A Declaration of Devotion to my Faculty, The Faculty of Engineering

If you are a student of the UST-Faculty of Engineering, I suggest for you to read this entire blog.It's good for you. =D

I am still in awe. Earlier, I have read blog entries displays passion to his fellow students and passion for the truth. I have only veneration to the one I consider as one of the most amazing people I have met in my life. And He is John Carlo Masajo, the author of the blogs.

I knew Carlo Masajo first as a teacher. He was the English Department Head in my mini-organization, TP4. He was superb teacher! I was dumbstruck when I found out that he was just a journalism sophomore (I was a freshie that time). He then transferred to La Salle and the reason behind it is still a mystery. His name was iterated by our student in TP4, Michelle, who is now a scholar of UST, who had an encounter with him. She said that "Mother Carlo" is back and is taking up Painting at CFAD. Then I knew Mother Carlo as the Chair of Central AKLAS, the central political party that I'm affiliated to. Well, I have no repugnant remarks with his ability. I think highly of him and I think that he will make a great Chair for AKLAS.

I have read his blog entries earlier, I have nothing to say but, I SALUTE YOU MOTHER CARLO! I salute you because: First, for the marvelous and elegant choice of words in your blog. I can't help but be jealous of such talent. Second, for your courage to speak out. That initiative to expose anomalities is very admirable. Again, how I wish I have that courage when we had that episode in our faculty. and lastly, for your speckless compassion to your fellow CFAD Thomasian students.

Read his blogs here

I am moved by the words of Mother Carlo. I cannot deny that his words just went through me. Every word of his blog made my blood circulate. His anger, his sadness, his repercussions, I felt it all! As if I am a CFAD student myself! It is only through his passion for truth that I was able empathize towards those CFAD students. Water trouble, the illegal disbursement of Php 1,350 of the Dean, his complaint against the CFAD SC and CSC, the issues he bravely faced, and still faces.

Somehow, I have the same problems, the Shuffling, the strict release of funds, are the things that are happening in the Faculty, although I have friends in the council, I can see the inadequate response of the council against the shuffling issue. As if everything was kept silent, no words came out. Especially me, I know that what Dean Lim did was wrong, but I didn't do anything. My reason was because I am alone, but look at Mother Carlo, he single-handedly battled with the CFAD admin, the CFAD SC, and the CSC, and yet he still have the spirit to wake up and face his battles.

But, I am not John Carlo Masajo, I am John Wilbert de Guzman, but despite our differences, we share the same passion to uphold the truth, the same passion to protect the rights of our fellow collegemates, and the same passion to to have the best for the Thomsian community.

That is why, I have decided (if my grade permits) to run for Vice President for External Affairs of the Engineering Student Council, under the banner of SIKLAB! I believe that by doing so, I can actively and with full responsibility take care of the people I have grown to love in the Faculty of Engineering.

SIKLAB! Burn in the passion to serve!

Xmas Gifts

Alberchie – Boxer Shorts

Hessed – Boxer Shorts

Jabs – Boxer Shorts

Sir Rani – Boxer Shorts

Arnie – Boxer Shorts

Donky – Slippers

Bektas – bag

Lady Sho – bag

Berna – bag

Maine – bag

Glads – bag

Kuya Jun – hanky

Nior – hanky

Donald – hanky

Toto – hanky

Jepoy – hanky

Wilberchie's Anti-Phalluscentric Theory

“hindi ba eto naman ang gusto mo? Katawan ko lang naman ang gusto mo diba?” – Denver

The line above is a line from my short story, “Mahal ko siya”. It directly states that homosexuals or gays are just after straight guys’ bodies. But before I further expound on my discussion regarding the topic, I would first explain the meaning of the title. The title was patterned on Nicolas Copernicus’s Heliocentric theory, wherein he argues to the early people that the sun is the center of the galaxy. Grammatically speaking, the prefix anti- means the inverse of what the root word means. And Phallus, the male genitalia. So in general, the Anti-Phalluscentric Theory will oppose the common knowledge that gays are just after the male genitalia, and indulgence of earthly pleasure with men.

I grew up in a place where gays are effeminate. Normally, they are with their jowas1, which they support. Most of the time, this support is monetary. Alongside with this, I can say that Filipino gays also give love to their jowas. This is pretty evident because in the community that I live, few gays are rich. Most of them are just plain persons, who have multiple jobs, in order to support themselves and also their families. But instead of using their earnings for themselves, they give it to their jowas. Most of the gays in our vicinity are bread winners. The few rich gays were rags to riches story, which implies that because of hardwork, they where able to triumph over poverty.

