DotA: Aug 28, 2007

1st Game
My Character: Krobelus, Dark Prophet.
Standing: 2nd. 5 kills, 4 Deaths
Items: Vlademir's Offering, Boots of Travel, Refresher Orb, Bracer, Ultimate Orb, Point Booster
Overall Team: Win

2nd Game
My Character: Lina Inverse, Slayer.
Standing: 2nd. 7 Kills, 4 Deaths
Items: Boots of Speed, Ring of Basilius, Aghanim's Scepter, Perseverance, Bracer
Overall Team: Win

3rd Game
My Character: Furion, Prophet.
Standing: 5th. 2 Kills, 6 Deaths.
Items: Boots of Speed, Hand of Midas, Mechanism, Guinsoo's Vyse, Bracer
Overall Team: Lose.


Method of Sections
Packing Sheet! (thank you Bob Ong) This topic is so packing easy! It's just similar to the Method of Joints only that you use sections. A plane that consists of 3 or more joints are sections. Simply use again Summation of Fx=0, Summation of Fy=0, and Summation of MO=0. Easy!

Parabolic Cables
A bit tricky, you need to use your math skills here. In case you don't know a parabola is a curved line. One of its dimension is a square of the other. y=x2 or x=y2. It's not that much of analysis but the formulas are a bit hard since they were derived from calculus. Ma'am said that what we had earlier is easy. We'll see tomorrow if what she said is true.


Cunning! I tell you!
Cunning! That's what he is! Remember in my last post that I asked a hug from him and felt nothing? Guess what? last night after he used my cellphone, called at our house he gave me a med long hug before scooting out! The nerve! He's Cunning! Cunning! Cunning! I tell you! He hugs me when I don't want it. But he wouldn't go far with me! That's cunning! CUNNING!

Kuya Argie

Sunday eating
Yesterday, I wasn't able to watch Boys Next Door because my Doc Kuya called and invited our mom and I to eat at SM. At first, I don't want to go because I'll miss an episode. But in the end my mom won in persuading me. So I took a bath and we're off to SM. We both wore red-colored clothes, and to our suprise Kuya was also wearing red! So we went shopping then proceeded eating at Flavors of China.

The meal
Delicious! nothing more!

Trips abroad
This October, Kuya is flying to Japan because his paper was chosen. And he wants me to make his presentation paraphernalia! His ppt and everything! My goodness it will be shown in Japan! I'm really pressured! I hope I can do it! He has another trip. He will be in India for 8 months after his wedding because he's going to train there.

Sleepless night

Kuya Roel
For starters, Kuya Roel is the cute computer technician/administrator of Roseonline (the compshop near UST where we play DotA). I texted him last night to inform him that I'll text him more because we're going to play more often. To my suprise, he seemed to entertain my texts so I decided to chat with him. His replies all come in late. (I found out this morning that he was in a drinking session last night) Here's what I found out bout him:

  • He is single!
  • *Suprise!* He's just 20 years old!
  • He took up Computer Technology in college

100% Pinoy's Pera ni Juan
"Saan nga ba napupunta ang pera ni Juan dela Cruz?" is the thesis statement of this episode. They also tackled, how much is a hundred pesos worth to different Filipinos. The journey of the 100 pesos!
Kara paid 100 pesos for her lunch.
The Carinderia owner bought gas.
The Gas store owner paid the water bill at LBC.
The LBC teller gave it as change to another customer.
The customer bought coffee in a nearby coffee shop.
The coffee shop teller gave it as a change to a girl student.
The girl student bought load.
The store gave it as change to two male students.
The male students gave it to the tricycle driver as fare.
The driver bought rice that they will eat for two days.
It's really not that suprising that 100 pesos to some is just a mere load, to others their lives.

