, courage, and kindness. He was adored by many, but was feared when he was mad. We became friends because we were different from the normal male youth...

We were homosexuals.

At first I was discreet, because I know that people would pick on me if they found out. But Tonying, on the other hand, was brave. He boasted that he was gay and was not ashamed of it. It made me stand strong and look up to his ideals. To make the story short, he was the perfect friend/sister/brother to me.

We were in college when Tonying fell in love with a guy. This guy was named Kindred. He was from the same school as us but in different college. He was taking an engineering course while Tonying and I were taking Fine Arts. We met Kindred in our LTS class. We sat down in our class and he approached us.

"Is this seat taken?" he asked, while pointing at the seat near Tonying.

Well, the room was already full and there was no one sitting beside Tonying.

"No," Tonying replied. "you may take it if you like."

"Thank you," Kindred said.

"I'm Tonying by the way, and this is my bestfriend, Fred."

"Hello!", I said cheerfully.

"I'm Kindred, ummm... can I accompany you guys in LTS class? I'm not used to being alone. Is it okay?" Kindred asked.

"Sure, as long as you will not be ashamed being around us." Tonying seriously replied.

"What do you mean?"

"We are gays, that's why that seat was not taken" I answered back.

"Well I'm not against gays anyway so don't worry."

"Good..." Tonying replied.

That was our first encounter with Kindred. Our relationship with him got deeper and deeper as the time went by, especially Tonying and Kindred. We go out, eat lunch, eat dinner, watch movies, hang-out, those typical barkada things. I knew that Kindred was a staight guy, but I doubt that he has a thing for Tonying. Of course, I know Tonying loves Kindred. What would we have talked about in all those sleepless nights? One day when we eating lunch, Tonying's cellphone buzzed. It was a text message from one of his group heads. He was supposed to attend a seminar today.

"Sorry guys, I have to go, I forgot I have a seminar to attend." Tonying said as he was putting all his stuff inside his bag.

"Why won't you eat first?" Kindred offered.

"No time I have to go. Bye guys!" Tonying said while speeding off to the building where the seminar is being held.

Kindred and I were left at the table when suddenly he asked me in a serious tone:

"Fred, will you help me make Tonying my baby?"

"What!?," shocked from what I heard. "you have a thing for Tonying too?"

"What do you mean?" Kindred's eye narrowed. Obviously curious.

'Oops!! I spilled!' I thought, "Okay, Okay... Tonying loves you too! Ever since you sat down beside him at LTS class, the time that you said that you don't care if were gays, he admired you for your open-mindedness and bravery."

"I admired him too... He's a brave, intelligent, and kind person. I loved him because of that. I know I'm straight but I just can't help the feeling that I'm falling for Tonying."

"Are you serious?"

"I never had been serious like this in my life."

"Are you ready for the challenges and trials that you want to get into?"

Tonying stood in silence for a few seconds. His face serious.

"I...", he drifted in a soft tone.

He stopped in silence again, his face looking puzzled. But just a few seconds after that, his faced relaxed and he said: "I'm ready, if it is with Tonying", determination, without a doubt, on his facial features.

So with my help, Tonying and Kindred entered a relationship that is not recognized by the society. But instead of losing faith in their love, the trials and challenges made them stronger. But there came one trial that really challenged their relationship....

We were on our senior year when Kindred joined a fraternity. At first, Tonying was not in favor, they even argued in front of me, shouting and all. But in the end, because Tonying loved Kindred so much, he favored.

Kindred had to pass the initiation before he was officially admitted. That time the initiation was Hazing. It was Tonying who nursed Kindred after he was paddled to his knees. His lower backside seems like a big ube crop because it was colored purple. Tonying was swelling in tears when we was carefully massaging Kindred's bruises. At last, Kindred was in. He was one of the brothers.

On the night that Tonying and Kindred were celebrating their 3rd anniversary, there was a call from Kindred's cellphone. It was one of his brothers.

"Brod, we need you here, it's payback time to those freaks who attacked one of our brothers, we're here at the 3rd street." the one on the cellphone said.

"Brod. Sorry. I can't. It's our anniversary."

"We need you here and that's final! You swore loyalty to the group. If you don't come here, we'll kill whoever you're with! *beep.....*"

Kindred, not letting Tonying notice that he was shocked, put his cellphone in his pocket and spoke, "I'm sorry sweetie, I must go, the Brods need me."

"NO! I wont let you go! I won't let you! You will just get in trouble!" Tonying erupted.