I never really got over the fact that I gave away a scooter just because I’m blinded by love. That was the most expensive thing that I bought for a guy. I never thought that I was wasting money that time. For me, it was for him, my love. But that is just my story, how about the others? Who gave away cellphones, who gave away houses , who paid for the tuition fees, who bought branded clothes? With these statements, it implies that a gay’s love is only worth his money, that his love is just of material things. But is this true? How about those who gave away their lives just because of their love for their guy?

Since ancient times, homosexual love is already present. But I’m only going to focus in ancient Greece and ancient Japan. In Japan, a bond with the master and student samurai is encompassed by homosexual relations. It is a submission for the student to become of service to his master, hence, it is a vow for the master to protect and teach his student. This is highly regarded as the purest form of love. In Greece, somehow is the same in Japan, The general chooses his retainer from the tenderfeet. And does the same. (Watch Alexander).

It has been always a heartache for me to hear that the only thing that gays want with men are their phalli. So to make my point clear, NO! IT IS NOT THE PHALLUS! This might sound a cliché but, IT’S THE LOVE! It has always been the love. We are always taking care of our guys, being in service with them, giving support, giving them their needs. But how do they repay us? Is it letting us suck their phalli? Fucking our asses? NO! We need not those things! We only want a feeling of importance from our guy. I’ve heard stories of gays who are sexually battered. Now you tell me that that is all we want? I believe that gays who are having sex with their guy is a symbol of submission of the guy to the gay. Although, we can never be sure. It is always the motive of the guy partner, that gays should base upon. If they are really loved by their partner, be happy. But if it’s the reverse, better be wise.

Naruto PS2

Today, I learned to play Naruto in PS2. Ummm, not really a master yet, but I kept my skills to myself. I pretended not to know how to use the kawarimi. I have analyzed how my mates play, and I have strategies that I didn’t use, because I want to surprise them the next time we play.

I have summarized my mates, their techniques and my counter strategy:


He’s pretty good, especially with the bloodline limit characters. But I found out a little glitch with his technique. His combo usually ends with a super with devastating results. So I will recommend to not be continually attacked. If you can evade his combo with kawarimi you’ll be safe.

His Sasuke is more of throws so it is best to keep your distance. But mastery of kawarimi is still the best weapon.

His Haku is a bit difficult because Haku is a short range character, a counter ability is his primary weapon against you, so I suggest having a character with long range ability.

His Itachi is a bit difficult because of the Mengekyou, but one advice that I can give you is not to jump to the next lane when he uses it because you wil be trapped in the area of the Mengekyou when he transfers to the lane where you are.


He’s pretty great at charging chakra because he uses most of the techniques and not usually a combo, Kawarimi is a good defense. The best offense for Av is use his technique against him, use jutsus.


His Cubee Narutos is something to be fret about, but he uses the same throw tactics, it was the best tactic to not be attacked with the rasengan by jumping to the next lane. Offense, a Combo/Kawarimi is best and a super requiem like Whel does is a great offense against him. It’s just that Jebs is really good at combo too, kelangn lang makipagsabayan.


JC’s tactic is pretty balanced so he’s pretty unpredictable, his technique depends on the character’s ability. A mastery of the characters’ abilities can greatly reduce his upperhand. So practice on a favorite character!


Guitars: Sed and Gelo
Drums: Jepoy
Vocals: Jay-R

Poems from the heart by Arjay Samia


I'm on my way walking to life
When out of the blue you came into sight
You once passed beside me unnoticed,
But then you came back ensuring I won't miss.

As I spend my time looking through,
I've found A special thing - which is you.
An now, I'm sure of myself
Falling for you is something I can't help.

I love you more than any candy
That I can find in any store,
Love you more than any chocolate
That's available in this world.

I love you more than any ice cream
Than can chill even my saddest feeling.
And love you more than any cake
Than any baker have specially made.

Now that the boy has fell in love with you,
Lean on the glass window is all he can do.
Grabbing some money in his pocket,
Hoping someone like you, he'll be able to get.

But sadly, the boy has only love in his hands,
And nothing to pay for the fines in the end.
So the boy with a lot of pennies to pay,
Is the lucky one to buy you and take.


Here is a story of love
Where nobody will want to see.
You'll just find it stupid
And annoying as can be...

But its how the story goes
Where stupid things make him happy,
And foolish things completes his being.
The magic of love, in every pain & tradgedy.

