The Perks of Being a Wallflower


I was really looking forward to watch this film... All I can say is...


I sooooooooooooooo enjoyed watching the film version of The Perks of being a Wallflower! The movie is fast paced, very cohesive, and very heartwarming. It made me laugh, it made me smile, it made cry, and most of all, it made me all warm inside. I haven't read the book though so I can't compare them. (Note to self: buy the book) BUt I can say that the probable reason that the movie was that good is because the Writer, the producer, the director and the book author are just one person.

The Cast
Watching the casts' names at the start of the film made me gasp a few times. No reason really, I was just surprised that some of them are part of the film. It was like watching Private Practice meets Harry Potter meets The Lightning Thief meets The Vampire Diaries meets Scott Pilgrim plus the actor who always plays a loser.

Logan Lerman as Charlie
Well, most of the world knew him as Percy Jackson in the Lightning thief but I knew him well before that. Read it here. I also love him in Gamer.

I love Logan Lerman in this film! He looks so adorable! Like what the film described him (although it actually describes Charlie): Cute and innocent, and those two combined is dangerous.

I simply love him in this film. I can really feel the anxiety and confusion. The frustation. The melancholy feeling. The enjoyment. The love. How I wish I was the one kissed by this guy!!!

So excited for the Percy Jackson sequel!

Emma Watson as Sam
Ha! The different side of Hermione! I saw her very wacky side. Totally different from the prim and proper Hermione that she played for, oh let see, 10 years? I saw her dancing stupidly on the dance floor; Standing in I'm flying Titanic pose at the back of a pick-up truck; OMFG! I saw Hermione being tutored! OMFG!!!

Emma Watson was so pretty in the film. Despite her boyish haircut, her femininity still stood out. I realized that she didn't have any accent at all. Well probably because she's playing an American girl.

Kate Walsh as Charlie's Mom
Dr. Addison Montgomery plays Charlie's mom in the film. She didn't have many lines. She had more of the physical role like hugging, crying, and smiling. Nothing much to say.

Nina Dobrev as Candace
When I saw her face, I thought: "Isn't that Elena?". Then after a close up shot, "FUCK! It is ELENA!!!"

Elena plays Candace, Charlie's Older sister. She's a beautiful popular girl in school. Well what's new? That's her role in The Vampire Diaries!

Nicholas Braun as Ponytail Derek
The actor who always plays a loser kissed the beautiful Nina Dobrev. Yes. This nerdatron of guy kissed a total hottie!

He's on par with the hot male leads of the Vampire Diaries: Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder!

Lucky Bastard!

Johnny Simmons as Brad
This guy who played Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim vs the World plays the closetted star quarterback. He's not so cute though in this film.

Well that's all from the cast that I know, but I can say, I was very impressed with the guy who played Patrick, Sam's stepbrother. He provided the comedic, the awkward, and the emotional requirement of his character. To be able to play carefree in one, with in-your-face attitude in the next, and be broken the next is really quite awesome.

The story really hit home. There are some scenes and quotes that really touched some part of me. Especially the one being a Wallflower. I guess some part of me is like a wallflower. Just like Charlie, I don't think of myself as important. That I would always be the last choice. That the happiness of others are more important that mine.

Just like Charlie, I easily get paranoid. Just like what happened now, my friends are nowhere to be seen. And I feel as alone as ever. But unlike Charlie I chose to do something.


I like that the story was set around the 80's or early 90's. There was no cellphone, no internet, no facebook, no beepers. You needed to really talk to the person personally through phone or go to their place. And I also like that you cannot simply download a really good song from the internet. You really need to research it, or you will just be lucky enough that your roommate knows the title of the song you're looking for.

Although I was already alive on the era of of casette tapes, I was not fortunate enough to make or receive a mixed tape. In the film, it sort of like a way to communicate with friends or with your lover. I love the idea that it became a focal point of the story.

We are infinite.
Infinite possibilities. Infinite Time. Infinite feelings. You just need to define what you want and you are to make it finite.

We accept the love we think we deserve.
Probably the best quote I heard in the film. I believe so too. It also goes with respect and opportunity.

Haaaaaay!!! Super ganda!

Note to self: Buy the DVD.


Mellow Out #2


I already made plans to pursue a different field (law) but an opportunity knocked, and a big decision was needed to be made. I already made it, And I decided to pursue the opportunity.

A big chunk of the reason that I decided to pursue it is because I feel like I don't have anything to anchor me here in the metro. I feel like I have no more friends I can rely on here. I feel all alone.

It has always been like that. My friends would rather attend to other things than do something together with me. The only reason they choose otherwise is when they are bored and nothing to do. Well, at the start, symptoms of that only come from one person, until finally, one by one they started to drift away.