"Sorry sweetie, I must go, I swore loyalty to the group, it is my responsibility."

"How about your responsibility to me? Is your fraternity more important than me?" Tonying now crying.

"I'm sorry sweetie, please understand..."

Tonying silent, and then spoke "I'll let you go only if I'm with you."

"Sweetie it's dangerous! I don't want you to get involved!"

"So it is dangerous why do you need to go?!"

"I'm sorry sweetie please understand," Kindred pulled Tonying to his arms, gave him a warm long hug. Then he moved his face closer to Tonying's and gave him a warm kiss. "I'll make it up to you when I get back."

Kindred left Tonying for his brothers that night. Tonying stood by the door and watched his beloved drove away. Silent tears were falling from his eyes. When the Kindred's car was out of sight, he broke down and wept hard.

A few streetlights more, Kindred finally arrived at the 3rd street. The Brods are armed with thick tubes, metal knuckles, tear gas and many more. They silently waited for their prey to come. They didn't wait long, soon enough, the prey was coming to the predators' trap. Kindred's group did the 1st assault, they hit the other group with their weapons. But unknown to them the enemy group was prepared for their attacked because they were armed with...


A gunshot silenced both groups. Kindred's group was shocked to see one of there enemies holding a gun. Before everyone can react, a bullet was fired to the person nearest to the gunner. Heading straight to his chest.


Kindred fell to the ground. The enemy frat ran away leaving Kindred's team with a wounded member. Kindred, who was shot, was rushed to the hospital. He kept on saying "Call my sweetie, Tonying", "Call my sweetie, Tonying, say I'm sorry", before he passed out.

Tonying was fast asleep when his cellphone rang. He answered took his phone and quickly answered it because it was his sweetie.

"Sweetie? Where are you? Are you alright?"

"I'm sorry but this is not Kindred, I'm Mike one of his brod."

"Why? Where's my sweetie? What happened?" Tonying becoming more tense and worried.

"He was shot, he's here at the hospital, he kept on saying 'call my sweetie, Tonying'"

"What hospital?! I'll be there"

When Tonying arrived at the hospital, his heart dropped as he was informed that his sweetie was inside the ER for an operation. Hours had passed and finally, the doctors came out of the ER.

"The operation was successful, but we don't know when he would wake up, there was a blow from his head because he fell, it affected his consciousness. But he'll be alright because the bullet wound was not that deep." the doctor announced.

It's as if a big cross was lifted from Tonying's shoulders. He began to cry tears of joy. Kindred's brods left the hospital while Tonying stayed and took care of his sweetie. Although he doesn't know if when his sweetie will wake up, he was willing to wait. He prayed everyday to the Lord, that his sweetie be given another chance. He waited and prayed. Of course, I was with him all that time. Until one day, his prayers were answered. Kindred woke up. Tonying, too happy hugged his sweetie tight, it was one of the most happiest day of his life.

Soon enough, Tonying started to join campaigns against Fraternities and Sororities that engage in rumbles and frat-wars.

"I don't want you to go to the rally... you might be hurt" Kindred declared.

"This time it's my turn to say that this is my responsibility please understand sweetie." Tonying smiled as he embraced his sweetie. "Don't worry I'll be fine."

Tonying became one of the loudest youth leaders that shout out the abolition of fraternities and sororities. I should know, I was his secretary. He was a public figure. He was being visible everywhere, he campaigned for the same thing everywhere he goes. It made a fuzz at the fraternities and sororities side.

One night when Tonying and I were walking home, a group of guys blocked our passage. Suddenly, a black van stopped and opened its door, they swiftly took Tonying. There were many of them that made the task easy. I was pushed to the side and was left alone on the pavement. I quickly called Kindred, to tell him of what happened. Soon, we contacted the police.

Three days have passed before a new lead was gathered. Someone saw a black van enter and leave an abandoned building by the avenue near the monument. It has been confirmed that a body of someone was found there. Kindred and I accompanied the police to the crime scene. We were shocked when we saw the lifeless body. It was Tonying, stripped, his hands and feet tied, his mouth has a cloth wrap around it, his anal area, bleeding. I couldn't help but cry when I saw the horrible state of Tonying's body that time. Kindred, was silent, I know what he must be feeling. Even I can't speak anything when I saw it. It was so horrible.

Tonying's death sparked the heart of our fellow activists to voice out louder on the abolition of frat and soros. Even Kindred joined our cause. We were the ones who continued Tonying's legacy. We cried out for mercy for his death. By God's grace, the ones responsible for the horrific murder were found and were sentenced to death.