There's a man living in silence,
Looking, loving a special lady.
A lady whose eyes and ears are covered,
For knowing what a mute heart is telling.

A man who sees her pain and tears
As razors cutting through his body.
As acid reaping in his soul,
And as jaggernaut torturing him - skin pealed.

But when her eyes brightens with laughter,
Angles in his heart rejoices however.
Blood in his veins runs joyfully,
As if it once reaced -273.

But no matter how love covers him,
Facts of life must take him in.
Sadly, his love can do is look to the lady,
Who knows nothing of a man...

Who loves her deeply...


I saw you on that bridge
But happiness is not what I feel.
Again, I saw you crying

Crying because of him.

I want to give you all the comfort you need,
But actually, that's not what I did.
Frightened is not what I feel.

Its just...

I'm not the one who can wipe away your tears.

Why can be him to dry your heart's burden?

But I can't, coz' never in my dreams
Will I let you fall on greive.

Suddenly, these questions starts asking me...

Why don't you leave him?
-Coz' you trully love him...

Then why am I still with you?
-Coz' I can't help myself from loving you...

Then I realized what big fool I am...

Why don't I just stole you from him?
-Though I have the will,
And all the chance I need,
I have no right of doing such
Coz' I'm not the one...
Who you trust your heart with!

And I may have you by my side,
But still, your heart can never be mine!

I can do nothing about that,
Coz' love is all I have...

What I can do, just like you,
Is to hold on to that love,
Though I'm the only one who can see...

Dance Dance Dance!

Thanks to jimg2940 for this video.

Bektas panoorin mo! Tapos gayahin naten! Nakakaloka!

Isa sa mga Papa nung high school

Photobucket Gusto mo bang makilala ang lalaking ito? Classmate ko sya nung 4th year high school. Isa sya sa crush ng bayan ng batch namen. As in kahit hindi nya kabatch, inlove sa kanya. Yun nga lang he's on the short side. Pero infairness, ang galing nya magbasketball! Mapapatili ka talaga sa kilig pag sya na yung nagdridribble! Sya yung captain ball ng Red Team nung 4th year kame. Astig talaga sya.

Ang pangalan nya ay Zedrick Medina. I call him Papa Zed. OK lang naman sa kanya. Isa sya sa Three Kings ng St. Athanasius. Abay dapat lang! Ako ata ang ryena ng St. Athanasius! Sya ang aming escort. Nung hindi ko pa sya nagiging classmate naging crush ko din sya pero nung naglaon, nawala din kasi medyo maangas din sya. He's really an eye-catcher, and an eye-candy to boot. Mabaet sya pag nakilala mo. Close sila ni Ms. Osang, yung Physics Teacher namen. Although, close naman yung Three Kings sa kay Ms. pero pinakaclose talaga sya kay Zed. Pinakanatuwa ako sa sinabi nya nung retreat, kasi sa kanya ko unang narinig yung line na "iba kang president" na talagang nagpaluha sakin nun. Kwento ko yan in the next entry. So yun, hindi rin ako nagkamali nang piliin ko sya for the cotillion nung JS Prom namin. Ang galing galing nya sumayaw, mapapansin mo sya kasi sya yung pinakamagaling sumayaw sa boys. And he was wearing a red long sleeved polo with a black tie and black overalls (coat and pants). He's really charming in his own special way.

After taking a peak in his friendster account I was really suprised!
He is not buff when we were in high school. Patpatin yan!

And now look!
GF nya ata ung bilat

Diba ang yummy yummy na nya! Grabeh nakakapaglaway!

Memory Lane: May 5, 2007

Take 1                                                       Take 2

Wans apan a taym, ang Bruhang Gypsy kasi nag-aya, kasi wala ang kanyang parents, kya naglalagalag ang loka. Manonood dapat kami ng Harry Potter 5, kasi si Juanchie may free passes sa Robinsons. Bumili muna kami ng Popcorn and drinks, only to find out na hindi pwede yung passes ni Juanchie, eh wala nang pera si Juanchi for the ticket kasi pinambili na namen ng popcorn. So kinain nalang namen ung popcorn at drinks sa foodcourt habang ang Beyonce ay nagpeperform above our heads kasi may monitor dun. Pinagtatawanan lang namen yung mga sarili namin sa katangahan na ginawa namen. SO inaya ko silang magbaywalk nalang. Sa Baywalk, wala naman kaming ginawa kundi tumambay lang. Papicture picture habang nililipad ang mga buhok namin ng sea breeze, lumalanghap ng infamous polluted air ng Manila, at sympre sinong ba namang makakalimot sa sight to behold? Ang mga lumutang na dumi ng Manila Bay! Wahahhahahha! Ay! Hindi lang pala yun! Yung sunset din!