The collective enjoyment was gone since we prefer to do other personal stuff. The pakikisama was gone.

Maybe we all grew up and went our separate ways unannounced. And part of this growing up is changing who we are, our preferences and our priorities. Or maybe all of them just went on ahead thier road and I was just left on the spot that we all stood before together.

Call me old fashioned but I do believe that friends should stick together. And I mean that literally. Before when I was working a 6 day 12 hr shift in Cavite, I always felt guilty of not being around them. That's the reason I always go back to Manila every week just in case they wanted to meet. I always put them on top of my priority list in scheduling my events.

I was very disappointed last time that we planned to watch a movie. My college friends also planned to watch the same movie on the same date. Of course, I gave priority to them, I informed my college friends that I already made plans. On the date itself, the assigned time neared but I received no text message. It was two hours after the time that I finally read an fb group message that it will not push through. What happened to simple texting? They all know that not all of us have internet connection at home.

They know who I am. I don't like wasting my time. I could have caught up with my college friends and had a blast with them. I don't like uninvited guests. That's the reason that I always text before coming to someone's place, as to show respect to the host house.

Anyway... Soon, I'll be off to Bataan. There I can have all the tiime I need for myslef. There I don't need to rely on any one other than myself. There, I can start anew...


Mellow Out #1


I opened our FB group page to read a comment from my post the other day. And to my surprise, I read a very unexpected statement from the least expected person to say it.

The comment said that the post of IMS Engineer fits me perfectly. It's about the position that I was considered for in the company that this particular person works for.

I consider it unexpected because I thought that the boys always overlook what I do. Especially with regards to my student-leadership juju. Adding impact to unexpectedness is the person who said it. I do admit that we used to be close but as much as I know the only time that I was able to showcase my prowess needed for the position was in the duration of our thesis work.

Anyway, reading the statement meant a lot. I guess, I just felt some kind of delight that there is this sense of familiarity to him of myself. But don't get me wrong we're just friends. I like it that way.


Yu-Gi-Oh Conspiracy

Sa last post ko, nakwento ko na ni-enable ko na yung Joey the Passion AI ay gumamit ng Full Power of Chaos Deck. Nashock ako nung nakita ko itong isang particular card. Kamukhang kamukha nung image nung card yung favorite card ko except magkaiba lang sila ng kulay...


SHOCKER 100%!!!

Notable Similarities:
-suot: Parang ceremonial dress
-feather/wing like thingy sa hair
-third eye

-color scheme in everything
-Special Effect

Ang fav ko pong Card ay Witch of the Black Forest. Kaya nung nakita ko si Goddess with Third eye eh naloka talaga ako ng bonggang bongga!

hmmmp... Twin sister ba ni Witch of the Black Forest si Goddess with Third eye or si Witch of the Black Forest ang Dark reincarnation ni Goddess with Third Eye or vice versa? hmmmmp....

Just for fun. Siguro, nahuli ni Goddess with Third eye si Prince Charming na nagloloko kaya nagkaron sya ng alter ego, si Witch of the Black Forest na humiwalay sa body nya. Pinatay ni Witch of the Black Forest ang sarili nya para tawagin yung soul nung isang monster. Gamit ang Polymerization special ability ni Goddess with Third eye, ni-fuse nya ang sarili nya with the monster to create a powerful fusion monster to kill Prince Charming!



Alembong day

Sumakay ako ng jeep papuntang Pasig sa may Pureza. I figured dun nalang ako sasakay kesa sa may Quiapo, matatraffic pa ako papunta dun eh.

Lumiko na yung jeep sa may V. Mapa. From my seat, may nakita akong cutie na hinahabol yung jeep. Buti nalang nakita din sya nung driver kaya nakasakay sya.

At nakangiti na ang Dyosa! First cutie of the day!

Naging smooth sailing naman ang travel papuntang Shaw. May I sulyap sulyap nalang kay Cutie na nakauniform.

Sadly kailangan na namin maghiwalay ng landas. Bumaba na ako sa San Miguel Avenue. Pumunta nako dun sa building ng pag-eexaman ko.

Unfortunately super aga ko so ako'y nagstay muna sa Mini-Stop na malapet. Bumili ako ng Cobra tapos umupo sa eating area. Maya mayang konti, may pumasok na otoko. Naka semi-formal attire. Siguro may interview sya sa malapet na Call Center.

Infairness kay Kuya ah. Chinito and nerdy cute. TYPE! whahahha!!!

Sabay kaming tumayo at lumabas. yung building na pinuntahan nya eh katabi lang ng building na pupuntahan ko.

