Wala na akong maisip pang ibang salita na pwedeng ilarawan ang mga taong nagreact violently kay Dan Brown.

Unang una, FICTION ang libro na isinulat nya. Pawang mga kathang isip lamang ang mga bagay na yon. Special nga lang ang case nato kasi sa Pilipinas ang setting. Ganun lang talaga sya kagaling magsulat kaya hindi na alam ng mga tao kung ano ang totoo at kung ano ang gawa gawa lang.

Pangalawa, eh ano naman ngayon kung yung libro ay inihantulad ang Maynila sa "gates of hell"? Mas nagrereact talaga violently ang mga tao pag totoo ang sinasabi sa kanila.

Ano ba ang pinagpuputok ng buchi ng mga to? Eto checklist:
***6-hour traffic jams - Check
***Suffocating pollution - Check
***Horrifying sex trade / prostitution - Check

Oh! Check naman pala lahat! Eh bat hindi nalang natin tanggapin na tama ang depiksyon ni Dan Brown sa Maynila? Take note. MAYNILA. Hindi PILIPINAS! Wala naman magiging epekto yung sinabi ni Dan Brown sa novel nya sa Philippine tourism eh. "IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES" naman ang tag line hindi "IT'S MORE FUN IN MANILA". Eh pero kung trip ng mga forenjer na maligo sa dagat ng basura at magpaka-Ultimate Fighting Champion sa mga holdapers eh baka nga may epekto.

Nakatira ako sa Tondo buong buhay ko. At araw araw nakakakita ako ng pulubi sa kalye, mga barong barong sa tabi ng tulay at riles ng tren, mga taong nagbebenta ng droga, at mga taong nahoholdap at nasnatchan. Bukod pa sa personal ko nakita na may itim na usok na pumapaibabaw sa Maynila nung sumakay ako ng barko papuntang probinsya. Hindi na kelangan pang ma-Imbestigador ni Mike Enriquez para malaman ko na uso ang bentahan ng laman dito samen. Totoo naman talaga ang sinabi Dan Brown. Kung may ekseherasyon man ito, nasa pagsusulat nya ito at hindi malayo sa katotohanan.

Nakakahiya kayo. Proud na proud kayo na sabihin na magagaling ang Pilipino. Pero yung simpleng maintindihan na FICTION ang libro ni Dan Brown, hindi kayo makaunawa. Hindi nyo ba alam, na ang award winning film ni Brilliante Mendoza starring Coco Martin ay about sex worker na sumeservice ng customer para lang kumita ng pera? Sa Maynila ang setting nyan. Sa award winning Indie film ulet na Babae sa Septic Tank, si Eugene Domingo ay nagportray ng isang ina na ibinenta ang anak nya sa forenjer para lang mabuhay nya yung iba pa nyang mga anak. Tuwang tuwa tayo sa mga likhang sining na yan, pero pareho yang nagpapakita ng mga sinabi ni Dan Brown.

Bobo. Yun nalang ang maiilalarawan ko sa inyo. Saktong Sakto kasi eh. Bobo.


I was a bit tense that Wednesday afternoon. I couldn't focus on the document that I was working on. If you ask Mr. Webster, I'm sure he'll tell you that anxious is the adjective that describes me perfectly in that instance. My mind was a smorgasbord of things from my work items and scenarios with the object of my affection.

I know Prince Charming was coming to the office. I was texting him the previous night and he said that he will give me his pasalubong from Puerto G that day. He didn't give a specific time, so I figured he will drop by our office after his shift. That will be around 2PM.

Exactly 1:37 PM, my throat ran dry; Probably from the anxiety. I took my water bottle and went to the pantry. I zoned out mindlessly as I fill up my water bottle. I went back to my office table afterwards. My laptop time showed 1:40 PM. "Gosh! Time goes slowly when your anxious!", I exclaimed in my head.

I tried to calm down by doing extra-curricular work. I was designing something for my special project. Damn. Still can't focus. Prince Charming's face keeps popping up! Fortunately, our manager gave me a new task through email. It was urgent so I slapped myself with my ghost hand and tried to focus on the task at hand.

I was finalizing my email with someone when Ate Nympa called my attention:

"Oh Tita Whil, 2 o'clock na. Nasan na sya?"