Walang Tulugan!
I can't sleep so I decided to watch Walang Tulugan. There was this girl named Lala from Indonesia. She's half Filipino. I like her song actually. And another girl that was part of GMA Broadshow. Her batch was with Gretchen Barreto, Dawn Zulueta.. and the such... Also, there are these teen stars. Some of them are not really dancers. Some of them are just faces no talent whatsoever! Poor showbiz people!


The transvestite episode
Last night's episode of CSI really made an impact on me. In the sate of Nevada, a gay can be turned to a girl. But there is a law there that governs that privilege. The candidate must go into a one year program of taking pills, voice modulation, living as a girl those sort of things. Actually what really hit me was when Grisom said this.

"People tend to confuse gays sexual obsession with sex..."

It's really a big issue for me because I'm not really into having sex now. It's just that most people (especially boys) would think that the only reason that I want to get close to them is because I want to suck their dicks or have their dick in my ass. I mean, I have a brain behind these eyes. I'm not your ordinary gay. okay.

Last night

Arnie's call
Arnie called me while I was watching Deperate Housewives last night. He thanked me for the money I gave him yesterday. Then, I shifted the conversation to his girlfriend Weng. He explained that Weng is not his girfriend anymore because Weng is back with her boyfriend. He said that he's really interested with Mhylen. What the fuck! Ano to? Merry-go-round? Nakakainis na ah! He's treating like every girl is a toy! We also talked about his friends in school, on how he realized that his friends are not exactly "friends". He told me that the first person that he considered a friend in ACLC was talking behind his back. Arnie was talking to this friend's girlfriend. And he seemed to be jealous. And told nasty things bout Arnie to Mhylen (they are classmates) which unfortunately triggered Mhylen's decision to finally accept Arnie as her boyfriend. Well... Life's like that. It's really irritating but it's how it is.

Allan's hug
Av and I watched movies at Allan's (de Dios) house. Allan kept on borrowing our cellphones. hmmp! Even though Av says that he is really a nice person. I just couldn't grasp the idea that he keeps on using our cell and asking things from me. We are friends, but can he at least show a little shyness? Well anyway, after I escorted Av out of the compound, I went back to Allan's place because I left my cell with him. While we were still watching movies, I asked him to give me a hug, which he readily did. Well, I didn't really feel anything special, so let's not make a fuzz about it.

Prelims: Aug 24, 2007

Analytical Chemistry Lecture, Math300
The last exam! Finally! Well, in general the exam was, pretty much, on the normal level. It's not that hard but it's not that easy. And our professor added a taste of her trickyness in the exam. She included the ideal gas equation in our exam. Fortunately, I am familiar with that equation (Thank God for Ma'am Deleña!). It's PV=nRT. Where P is the Pressure (atm), V is the volume (L), n is the number of moles (mol), R is the ideal-gas constant with a value of 0.08205 (L-atm/mol-K), T is Temperature (K). The bad thing is that, I forgot the value for the Saturation Point (STP) Temperature. I did good anyway so I'm not nervous!


Arnie has a problem. He wants to go to their acquaintance party, but unfortunately, due to financial reasons, he can't. He has this big reason to why he needs to go to the party. His girlfriend will have no company.

The Reason
His girlfriend for a week, actually. He actually have two girls in school. Two Girls! He loves the a girl name mhylen but still went on with a week-relationship with Weng. When I asked, why did he agreed to the week long relation ship, he said that Weng just like to forget about his ex-boyfriend. So I asked him, "Kelan ka pa naging panakip butas?" He told me that Weng has Leukemia, that's why he pushed through with their relationship. Just yesterday, when Arnie was texting me last night, He said that he was talking to Weng. Telling me, that she offered her that that week long relationship be until forever. I don't know or rather we don't know what he really feels about Weng. Well I think that he is feeling pity for the girl. When the 1st time that he mentioned that Weng has Leukemia, at 1st I thought, "Ang corny naman wala namang originality! Napanood ko na yan sa TV noh!" Arnie kept on asking about the symptoms etc. "Loko-loko talaga tong lalaking to nagpauto naman!", was screaming in my head. If she's dying then why love her now? She's already dying! He just met her what, I few months? And he says that he's in love with her? "Echo na yan Arnie! Lahat ng babae mo sinabihan mo nyan no! Si Forever, si Nueva-Ecija biatch girl..." ... and many more! Haaaay! Iba talaga ang mabaet at gwapo. =D