I graduated from college, and from then on, I knew I changed. I became braver. I became the person that I admired the most, Tonying.

"...This painting is a memoriam for my bestfriend Tonying. Some of you might know him as the "Gay activist". For me he's not an activist. He just fought for the simple reason that he loved. The painting, yes, at 1st glance looks hideous. But it holds a message that I know Tonying will want to share to the world. Tonying, the person in the painting, is a representation of a gay life. Stripped, not ashamed; Hands tied, burdened because of other people; has his cut organ in his mouth, symbolizes that gays can find ways to make themselves happy no matter how hard the situation is; Anal bleeding, to symbolize the "Rape" of people to the gay society. Rape here pertains to the bad persona entailed about being gay, the prejudice and the hate for gays.

I know where ever Tonying is right now, I know he is proud of me, that I am now a brave person like him, that I am able to speak my ideas to society."

And an eruption of claps followed my praise to my most admired person, Tonying.


Quickie to "Blame-Me"

I was reading my News Feed from Rappler when this article caught my attention.

 photo startoon_zps95065ae0.gif

The cartoon really said it all. See the roots? The Pandacan Oil Depots are rooted to that area; They will leave a big hole if they are removed.

My 1st question after I read the Rappler article, "Why are they always pointing their fingers at the Pandacan Oil Depots?" Is it that easy to just blame the depots for every disaster that Metro Manila encounters related to Petroleum?

The recent Oil Spill in Sta. Ana, Manila revived the unending call for the ousting of the Oil Depots in Pandacan Manila. The City of Manila ordered the closure of the depot in Sta. Ana following the Oil Spill. This will not be the case in with the Pandancan Oil Depots since they follow international standards just like what the Rappler article said. SO WHY BOTHER REMOVING THEM???

Regarding the Pipeline leak, it is owned and operated by First Philippine Industrial Corporation (FPIC). In my opinion, any fault or consequence resulting from this incident should be directly thrown to FPIC. The transfer of stream from Batangas to the Pandacan Depots is contracted out to FPIC. FPIC should be the one maintaining the pipe not whoever contracted them.

As with the City Council of Manila, the primary concern is SAFETY. But then again, as the Rappler article pointed out, there is no Government Agency tasked to really monitor this type of businesses. But in my point of view, since DOLE is the one tasked with handling Permits to Operate Boiler, Steam turbines, etc. I think DOLE should be the one handling this. The real problem here is that there are no rules regarding how frequent maintenance of Pipes that extends that long. It would be easier to just create an addendum to the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (which covers Boilers and such) about a pipeline that extends to a certain length. Problem solved!

I believe that people don't really understand why the depots located in the heart in Manila. It's a strategic area and ousting them there will have great ripple effects in our lives. Here's a simple thought: the oil prices are already high when the depots are here in Manila, what more when they are located in the provinces? Probably to make it cheaper they will just have gas stations in Expressways. That way, they have minimal investment in supplying the oil.

The Depots should stay. Period.


Numb and Number

 photo numb_zpsaf021f89.png

I feel different...


My heart is numb... I can't feel it anymore...

Nothing but a hole lies in the center of my chest.

The overflowing love has run dry. GONE. Like A plant that withered and died. Like a flame that has no more fuel to burn.

I feel no pain, just this numb feeling. A feeling of emptiness. As if something is missing.


Defenses up

 photo light-angel-anime-white-31000_zps87ef98e9.jpg

I'm in this familiar space again. This cramped world that I had been to countless of times. I know why I am here. I know the reason why I am here again. I have become complacent with the feelings I have with Prince Charming. This is now the time that I will bargain with myself if I will push through with my feelings or not.

I loved so many times before. I have been hurt the same number of times. Every scar in my heart is a proof of the way I love. But every time that I come to the point that I feel good about the relationship, external factors unknown to me always get in the way.

There is this thin wall of uncertainty that Prince Charming and I share. Every time we text, at the back of my mind there is always this nagging feeling that he doesn't have the same feelings for me. That this, yet again, is another make-believe. That is why my heart is doing its interlock so to speak. It's defensive measure after countless of times of being scarred.

I'm beginning to question everything again. Why does he text me? Why does he talk to me? Why is it that he asked me for help? Why is it that he sends mixed signals? Why does something that feel so good can be untrue? Why can't be together? Why do I feel that he is so distant? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

I guess I'm just scared. I'll lose my mind if I will think about it too much.