Umakyat na ako sa Unit ng testing area. Sarado pa yung pinto. May mga dumating na din na mag-eexam din sa outsourced testing company.

Ilang sandali pah, bumukas ulet yung elevator. May mestizong may hawak na paperbag na may lamang Jabee breakfast meal. Yes. Alam ko. Naamoy ko eh!

Pinapasok na kami ni Kuya. Apparently, sya pala yung personnel in charge for that day. Since ako yung unang pumasok, ako yung una nyang tinawag. Bali niset-up nya muna yung mga paperworks tapos ni-prepare nya yung mga rows of computers sa likod nung waiting area.

Tinawag nya ako ulet nung ready na yung computer ko. Nagbigay sya ng instructions about the exam. After nun, iniwan nya na ako para sagutin ko na yung exam.

Nung natapos na ako binigyan nya ako ng sruvey form. Since outsourced nga sila parang gusto nila na laging may improvement. O sige answer away!

QUESTION: What did you like most in the experience?
DYOSA'S ANSWER: Uhmmmmm... the cute personnel??? Ahiihii!!! =D


Tatawa tawa pa ako habang naglalakad papuntang sakayan ng jeep sa sinagot ko! whahahha!

Sa Shaw, sumakay ulet ako ng jeep pabalik sa Pureza. Pagkaupo ko nashocking galore ako sa aking nasilayan.

Mestizo. Andaming nunal sa fezlak. Nakafitted shirt. Yummy ang body. Cutie.


Para mawala ang isip ko kay yummy kuyabelles na kaharap ko sa jeep, tinext ko nalang ang Ate ko para mapagkwentuhan namin yung TANGING YAMAN eksena sa pamilya namin.

Kaso hindi pa din ako makapagconcentrate. Hindi mo talagang hindi mapatingin kay Yummy kuya! He's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...


There's no other word.


Sa haba ng ride namin. Nakatingin lang ako kay yummy kuya.

Yung mga nunal nya sa mukha na specially placed para gumwapo pa sya lalo.

Yung biceps nya na nakabulge dahil maikli lang yung sleeve ng kanyang body tight shirt.

Yung maamo nyang mga mata. Nakakahypnotize!

Kakaloka si Kuya! Pero katulad ng nangyari kanina, kelangan din namin maghiwalay ng landas. Bumaba na ako sa overpass sa may Pureza. Yon eh tumingin muna ako kay yummy Kuya, sabay Psychic kiss sa kanya. ETCHOS!

Naglakad na ako papuntang Lardizabal ng may nakita akong naka Engineering Uniform.

Si Bunso!!!

Kung sweswertehin ka naman talaga!

Ayun sabay na kami sumakay ng jeep pa Tayuman. Syempre kwento kwento. hihi!!


Ang saya ng araw na ito!


Once upon a Dyosa: Paraparaparadise

The Horror...

Pumunta akong SM Manila. Nakawork clothes. May extrang dala kasi expected na pagpapawisan.

Sa labas ng Arcade. Nakita ko nang wala yung Machine. Patay.

Okay lang yan. Baka nasa loob.

Pumasok ako. Hinanap ko yung Machine.



Wala na ang machine.

Wala na ang Parapara Paradise Machine sa SM Manila.

The Horror...

Ngayon masasabi ko ng officially, patay na ang Parapara Paradise sa Manila. As of my knowledge wala nang machine sa Manila. Haaaay!

Parapara Paradise
in Manila

Maraming maraming salamat Parapara Paradise sa lahat ng naitulong mo sakin. Dahil sayo, naging close ko si Kenneth at si Mart. Sila yung mga poging kasama ko nung 1st time kita nilaro nung birthday ko nung 4th year high school ako nung nagcelebrate kami sa Robinson's Place Manila.

Dahil sayo, madami akong nakilalang tao, si Blood Reign, si Emi, pati na din ng buong tropa ng Acolhez.

Dahil sayo, naovercome ko ang heartache at bitterness. Pinagtyagaan mo ko habang nagsasasayaw ako ng 10 tokens non-stop.

Dahil sayo, napagtanto ko na pwedeng magmerge ang anime songs at dance. Favorite kong sayawin yung Eurobeat version ng Let me be with you, yung opening song ng Chobits; Tsaka yung Opening song ng Neon Genesis Evangelion na Cruel Angel's Thesis.

Dahil sayo, gumugulong ang creative juices ko sa paggawa ng sayaw na sasakto sa Freestyle Expert mode mo. Alam ko konti lang yung mga kantang namaster ko, konti lang din kasi yung naiibigay kong oras syo, kaya sana mapatawad mo ako.

Maraming salamat Parapara Paradise. Maraming maraming salamat. Di kita malilimutan.