The Money
When he 1st told me that, I thought of giving him the money. Well, I first thought of how to get the money. I thought about accumulating my baon for him. That's 400 until Friday. Then I thought of asking money from my father, sister, and brother. I told them that since it is the end of Prelims Maglalakwatsa ako. Today after the exam, Kuya Argie gave me 500. And you know how much Arnie's ticket is? 500 pesos!!!!!!! Problem solved!

Prelims: Aug 23, 2007

Before the Exam
I arrived earlier 30 mins. than usual. After I looked at our sked posted on the bulletin board, I went on my way to our assigned room. As I was passing by the Pax Romana Engg HQ, I noticed that there are may persons in the room, and I heard the voices of some of my friends. Only to find out that Albert, and some of the Big Circle people are there. (Pweh!) So I turned around to escape the wild beasts in the cage, and saw Berna walking towards me. I told her that I will go outside. Honestly, discreetly, I was hoping that she will accompany me. But I guess she wants to be more with Donald. It just proves that she's much closer to him than me. So I went outside, actually on my way to the Engg gate, Farah greeted me. I remembered that she was on the pavilions. So I decided to go to her. At 5 mins. before 9am. I decided to go back inside. I saw my classmates in front of the our assigned room waiting. To our dismay, Rm 109 was the room also assigned to 4ChE-B. Ma'am Duran, their professor, told us that we were to use Rm 110. But a class was taking a test there. Since it was not yet time, Sed, Rj, Nikko and I decided to go out. Mainly because Sed wanted to smoke. On the pavilion, we saw the 3B boys. With Monil!!!!!! (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH)!!! After Sed's smoke and our little chat, we went back in and was suprised that no one was in the corridor. Our class was already seated and arranged inside Rm 110. Nikko and Rj were able to find vacant seats. Good thing there seats in front! Wahhaahah! Sir Chao asked us if we wanted to take the exam in front or outside. Naturally, I said, "Sir sa harap nalang". Hello? There's aircon! We're paying for it too noh! Besides, there was nothing to be ashamed of taking the exam in front of the class. Big deal (lame tone)!

Differential Equations, Math301
What the fuck! The exam was fucking hard! We thought that since Mr. Chao was our prof, it would be easy. Only to find out that it was a departmental exam! Holy Shit! well, I did answer exercises from the book. It just that most of the things that I answered in the book were not in the exam! haaaaaay! Bad day!


Fox Rain
After I logged out at roseonline yesterday and I was walking along the Alumni walkway in UST, it started to rain. It was raining while the sun was shining its fiery heat! Nag-amoy alimuon tuloy! Well, its not pouring, it was just that the raindrops were big. You will still get wet if you don't have an umbrella (like me! Boohoo!!!).

MAFA Tower Defense
I was suprised when Av and Juancho went to my house yesterday. Lately, I want to watch Slayers, Saiyuki, and Rockman EXE. That's why I really don't want company during that time of the afternoon. Good thing our maid left the house, and we were able to watch the animes at the 1st floor. We ate (as usual) Pancit Canton and drank RC. we then went to Pavia to play DotA. It was the 1st time I was able to play MAFA very effectively. It was very simple anyhow. It's just that we ran out of time so we weren't able to finish it. Oh well! Better luck next time!

Kung nakapasok n kyo

Good job kung nababasa nyo na ngyn to manong and boss

BnBp Muchos

This blog is dedicated to my barkada. The BnBp Family, Basagan nah Burautan pah! This would also include my first impressions for each of them.