Buhay Dyosa

 photo 964548_291643657637951_508087905_o_zps03a157ff.jpg

Ang blog post na ito ay nainspire ng bonggang bonggang show na My Husband's Lover ng GMA Telebabad. I must say super happy ako sa show na ito. Hindi ko pa napapanood lahat ng episodes habang sinusulat ko ang blogpost na ito. First five palang yung natatapos ko. Pero I must say super accurate ang depiction ng facets of a gay man's life. Super! Kaya nga nainspire akong isulat ito. I will answer all the questions perennially asked to a dyosa like me.

Maraming beses na din natanong sakin kung may balak akong mag-asawa at kung may balak ako magkaanak. Isa lang naman ang lagi kong sagot dyan. Isang malaking...


Pero sigurado ako hindi ako mag-aasawa ng babae at hindi ako magkakaanak through intercourse with a girl.

Depende, kasi hindi din naman ako sure na makakatagpo ako ng lalaking para saken. Yes. Lalake ang gusto ko. Hindi ko magets kung bakit ang mga taong nagtatanong saken eh pinagpipilitan na iba pa din pag babae ang papakasalan ko. Ang pangaral kasi ay ang lalake ay para sa babae at vice versa. Para yun sa mga straight. Pero sa katulad ko na di straight or isang homosexual, dito na nagkakatalo.

Hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ang pinag-iba ng mag-asawang lalaki at babae sa mag-asawang lalaki at lalaki. In an ideal sense, kung pareho lang naman na pagmamahal ang syang ugat ng relasyon, bakit mag-kaiba sila? Why is one considered a taboo? Don't get me wrong, hindi patungkol ang post na ito about marriage equality. Gusto ko lang iraise yung question, ano ang pinag-kaiba ng heterosexual relationship sa homosexual relationship kung LOVE naman ang nagbubuklod sa dalawang tao?

Eto kasi ang tinanong ko sa sarili ko, kung magpapakasal ba ako sa babae, magiging masaya ba ako? Makukumpleto ba ang buhay ko? Siguro sa simula oo. Pero alam ko, magkakaron ng kakulangan. Dahil merong kulang sa pagkatao ko na hindi mapupunan ng babae.

Malamang ang sunod na tanong dyan eh, pano ko naman nalaman? Try nilang panuorin yung episode 5 ng My Husband's Lover, dun sasabihin ni Lally na sya mismo may nararamdamang kulang. Kasi yung asawa nyang si Vincent ay hindi buo ang pagkatao. Hindi ko kayang magmahal ng babae katulad ng pagmamahal ko sa mga lalaking nagustuhan ko. May kanya kanya tayong outlook sa buhay. Masasabi kong selectively close-minded in nature ang mga tao. Syempre ang mga straight close-minded na sila na hindi sila makikipag-relasyon sa same-sex. Ganun din ang mga homosexual, close-minded na din na makipag-relasyon sa opposite sex.

Gusto ko ibalik yung question sa mga nagtatanong saken, Ikaw ba open makipagrelasyon sa same sex? Sigurado ako, isang malaking HINDI ang sagot dyan. Kaya wag mo na akong pangaralan na "iba pa din pag babae ang pakakasalan mo", kasi ikaw mismo hindi mo magetz ang point of view ko. Point of view mo yan as a straight person. Eto ang point of view ko as a homosexual.

Ngayon usapang anak naman. Hindi daw ako magiging fulfilled pag hindi ako nagkaroon ng sariling kong anak na kadugo ko. Ang masasabi ko dyan...


Again, eto nanaman ang tinuro satin nung mga bata tayo. Na dapat after magtapos ng pag-aaral mag-asawa't magka-anak. Inuulit ko, ito ay para sa heterosexual. Although may kakilala akong mga homosexuals na gusto din magka-anak, pero ako, ok lang kahit wala. Kung magkakaron man ako, it will be through artificial insemination katulad ng ginawa ni Joel Cruz. Hindi ko maatim na makipagtalik sa girl. Oh, may naririnig ako, hindi ko pa naman kasi nasubukan. Bago mo ko sabihan ng ganyan, siguraduhin mo lang kaya mong makipagsex sa same sex ah!