Minutes before the sunset
A ship with Bataan's silhouette

Si Manong nageemote

Pagpaxenxahan na magaapply yang mga yan maging manikin

Si Juanchie at Manong eating ice cream

With the boys

It's my turn to shine!
Hala! Tama ba yan?

Wilberta! Awwwww!

I'm ready for action!

Tulungan po niyo ako! Nawawala po akong bata!

Manila Bay Sunsets (With us as extras)
Actually nung hindi pa kami nagpipicture, may nagpipicture na sken. Ang lola nyo kasi sayaw ng sayaw ayun, pinagpyestahan ako ng picture nung mga ewan ko kung ano. Pero baka makakita kyo ng postcard ng Manila Bay sunset at may parang lokaret na sumasayaw, i-double check nyo! baka ako yun! =D

A gloomy but very beautiful sunset

Mukhang magjowa ung dalawa dun eh

Si Manong nagflofloat!

Random shots

At sympre save the best for last!

Before leaving and after leaving
With the statues

Dun to sa Datu Statue sa gitna ng skating ring

Afterwards pumunta kami sa SM Manila para makainom ng tubig at makapagpapicture. Ang saya pa den nung trip na yun!

Chemically Intoxicated Music Compilation

May day Eve

This song was written and performed by my dear friend Sed Ramos with our classmate in Physics-1 retake, Ivy. One of the best songs I've heard. He wrote this song as the theme of their play with the same title. I'm sorry with the video, I didn't make it ok.


This is Alberchie's rendition of the song of Spongecola, Neon. The original recording was pretty soft so I edited it a little, but I am not an expert in that field so I can't do much to enhance the song so bear with me. But I like it more than the original.


Grabeh kinikilig talaga ako!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sobra! Sobra sobra! Kilig talaga!

Kasi ganito yun, meron kasing exchange gift sa class namen, 1st kilig is that, yung crush ko yung nabunot ko. Actually, 2 bese ko na sya nabubunot last year sya din! Well anyway, 2nd kilig: Sya rin nakabunot saken! Nakakaloka! Soulmate ko ata sya! Wahahahha! Ang gift ko sa kanya is an army print bag from Bench. Nasisip ko yun ang ibigay sa kanya, kasi meron syang sando na army print din. Bagay na bagay yun pag mag-a-outing sila. Ang regalo naman nya sken ay isang malaking medyas!

Medyas na ang laman ay ang anak ko! Si Nomil!

I named him Nomil after my crush who gave him to me. Monil!

Gosh I'm so happy!


My most favorite Ayumi Hamasaki Song

Chemical Engineering Society, General Assembly 2007

I can say that this GA is the best ChES GA that I have attended so far! I can proudly say that ChE peepz know how to party! Sayawan to the max talaga!

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Ang ganda ko dito

I actually dyed my hair. Copper highlights with a brown blend. Usual, I was part of the opening dance number, unfortunately, the people I asked to get pictures of me didn't get good shots so I don't want to share them with you guys. Well anyway, here are some other pics.

Pics before the start of the program.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pics on the program proper
The boys on the move!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Class pic?
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ang lola nyo nakapaldang orange!

Solo solo
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Kuya June
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Albert (ang pinakamaraming pic ewan ko kung baket)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Aagawin ko ang spotlight!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ay mukahng si albert yung umagaw!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ok lang nasa likod naman nya ako lagi eh!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Dancing with the semi-bald first year. Grabeh super lower talaga ang sayaw namin nito!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Dancing with Ate Paw

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Strutin on the dance floor!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Dancin with Gelo

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Do you like my hair?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My second pic with Albert ever!

The Foursome
I forgot to mention that I had a foursome that night. Foursome in the the dance floor that is! I danced with Albert, Kenji, and Jabs. Albert at my back, Jabs and Kenji ta the sides forming a triangle with me at the center. Whahahhaha! It was fun! I can actually feel their notes touching me! Wahhahaha! Not that I got horny or anything, they are close friends after all. Also, they are straight and I don't want our friendship to go to a grim end.

Class presentation
Our section, 3ChE-A, won 3rd place in the class presentation. We made a dance in the tune of "Sinabawang gulay".
We won a box of beer and a box of iced tea from our sponsor, San Miguel Foods Corporation.

Sinabawang Gulay Theme