Joffrey Stephen Amor
It was not until 3rd year high school until I can say that we really got "close".
My first impression: Well, He was one of the class clown. Although, he was more friends with Alvin Buenafrancisca (his seatmate). He was the person who named Jemini Cuntapay, (our president then), Jaime (hayme). He was really a wacky guy who, I thought, has no serious side whatsoever. Then came 3rd year and 4th year, where we 1st had our first out of town trip with friends. We always hang-out either his house or mine. Wherever it is its the same. Happy and Fun!.
Current Issue: Read related blog

Ron Karlo Garcia
Again, not until year until I can say that were "close".
My first impression:
Cute! I thought he is shy. He's pretty good in his academics because he was part of the top 10 of the class back then. We are group members in our Biology class. He was one of the 1st boys whom I played Counterstrike in HCCS after I transferred there.

Prelims: Aug 22, 2007

Electrical Engineering Lecture, EE302
I forgot Ohm's law in a 3 Looped Circuit! Oh no! I don't want a retake in EE! Well it's ok if Sir John Micheal Abrera will be my prof. He's such a cutie! nyehehehe! =D I finished the Maxwell's Mesh, and Kirchoff's Laws part early. Unfortunately like I said I wasn't able to answer the Ohm's Law part! I need to pass! I got 12 in the last quiz! Luckily I was correct. All of us got something/95. And the Current in Part one was 22. Because the total resistance was 70/11. Yahoo!!! At least I got a few items correct.

Sociology, SCL3
The exam was pretty easy because its either multiple choice questions or true or false type. But I find my teacher too profound in the english language. I barely understood some questions because of her choice of words. One more thing is that, the morse type true or false is so confusing. And the last part, the essay part. I can say that I murdered that part! wahahhaha!

Prelims: Aug 15, 2007

Organic Chemisty, Chem 201
Second day of exam, nothing more can be said than, THE EXAM WAS SO FUCKING EASY!!! I can't that exam was to be taken at 2 hours! Most of us finished the exam before an hour went by! And I notice that Ma'am Bayquen really look like Miriam Defensor-Santiago the only difference is that Senator Santiago has a Ph.D. in Law while my professor has in Chemistry. Today also the PAG-ASA declared the suspension of classes late. Well, it was really pouring, and España was already flooded. But, the rate of flooding is alaso the rate of deflooding. So it was pretty much a good day for me.

Prelims: Aug 14, 2007

I'm OK with this exam although I wasn't able to answer the 6th problem. I think I did good. It's a miracle that even though some of us are late (including me), Ma'am Pestaño didn't scold us. What a relief.It's just that most of the problem have long solutions (especially the truss), which will make you compute for a long time. It was full of Summation of Fx=0; and Summation of Fy=0; And of course, Summation of Moments at a point=0. After all we're still in Statics (Equilibrum). In general, the exam was pretty easy. Nothing much can be said because it was really easy for 5-unit subject

Wilberchie's Words of Wisdom

They say:
Ang BABAE pag pinakitaan ng kabaitan ng kaibigang LALAKE, minsan namimisinterpret nya ito.
Wilberchie says:
Ang LALAKE pag pinakitaan ng kabaitan ng kaibigang BAKLA, ang GIRLFRIEND nya namimisinterpret ito!

He says:
Girlfriend ko sya eh, sya kakampihan ko...
Wilberchie says:
Get lost! Freak! Magsama kyo ng GF mo! It's not my lost! it's yours!

She says:
Mahal mo sya pero akin na sya! Iba ang sinasabi mo sa ginagawa mo! Tanong mo pa sa prof mo.
Wilberchie says:
For starters, wala akong gusto sa boyfriend mo, at nung sinabi kong mahal ko sya, there are different types of love. two of which are Philia and Agape, ung sa inyong dalwa Agape, the love that i have for him is called Philia or Platonic love. Don't be so self-righteous! Prho kyo ng boyfriend mong TAMANG HINALA! Kahit tanong mo pa sa prof mo!