Oh may isa pakong narining, yung ibang bading nagkakaroon ng anak. Well, iba iba din naman kaming mga bading. Siguro sila, napagtanto nila na bading sila after nila magkaanak. Ako kasi 9 years old palang ako, alam ko na kung ano ako. Or sila kaya nilang sikmurain na makipagtalik sa babae. Pero ako hindi. Hindi ko kaya talaga. Kaya hinding hindi mangyayari. Iniisip ko palang kinikilabutan ako! Pwede ba!

Sa usapang relasyon naman, sabi ko nga kanina, hindi ko rin naman sure kung makakakita ako ng lalake para saken. Siguro dala na din ng magkakaron ko ng pusong babae, mala-fairy tale yung gusto kong Prince Charming. Sino bang hindi lumaki sa fairy tale? Pero syempre, si Prince Charming ay sa fairytales lang. Kaya nga ang hinahanap ko ay yung totoong tao. Yung hindi looks, hindi pera, at hindi koneksyon ang dahilan ng relasyon namin. Kundi pagmamahal. Idealistic diba? But I am prepared to live on my own kung wala din naman akong makikitang lalake na para saken. Kasama na yun sa preparations ko sa buhay ko. I chose to be gay and I will live with it. No drama. No whining.

Sa usapang kasal, kung bibigyan ng pagkakataon. Gusto ko naman din ikasal. Pero sa lalaking mahal ko at mahal ako. I'm prepared to take his surname. It will signify that I am entrusting him my whole body and soul. My life is his and I will be forever be in his service. I will take it abroad, wala namang pag-asa na magkaron ng same sex marriage dito sa Pilipinas. Sigurado ako kung magkakaron man, andaming restrictions. Kung sasabihin nyang, maging housewife ako, ok lang din sakin. Ganun ako magmahal eh.

Proud ako maging Dyosa. Kasama na yung ups and downs sa buhay. Ito ang buhay na pinili ko. Mas pinili kong ipakita sa mundo ang tunay na ako kesa, sabi nga ni Tita Bong, magtago sa cabinet. Tingin ko naman, I am emotionally and mentally ready for the life of a gay man. Currently pinupunan ang magiging financially ready. hihi!


Legally Dyosa-ish

I watched Legally Blonde the Musical twice last weekend. Thank God for Youtube I was able to watch it. Watching my favorite movie turned into a musical was just a delight. I watched Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon for, oh, like gazillion times! And with this download of the musical, I'm sure it will be played numerous times here in my laptop. But this post is not about the musical per se. This post is about how much I relate to the lead, Ms. Elle Woods.

No no no... I do not relate to her about the looks, the brains, the fashion, and the wealth. I relate to her about her outlook about LOVE. That she did her best to try to get back the love that she thinks is perfect for her, and eventually found a new one. The one that is perfect for her.

At this point in my life, I have loved, not just once, but multiple times. Some of these developed into a more feasible and everlasting relationship called friendship. Some failed, I crashed and burned because I loved too much. These failed relationships made me who I am today. The strong willed individual who can take care of himself. But of course, with all the positive effects of these failures, come the scars that haunt me even today.

In the story of Legally Blonde the Musical, there are primarilly two men in Elle's Law School life: Warner Huntington III and Emmet Forrest. Warner, Elle's "True Love" and the primary reason why she did her best to get to Harvard Law School. And then we have Emmet, the geeky support system and dear friend.

I relate to Elle in such a way that I think I found the right person for me. He's smart, cool, and has a high sense of justice and goodness in him. He's MY Prince Charming. But the scars from my past relationships are giving me doubts. Will he accept me for who I am? Will he be able to take on the challenge of living with an alternative lifestyle? Will he strive to make the relationship last? Haunting questions that only he can answer.

Is he Warner? The guy who looks at the outside, who will look at my plump body and say that we are no match for each other because of it? The guy who says his life is planned out for him? He is male and therefore cannot have a relationship with another male? The guy who will always go at the safe side because that is where the easily life is?

Or is he Emmet? The guy who sees all the positive in me. The guy who will see pass through my 1st line of defense. The guy who inspires me to do what I am capable of doing and make me a better person.

I don't know. Maybe I was just hurt too much before. Well, that's how I love. I love the person completely, With all my heart, body, and soul.

Deep in my heart I wish that he will be Emmet. I love him. I really really love him. I love him so much I think about him every second that I am breathing. Sounds familiar right? But, that's how much I love him.

But regardless of what I feel for him, I really don't have any idea if we can be more than friends. I have no doubt that we can be great friends. That's good too but I really want our relationship to be more than just great friends.