Bilang pag-alala eto ang ilang media exposure ng Dyosa habang nagsasasayaw sa machine:

Nafeature po ang Dyosa together with other Parapara Paradise Enthusiasts (called Paralist) sa USO feature ng Kabataan News Network. Ako po yung nakaitim pero wala akong interview kasi part ako sa ending credits. Hihihi!

Si Bryan Dongeto din po yung naging guest ng Unang Hirit for their Pump-it-up feature.

Eto naman ang Picture cut-out ng Dyosa habang sinasayaw ang parapara mode routine ng kantang 100 by Dave Rogers:


Finally, the Dyosa dancing part of the parapara mode routine of the song Crazy for you:


Haaayyyy kakamiss!


Bilib ako!

Kagabi dahil sa hindi ako makatulog, buong magdamag akong naglaro ng Yu-Gi-Oh: Joey the Passion. Nakapagdownload na din ako ng Yugi the POwer of Chaos deck kaya ni-enable ko dun sa Joey the Passion na gumamit ng Full Power of Chaos Deck.

After nun, naging ganto na yung level nya:


Ilang beses na din ako nanalo against this Duelist level. Panis naman din sya kahit may cards na sya ni Yugi. Pero may isang beses na natalo ako na super napabilib ako ng strategy nung AI!

Nagsimula yung laban sa iactivate nya nung Spell Card na Card of Safe return.


Tapos ngtaob sya ng monster card.

Inatake ko naman yun tapos Spear Cretin pala yung face-down card na yun.


Since wala pa naman syang monster sa Graveyard, pati na rin ako, wlang ma-special summon to the field.

Turn ulet ng kalaban. Nagtaob ulet ng monster card. Nagtaob din ng tatlong card sa backline.

Hmmmp... Sabi ng instinct ko, Spear Cretin ulet yung nakataob na baraha na yun. So... I activated a spell card, Raigeki!


Tapos direkta kong ni-damage yung Life Points nya.

AI's turn. Nag-activate sya ng isa dun sa tinaob nyang baraha. Spell card, Pre-mature Burial. Nagbayad sya ng 800 Life points para buhayin yung Spear Cretin. Nag-activate yung Card of Safe return. Inactivate din nya yung Trap Card na Jar of Greed para bumunot ng isa pang baraha. Ginamit nyang tribute yung Spear Cretin para masummon yung Level 5 Monster na Thunder Dragon. Since na punta sa graveyard yung Spear Cretin Nag-activate yung Effect nya. Ni-special Summon nya yung isa pang Spear Cretin sa Graveyard face-down defense position. At nag-activate muli ang Card of Safe return.


At dito na nagsimula ang Unlimited Chain strategy nya. Kasi tuwing papatayin ko yung Spear Cretin, ii-special summon nya lang ulet yung isa pang Spear Cretin sa graveyard tapos mag-aactivate ng paulit ulit yung Card of Safe return. Malas ko lang hindi ko nabunot yung Mystical Space Tyhpoon o kya yung Harpie's Feather Duster.


may mga steps din naman akong ginawa para maeliminate yung Spear Cretin Lock Chain. Dalawang beses ko ginamit yung Morphing Jar #2. Pero saksakan lang talaga ng swerte yung AI kasi lagi pa din nyang nabubunot yung Spear Cretin after deck shuffling.


Pinahaba ko lang actually yung laban namin, kasi hinihintay ko yung Penguin Soldier. Para pabalikin sa Hand yung Spear Cretin para maatake ko sya directly. Pero sadyang malas ata talaga ako sa game na yun.


Umabot na may walong cards nalang syang natira. Sa round nya, ginamit nya yung Spell Card na Painful Choice.


Eto yung limang cards na pinakita nya saken:


Edi syempre, naloka ako nung nakita ko yung Right hand of the Forbidden one tsaka yung Left leg of the Forbidden One! Kaya pala puro drawing tactics yung ginawa nya! Sa isip isip ko:

"Hmmmp... dapat hindi nya makuha yung mga parts ni Exodia"

Edi para safe yung Spell Card yung pinili ko.

Talo na pala ako kahit ano pa piliin ko.

Inactivate nya yung pangatlong Card na tinaob nya sa backline nung 2nd round. Trap Card: Back-up Soldier.


Pinabalik nya from the Graveyard yung Right hand of the Forbidden one tsaka yung Left leg of the Forbidden One.

At tapos...


Ambilis ng pangyayari! Pero gosh! I'm so impressed dun sa use of Spell Card at Trap Card ah!!! Saktong sakto yung timing! Ang galing!!! Bilib ako!