The Triad

Manong, Jebs, Ghie

The three header names are actually the names my friends so to speak. For more info about our Barkada check out my next post.

To make it short. These three are bestfriends. Imagine that, there are such a thing as bestfriends in a barkada. The rest of the group objects about their excessive closeness. We object because they exclude us in their circle. They always have these secrets that we know that we need to know to answer the questions that linger in our minds. It is pretty unfair to us that their keeping such vital information that affect us all. When were together they will usually whisper amongst themselves, not letting us hear of what they are talking about. I mean, WHY? Why on earth are they whispering in front of the rest of the group? If they don't what us to know (or be curious) why not talk when the rest of us are out of sight? Nakakabastos kasi.

"Wag mong ipapakita sa iba na malungkot ka kung wala ka rin namang balak sabihin ang dahilan kung bakit. Para kang nag-alok ng hopia eh hindi mo rin naman pala ibibigay" -doraemon


Wasn't it I who can call at her house anytime I want? Wasn't it also I who can ask permission from her mother so that she can go out of the house with us? Wasn't it I who can come to their house unexpectedly even if her father is at home?

I'm jealous of what he's doing with his college friends. He's a lot sweeter, a lot kinder, and gives a lot more attention to them than us. Although it is his life after all but I wish he just know how know his priority. His infamous quote that he said to Averi (our friend).

"Ang dami kong Stars of Destiny hindi ako makapili kung sinong sasamahan ko"

He was metaphorically referring to his friends. Well its a matter of choice, a matter of priority. It's not about having tons of friends. It's about having friends that you know that will help you grow. The key word their is help. It is best to be friends with people that you can render your help and vice versa.

The thing is we (Av and I) always give our services to him yet he still is not that passionate and sweet like what his college friends usually describe him. They make him their stockman while he makes us his. They would ask help from him whle he would ask help from us. Yet we can't ask help from him most of the time. But he seems to be always at their service. We have limits. If that limit is reached. Something bad will happen.

This guy is totally a lunatic. I don't know what is on his mind, what the hell is he thinking or why the hell is he that secretive. He always say that

"May mga bagay na hindi na dapat malaman pa."

Yup, I can't agree more but don't make us tell you things that we can't tell you also. This guy is pretty much the brains behind the two. He's always the one making decisions. He tends to look at other people's mistakes but not his. He has many mistakes but because of some mysterious reason he can make people think that what he did was right. I know his secret. And if he continues to pursue the other girl I swear I'll slap his head out of his body!

The Nod

When I was still a high school student, my great English teacher told us that there are primarily two types of communication. It is either verbal or non-verbal communication. In verbal, we use words to communicate, it also includes writing. While non-verbal, uses actions to express one's message.

Non-verbal Communication
If you don't know, I want to become a teacher. But right now I am thinking of setting that aside with the thought that I can help a friend of mine. I don't know his real name. I just know him simply as Suwe. Suwe was a preschool classmate of mine. We both studied at a Health Center near our barangay. I don't really know him then, I just know him as the son of the rice cakes (kalamay) vendor. The next time I saw him was that they moved to a house near ours. When I am going to school, I need to pass by their place. I would normally see him taking a bath near the poso. He was pretty thin then. There was one time we made eye contact. He nodded. He was the first one to nod, acknowledging that he knows me. Every now and then when we see each other, we always have a nod to share, although sometimes we talk, he asks if what year am I, things like that. But that nod really is something special. It's like we are conversing without words. Something like:

Wil: How are you?
Suwe: I'm fine. And you?
Wil: I'm also fine. I'm off to school. Bye!
Suwe: Ingat! Bye!

That nod means more than words. It was all I needed. It just shows that Actions speak louder than words.

1st post!

I wish I can be able to keep up with this blog... I'm kinda busy really