Uu nga. Nasan na nga sya? Words in my head. Well I was prepared for the worst anyway. Probably he forgot about it. I know he doesn't bring his cellphone to so he couldn't text me. I decided to look for him. I opened our door looked sideways. I just gave a deep sigh when he was not there. I went to the HR because I saw a crowd by the door. He was not there too. I loitered for about five good minutes then decided to end my search. It was in vain anyway.

I sat down my chair trying to calm my chagrin. I just focused on the email I was composing because I had it send it out before end of day. Oh well. Ganun talaga ang buhay.

I just clicked the send button when there was a knock on the door. The door opened and Prince Charming's head popped in. I turned my head to the direction of the wall to try to hide my kilig face from my colleagues. I opened my top drawer and took out my gift for him.

Finally I went to the door. I closed my eyes, bit my lip then turned the knob and opened that slab of wood. He smiled and raised his hand holding a seashell.

"Nabura eh. Nabura ung isang letter.", he said as he handed me his pasalubong.

"Okay lang yun.", I said smiling.

He then began to walk away. I was still holding my gift to him in my hand. I became conscious of the people in the corridor. I backed down from giving him my gift.

I returned to my work station. I tried my best not to look at the faces of my officemates. But I'm pretty sure they all look something like this:
 photo tumblr_lw0yv3Uk4K1qbjo08o1_250_zps13f3e07c.png

After five short minutes I stood up and decided to give it to him. I have waited a long time to give that shirt. I went to the HR since I believe he had some business there. But a crowd lingered by the door so I still couldn't give it to him without getting an impression from the spectators.

That happened at least three times more of me backing down to give him my gift. I just decided to text him to inform him that I forgot to give him my gift to him. He replied that I can give it to him the next day.

My big smile was plastered on the face that cause a little teasing from the people in the office. There must've been a little blushing on the side too.

I contemplated where I would use my new seashell keychain. First, I thought I should replace my strawberry keychain and use it for my house keys. But I went against it since I lend my keys to others. Then I had an idea. There is just one place where it is perfect to place.
 photo photo0240_zps70387308.jpg

My one of a kind seashell kitchen with the letters "Whi" on my black Jansport Office use bag. =D

Cutie Reporter

 photo BKD5lnSCMAEkZyUjpglarge_zpsa728a062.jpg
Hadji Rieta

Bago kong crush! Ihihihihihihi!!!

Una ko syang napanood nung nagcocover sya ng bagyo sa Baguio. Dun palang, crush ko na sya kahit covered na covered ang outfit nya. He's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuteee!!!!

hihi! Landi!



 photo dangerclosegames_logo_zps3f074635.gif

Every day I pray that no harm comes to the people I love. Especially those I met in the work place that are very close to my heart. Though I won't mention any specifics, I heard one of the most chilling stories in my life.

Our group was driving down National highway when our driver spoke of his experience earlier that day. It literally sent chills down my spine as he narrates his near-death experience. I may have acted calm and cool at the back seat but in reality, my mind raced with worry. The group then provided inputs on the what should have been done first before doing that particular task. Since my position mainly focuses on adherence to Procedure. I just contributed that they need to follow procedure.

My fear of big hairy spiders certainly slips as my top phobia. My fear of the boys getting hurt or worse dying in a worst scenario definitely takes the cake. I care for them and I will truly be devastated if anything will happen to them. With the thought that the same thing can happen with Prince Charming... I'm fucked scared as shit!


Fianto Duri!

 photo 5f5409ee-53a9-42a6-868a-21f33764ec2b_zpsb95ff93d.jpg
Protego Maxima! Fianto Duri! Repello Inimicum!
Protego Horribilis! Protego Totalum!

Just five more days before we, Refiners Batch 12, are officially regular employees of our company. I empathize with the boys when they say Nakakapagod, nakakatamad, nakakabanas yung supervisor and all other complaints they can say. Really. I empathize.

Last week is probably the most stressful (yet) week I had with our section. Probably because of the tons of work to be done. Both in line and extra curricular. Swear! I empathize with the boys. Though I know their designation mainly takes a blitzkrieg in the physical aspect, mine tend to foray into the mental and emotional.

I just hope I don't hear insensitive comments anymore. I mean, I'm trying my best to balance out everything. Like I said, the more things they put on my plate, the more it will be put on hold depending on the urgency. Though I know I am the new one, I CANNOT LEARN EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME. I know I'm Superwoman but damn, Superwoman cannot handle Metropolis and Smallville at the same time! I'm trying to juggle tons of documents, and I mean tons. Then they expect me TO CHAPERONE people whom can perform the task without me, then ASK me to do things they can perfectly do themselves.