This is not the 1st time that I felt good about loving someone. The 1st time was with MONSTER. And if you have read that period in my life that I was in love with that MONSTER, I'm sure you know that I was the only one who got hurt. I spiralled to a pit of loneliness. I was left shattered and broken behind a veil of secret. Even now, I still don't know the reason why I was left to rot alone with all the promises and dreams we both made.

Honestly, I'm scared. That this again is just make-believe. A false dream that I am dreaming alone. I want to ask him but I am scared that I will be rejected once again. Who is not anyway? You can add more bar to my emotional scar scoreboard if that happens. But I guess, if I won't make a move I will forever be in this stand-still.


Destressing at Starbucks

I was so stressed earlier in the office. But I will not get into details about that I'd rather share the story that also happened earlier after I made touch down in Manila cemented pavement.

I marched to the nearest mall, SM San Lazaro, to get a fix of my favorite de-stress drink. I entered feeling all wet from walking in the rain. I left my parasol in the bin and stood in line for the cashier. It was not a long wait since there were only two patrons in front.

When it was my turn to order, the cute Barista smiled at me. He's not that cute at first glance. But his face has that awkwardness that really categorizes him into a a certified cutie. "Good evening Sir! Can I have your order?", the cutie barista named Jayvi gleefully exclaimed. Since I was on de-stress, I ordered my favorite non-caffeine drink: Mango Passion Fruit with an extra pump of White Mocha, No Tea, Venti. "Anything else Sir?", he said with a cute smile. "Pwede bang ikaw?", I thought. I just shook my head for my reply. Jayvi took a plastic venti cup and wrote down my order, "Can I have your name Sir?", he asked while showing his pearly whites. "It's Whil with an H. It's W-H-I-L.", I as-a-matter-of-factly mentioned. He wrote down my name and excitedly shared some options for my drink.

"Whil! Next time, instead of White Mocha, try nyo po with rock salt! =D"

"Really? What does it taste like?"

"Parang naglalaban yung tamis at alat. Parang kumain ng indian mango na may asin. =D"
, Wow! Complete with Simile ah!

"Sige, I'll have that next time!", and then I handed him my payment for my drink.

"I received 1000. Eto po ang change nila.", both of us smiling.

"Thank you Whil!", his last line while I move to the receiving line.

After a got my drink, I merrily sipped the mango goodness, and left the store with revived spirits. Kaya gusto ko ng Mango Passion Fruit eh, laging amy extra convo with the cutie barista! Hihihi!



The girls and I hitched a ride from Sir Ely to the Highway gate. He dropped us on the unloading area so we can have our bioscript scan to exit the premises. We were talking while we were doing the process. I said goodbye to the girls since the car will be heading straight to the Bunkhouse. Since I don't stay there, I began walking to the direction of the jeepney stop.

I was about to walk away when familiar faces emerged from the corner. I immediately recognized my batchmates' faces so I called for one of them. "Egan!", I called. Their faces lighted up when they saw me.

"Kamusta naman kayo?", my usual question when I see my batchmates. They said they were fine and things are finally going well "down there". I think they just bought their dinner. I asked why they were buying it from so far away but they wasn't able to answer the question because someone quipped, "Andyan si Pute, Whil."

In a slow mo, I turned my head on the right and there he was...

[insert Angelic song SFX, light from heaven effect on Price Charming]

Charming as always. He was wearing a white sando and his favorite shorts. (He like wore it gazillion times already!) and he seems... different... He looks different... He's vibe is... different. At that time I couldn't put my finger on what was really different about him.

While one side of my brain was busy wondering what is different about Prince Charming, my multitasking brain's other half asked Prince Charming about my favor. He said it's at their house. I then announced that I will be joining them to their house.

He and another housemate led our group to our journey to their house. I was conversing with the another two who were Pres and I's batchmates. While walking, I finally realized what was different about him.

His physique is different. His skinny physique is now gone. He has broader shoulders now and his arms are developing. His chest is developing too. And more importantly, he is not maputi anymore. He developed a nice tan.

 photo tumblr_md3oe7b7Vr1qkrnw8_zps54c71f38.jpg
Sorta something like this

After the events that afternoon, I texted him about my observation.

"...ngayon ko lang napansin, siguro kasi pag naguusap tayo sa Admin mga less than five minutes lang, kaya hindi ko napapansin. You look more mature..."

"...Because I am..."

I sure hope so. Well, I truly feel that he matured for the better. My Prince Charming is now a Knight. A White Knight. =D

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Watch out bullies!