Counter Strategy:


Ayan, hindi na nila macocombo ng SanWitch. Tsaka nung Spear Cretin Lock. Lalayas na sila sa game pag napatay sila!


Papalayasin ko sa game yung may effect na "Take a monster card from the Deck".


With this, mapapapunta ko sa Graveyard yung mga Parts ni Exodia na hawak nya na tapos...


I-eexcorcise ko paalis ng graveyard yung mga Parts para problem solved!

My most ingenious yet! Isa lang masasabi ko sa nakaface-down na Spear Cretin...






Si Romarchie...

I have this friend na special place sa puso ko. No I'm not in love with him. But rather, I have this great admiration and deep gratitude to him. He's the only person, as of now, na feeling ko girl ako pagkasama ko sya. At mahirap maghanap ng ganun ah.

masasabi kong hindi part si Romarchie ng usual circle of friends ko. Una, hindi ko sya DotA-mate. Pangalawa, magkaiba kami ng section. Kumbaga, sa school ang only common thing lang namin ay pareho kami course. Other than that, there no more things that can bridge us together.

Actually, Romar lang talaga ang name nya. Binigyan ko lang sya ng nickname na Romarchie. Meron akong tatlong reasons sa pagtawag sa isang tao sa nickname, or not the usual address to him/her:

(1) Magaan ang loob ko sayo
(2) May respeto ako sayo
(3) Close tayo

Nung College marami akong ganto:

Sir Raniel - kasi officer sya ng CAT nung HS sya.
Kuya Jun - sya kasi yung 1st ever class president namin. At nagstick na sya til the end.
Alberchie - umm... 1st close friend nung College.
Ruffee - classmate ni Albert nung HS na once upon a dyosa eh naging close ko.
Jabs - shorthand ng nickname ni Jan Rannel na Jaboy.
Glads - jowaers ni Jabs, shorthand term sa Gladys.
Hesed - yan talaga yung real name nya. Pero ayaw nya nagpapatawag nyan gusto nya Sed lang.
Chie Dieng - Chinese name ni Jeff, ako lang ata tumatawag nyan sa kanya sa school.
Ma'am Berna - tawag ko sa fav prof ko.
Sir Butch - tawag ko sa fav ES prof ko.
Sir Jojo B - tawag ko sa the best Math Prof ever!
Sir Tenki - unofficial tawag ko sa the best prof ever!
Ma'am Aris - tawag ko sa thesis adviser ko.
Sir A - tawag ko sa best Chemistry Prof ever!
Lady Seo - tawag ko kay Jes, kahawig nya kasi si Lee Young Ae, yung gumanap na Jang Geum sa Jewel in the Palace.
Bektas/Baek Mu - tawagan namin ni Joey, derivative ng beki
Papa J - tawag naming mga "girls" of CSC 08-09 kay Jarry, ang aming poging Vice President
Kuya Keych - tawag naming mga staff sa aming gwapong gwapong Presidente nuong CSC 08-09

You get the picture.

Going back kay Romarchie. Siguro reason (1) yung dahilan kung bakit binigyan ko ng Nickname si Romarchie. Magaan kasi talaga yung loob ko sa kanya.

First time ko naging classmate si Romarchie nung nalipat ako ng section nung 2nd year ako dahil bumagsak ako ng Physics 1. Nalipat ako sa section nila na 2-8. Hindi naman din kami masyadong nakakapag-usap nun dahil super magkalayo ang upuan namin. Alphabetical arrangement ng upuan kasi almost lahat ng subjects namin. De Guzman ako, tapos sya T yung first letter ng surname nya. Sa 2nd row ako, sa last row sya. Sa right side ako, sa left side naman sya. Dahil nga hindi ko rin sya kaDotA, hindi rin kami masyadong nakakapag-mingle sa labas ng classroom.

Come start ng majoring years, medyo nakakapag-usap na kami. Since we are taking the same subjects, nagpapalitan kami ng information regarding dun sa mga topics, quizzes, seatwork, etc.

Pero tingin ko, mas naging close kami nung 4th year second sem. Dahil ako'y may binagsak nanamang subject, Thermo 1, nilipat ako ni Ma'am Berna, Department Chair namin that time, sa section nila Romarchie, ang 4ChE-B.

by that time, free for all na ang seating arrangement. Since ang mga tao ay may mga preferred seatmates nah, wala akong choice kung hindi umupo lang dun sa mga bakante. Since nasanay naman ako na sa right side 2nd row laging nakaupo, napagdesisyunan ko nang dun umupo. Naunahan nako ni Romarchie dun sa preferred seat ko, yung Right 2nd row 1st seat from the middle, tinabihan ko nalang sya. Tapos si Jabs dun sa harap ko, pareho kaming nilipat ni Ma'am Berna ng section.

Dun na kami nagstart na maging seatmates. Pag meron akong di maintindihan, sya yung tinatanong ko. Sa Section A kasi si Jes ang dinadayo ko. Pag meron akong namiss na klase dahil sa pagiging die hard student leader ko, sa kanya ako humihiram ng notes. Tapos ayun, minsan nagkwekwentuhan din kami.

Naging kaparty ko din sya sa SHIFT - a better Choice for a better ChES. Dun na talaga siguro kami ng click. Sumama sya sa SIKLAB style training sa Fort Santiago. Ayun, nakilala nya ako bilang Legal Officer at mentor ng mga Student-Leaders. Nakita nya how I work as a Campaign Manager which, for the record, none of my regular circle of friends had seen.

Pinaka-natouch ako kay Romarchie dun sa moment namin sa likod Burol nung Caleruega nung retreat namin. Morning ng third day yun. Free time yun eh. Maaga pa kasi. After breakfast. Nageexplore ang lahat. Nagpipicture lahat. Pero sadyang loner lang talaga ata kaming dalawa ni Romarchie kaya we ended up with each other's company.

After passing through a bridge, dumating kami dun sa likod burol. Nagkwekwentuhan kami habang naglalakad at umaakyat. nakwento nya na may burol na mas mataas pa dun na inaakyat baba nya sa province nila. May nikwento pa nga syang funny story about sa tita nya. Nqagsusumigaw kami dun sa tuktok ng burol since kami lang naman yung tao. Kitang kita from there yung retreat house.

Medyo umambon na kaya napagdesisyunan na namin bumaba. Sya actually yung nag-advise na bumaba na kami kasi magiging maputik at madulas daw yung burol pag umulan. Syempre ako'y isang Tondo Geisha kaya medyo eng eng sa pagbaba. Si Romarchie yung unang bumaba tapos tinuturo nya saken kung saan ako dapat tumapak para hindi madulas. Eh dahil eng eng nadulas ako dahil sa maling tapak sa maputik na surface. Ayun, napaupo ako sa putik tapos nasira pa yung tsinelas ko. Hindi ako nagtuloy tuloy pababa kasi inalalayan ako ni Romarchie. Tatawa tawa nalang kami nung nakababa na kaming dalawa. Dun na dumating yung iba naming batchmates at ni-attempt nilang umakyat sa maputik na burol. Ewan ko na kung ano nangyari sa kanila, umalis na kasi kami.

Commemorative Picture ng pagkaupo ko sa putik
hindi po yan pupu

Isa pang gusto kong conversation with Romarchie eh nung batch meeting about sa aming 5th year field trip. Eto ang naging comment nya nung may nagsabing ayaw nyang pumuntang Bohol kasi magbabangka, at marami daw namamatay na graduating students na nagbabangka:

"Pag ang barko lumubog, pwede kang lumangoy. Eh pag ang eroplano bumagsak, pwede ka bang lumipad?"

Tama naman sya diba?

Haaay kakamiss si Romarchie. Hindi nya siguro alam na he has that special place in my heart. Hmmmmp... Sa Wednesday, I will be one step closer na magkasama kami ulet. Hopefully sa work in their province. Hihi!


Once upon a Dyosa: OPM songs

Nanunuod ako ng Myx Backtraxx ng tumugtog tong kantang semi-familiar...

He Loves me
by Vanna Vanna


Talagang kinanta ko talaga sya! Gumagalaw mag-isa yung lips ko at napapasabay sa kanta! HOMAYGASH!!! ALAM KO YUNG KANTA!!! Antanda ko na nga talaga yata. Alam ko pa tong kantang to from Vanna Vanna, may you rest in peace girls!

Yung kanta na yan from Vanna Vanna ay isa lang sa mga kantang sikat nung bata pa ako. Sa naalala ko, super sikat ang OPM nun. Halos pantay lang sila nung boy band songs sa kasikatan. At marami talagang sumikat nung time na yun basta patok sa masa yung kanta mo. Pero iiwnan ko na yung mga legends na ha. Like yung e-heads, rivermaya and the like.

One prime example nung sumikat to the max ay si Jolina Magdangal. Bago pa sya sumikat nun with her teeneeboper roles kasama ng kanyang love team na si Marvin Agustin, eh talagang sumikat na sya dun sa mga kanta nya. Hmmp... naalala ko nalang ay Paper Roses at Tameme yung talagang super sikat.

by Jolina Magdangal

Isa sa pinakagusto ko talaga nun ay si Roselle Nava. Binili pa nga ako ng Ninang ko ng casette tape (wala pa pong CD nun!) ng album nya. Nakalimutan ko na yung title nung album nya, pero meron akong tatlong favorite songs dun sa album na yun. Yung first two songs sa Side A: Is it my Imagination, tska You; Tska yung 3rd to the last song sa Side B: Ang National Anthem ng mga Sawi, Bakit nga ba Mahal Kita. So syempre super sikat sya talaga dun sa National Anthem ng mga sawi, at dinagdagan pa nya! Naglabas naman sya ng National Anthem ng mga Martyr! Dahil Mahal na Mahal kita. Sa dami ng Martyr at Sawi nung mga panahon na yun, instant hit pareho yung mga kantang yan!

Bakit nga ba mahal kita
by Roselle Nava

Kasabayan ni Roselle Nava ay si Lindsay Custodio. Meron din syang mga magandang kanta kaso hindi ko na maalala. Sorry!

Pinakakilala si Carol Banawa sa kanta nyang Stay. lalo na ng mga sawi, pero mas gusto ko yung first song ever na nirelease nya, Till it's time. Pansawi din! Wahhahahh!

Till it's time
by Carol Banawa

Kasabayan ni Carol Banawa ay si Tootsie Guevarra. Sino ba namang makaklimot sa kantang Kaba? diba? Sya ang nagpauso ng National Anthem na.... Pasulyap sulyap!

Pasulyap sulyap
by Tootsie Guevarra

Hindi po ang Sexbomb, Viva Hot Babes at Mocha ang mga kaunaunahang girl groups sa Pilipinas. Mas marami pang nauna sa kanila. Isa na nga yung Vanna Vanna. Pero nung bata ako, ang pinakagusto kong girl group ay yung Tangerine. ang pinakagusto kong kanta nila ay Huwag na Huwag. Kinakanta ko pa din ito sa videoke.

Huwag na Huwag
by Tangerine

Isa pang nahumaling ako sa kanta ay kay Jamie Rivera. Eto yung pre-church songs days nya. Gustong gusto ko yung mga kanta nya sa Once More... album nya. It includes the tracks: Thank you - hindi po ito yung gasgas na kanta na pang teacher's day, I'm Sorry - ay! Grade 2 ako nung sumikat to!, Anong Pangalan mo? - eto yung 3rd song sa Side A. I Just wanna tell you - fast song to na ang message, I'm over you!, Bakit Hindi ako? - may video to eh. Napakaemotional na kanta.

Bakit hindi ako
by Jamie Rivera

O sige na nga... aamin nako, nung bata ko, nagustuhan ko din yung kanta ni April Boy Regino. Elk! Syempre alam naman natin ngayon na jologs na ang turing sa kanta nya, pero nung bata ako, sinasabayan ko pa ang hand action ng Di ko kayang tanggapin! Super sikat talaga si "Idol" nun. Gawin ba namang theme song ng mga pelikula ni Juday! Nagpalit na sya ng leading man from Wowie de Guzman to Rico Yan kanta pa din ni April Boy yung theme song ng pelikula nya.

Di ko kayang tanggapin
by April Boy Regino

Ang pinakanamimiss ko talaga sa airwaves eh yung mga dating kanta ni Queen of Soul, Jaya. Napakagaganda kasi nung mga kanta nya nun. Napaka-soulful. Lalo na yung mga ginawang theme songs ng Viva love team couple na sina Bobby Andrews at Angelu de Leon. Laging Naroon ka tsaka Wala na bang Pag-ibig to naman a couple. Gustong gusto ko din yung collaboration nya with the King of Soul, Janno Gibbs, Ikaw Lamang. Ikaw ang pag-ibig... sa araw at gabi...

Laging naroon ka
by Jaya

Isa pang OPM royalty ang talagang namimiss ko yung mga kanta, walang iba kundi ang Asia's Nightingale, Lani Misalucha. Tila at Bukas nalang kita Mamahalin ang favorites ko.

by Lani Misalucha

Pag pinag-usapan ang OPM di mawawala si Donna Cruz! Ay nako! My classmate ako nun elementary na uber fan ni Donna Cruz! Lahat ata ng songhits nun na may kanta si Donna Cruz binibili nya. Pero ako, dalawa lang yung gusto ko sa kanya: Wish tska Isang Tanong Isang Isagot. Syempre gustong gusto ko din yung theme song ng aking most favorite Filipino movie, Do Re Mi, I can na kinanta ng tatlong leads na sina Donna Cruz, Regine Velasquez, at Mikee Conjuangco. Panalong panalong graduation song!

by Donna Cruz and Jason Everly

Hindi alam ng lahat pero yung kanta ni Victoria na To be near you ay official soundtrack ng American show na Felicity. May video sya na may clips ng nasabing show.

To be Near you
by Viktoria

Gustong gusto ko yung Girl band na WYRD because they put the band in girl band since they play instruments. Isa lang yung kanta nila na alam ko at gutong guto ko yun, Scream.


I wanna be a firewoman... I wanna put out your desire... Firewoman na kinanta ni Barbie Almalbis sa una nyang banda na HUngry Young Poets. Hanggang ngayon favorite ko pa din sya at kaslukuyang tumutugtog sa laptop ko habang tinatype ko to. super favorite ko kasi ang ganda ng message at melody.

by Hungry Young Poets

Haaaay kakamiss yung ganyang mga kanta...


The Love of Siam


Finally! Napanood ko na din ang film na ito! Naloka naman ako sa haba, pero really really worth it ang almost 3 hrs of screen time! Ang ganda ganda nya! Grabeh!!!

Gusto ko sya kasi hindi lang sya basta basta gay themed movie. Actually parang patikim tikim nga lang yung homo elements eh. It's presented in a more realistic way in terms of identity crisis and self-discovery which I think that most people, if not all, undergo.

Madami din tinackle na issues about family, friendship, especially sa love.

Ang ganda ganda nya talaga!!!

Favorite Scenes *spoilers*

The Bed Scene

Super kilig ako para kay bakla!! Aaaaaaahhh!!! Aba mahirap atang makatabi mo ang mahal mo ng ganyan at hindi kayo ah! Kilig na kileg ako para kay bakla!!! Naku sigurado ako na sa isip ng sister na Mew na sana forever na lag silang ganun. (ay! nakarelate!) whahahah!

The morning after

Ayyyy!!! Bagong gising lang si Bakla humaba nanaman ang hair!!! Kileg!!!

The Party Concert Scene

Para saken eto yung pinakasweet na scene. Dahil alam mong kinakanta ni Mew yung kanta para kay Tong. Hindi mo man naiintindihan yung kanta directly from its original language, pag binasa mo yung subtitles, alam mo na kanta yun ng pagmamahal. At inaalay ni Mew yung pagmamahal na yun kay Tong. Nakangiti ako habang kinikilig!

The Kissing Scene

PhotobucketONG HOBO NG HOR NI BOKLO!!! So Alas dose ng hating gabi, napatili ako dahil sa onscreen kiss na itu! Ako na nambubulabog ng kapitbahay! Super happy ako for you sister!!! Ahihihihihi! Sa sobrang kilig ko naging ganto yung reaction ko -->

Identity Crisis Scene
Napakalaki ng impact nito sa akin. Although I have no personal experience on identity crisis kasi alam ko na sa simula palang kung ano ako. Marami, I'm so sure, ang makakarelate sa script ni Tong: Ano ba ako? Ano ba talaga ako?

Aex and Mew Confrontation Scene
Well it's really just a friendly confrontation. Infairness naramdaman ko yung sincerity nung Aex ah. It really takes a real friend to apologize first (ay may first hand experience ako dyan!). Nayanig ako dun sa nabasa kong subtitles (see above). OMFG! Naalala ko sinabi din sakin yan ni Dadee, although not in verbatim, pero something in that extent.

Well, nasaisip ko kasi lagi na people will always choose others before me. Ganun kasi nangyari nung bata ako for a long time. Hanggang sa naging normal nalang sya saken. I needed to protect my heart from disappointments kaya I always sort of barricaded myself and keep a small distance of solace for myself.

Kaya siguro wala akong matuturing na bestfriend. Because if you ask any of my friends I'm so sure than I am not at the Top of any of their lists.

Well that's the thing that keeps me sane all these years kaya I'm still going to do it everytime.

Thank you crying scene

Sa sobrang relate ko kay Mew, matapos nyang sabihin yung "Thank you" line nya. Sabay na kaming nagbreakdown. Sabay kaming nag-ngangangawngaw. Hagulgol nga ako eh, buti nga sya may pigil factor pa. Ngawngaw ako hanggang sa matapos yung ending credits!

Witwisit Hiranyawongkul

O sige sa inyo na si Mario Maurer! Basta akin na si...
Witwisit Hiranyawongkul aka Pchy

PhotobucketOh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd!

Ang pogi pogi nya!!!

Himatay! Photobucket

Feeling ko bagay kami... Pwede kaming WWW

Whil and Witwisit!


Nakakakilig sya habang kumakanta. At apparently, boses nya talaga yung scenes na kumakanta sya. Parang tailor fit sa kanya talaga yung role nya.

Super gaganda ng songs!!! Here are my favs:

Pieng ter

Gan lae gan

The movie was really a treat. Directors cut yung pinanuod ko, sulit na sulit!