Anyway, I say this words for myself and for the whole Refiners Batch 12.

Fianto Duri!

by etymology: Latin: "fiant" meaning "become", "duri" plural of the Latin word durus meaning "hard".

Altogether, Fianto Duri means become hard.

Become hard to the relentless culture within our company.

Become hard to the harsh environment that we all are exposed too whether physical, mental, psychological, or emotional.

Become hard and determined, that just a few more days, we have proven ourselves worthy to be regular employees.


Dyosa Thoughts: Move in!

 photo moving_zps68f3630a.jpg

Isang linggo ko na din ineenjoy yung lamig ng bagong kabit kong aircon sa bahay ko sa Limay. Eh wala din naman akong choice. Biglang nasira din yung electric fan ko kaya kung hindi ko gagamitin yung aircon saksakan ng init sa bahay ko. Sabi ng kapitbahay at fellow Refiners Batch 12 member ko na si Mayor, naubusan daw ng oil yun kaya ayaw umikot. Actually hindi ko naintindihan yun. kaya hindi ko nalang din sya kinulet para magexplain.

Kahapon matapos kong magsend ng gm sa mga boys, naloka din ako sa gm na nareceive ko.

Ang init init daw sabi ni Prince Charming.


Honestly, natempt akong magreply ng...

*cue music from RENT!*

Live in my house, I'll be your shelter
Just pay me back with one thousand kisses
Be my lover... and I'll cover you...

Natempt talaga akong iinvite sya na saken nalang sya tumira may aircon. Shet! I sound like a desperate bitch! Pero syempre pinigilan ako ng common sense at syempre iniisip ko pa din na he hates me. Yun lang din naman ang reason kaya hindi ako naooverpower ng obsessive tendencies ko eh. Sama mo na din na sobrang tambak ang work kaya hindi ko din sya maaasikaso sa bahay if ever (Yes! housewife ang peg!).

Oh well for now, tapusin muna ang trabaho at intayin ang regularization. Sa susunod, I will ask him. And I wont take no for an answer.


Post Tankage Story

 photo 5526228-portrait-of-young-asian-male-intensely-enjoying-a-shower-and-running-water-with-eyes-closed-and-arms_zps475729af.jpg

I came home that evening still feeling sticky and (hell there's no other word for it) yucky. That's how you would feel after going up six (6) tanks, three (3) which I needed to climb twice. It's even at the time the the sun is already up. Even though its before noon; Since we are wearing protective equipment, it is...

H O T - HOT!!!!

Even though I brought an extra shirt as change since I anticipated that I will have that icky feeling, it was not enough to remove that uncomfortableness.

I entered my unit's bathroom. A couple of more sighs to relieve that grotesque icky feel. I turned the faucet on to allow the water to fill my small tub. I just stood there thinking how tired I was for that day.

"...sinulit nila bayad nila saken ngayong araw na to ah... Umakyat na ng tanks, andami pang natapos na paperworks."

When the water depth was enough to accommodate my pink tabo, I scooped some water started to bathe. As soon as the first drop touched me, my slow mo sequence kicked in.

My body trembled to the satisfying coldness of the liquid being poured to me. I shook my head left and right with mouth wide open as if getting hallucinations from a party pill. I let the sensation pass first before getting some more of that pleasure liquid. It was the first time that I really felt cleansing power of water. I felt not just the dirty and grime wash away, but also the stress and fatigue from that very long day.

I stepped out the bathroom squeaky clean with revived spirits.

Sarap maligo! photo taking-bath_zpse469d4b9.gif


Secretary General

 photo 5885675049_b7f02c4bbd_z_zps8207ca71.jpg
A proud Pink Soldier amidst a sea of Wingmen

Next Friday will be the 5th monthsary that I was elected Secretary General of Refiners Batch 12. First, let me express my relief that I was not elected for the Presidency or the Vice Presidency. Though I know I can handle these positions, I strongly believe that my personality does not fit flawlessly with them. I am very much happy with the position given to me and that's one reason I am fulfilling it to the best of my ability despite my busy schedule.

I am proud to be part of Refiners Batch 12. With pride, I always mention that in every introduction that I do in the company. Of course, the batch has its negatives. Nevertheless, my loyalty and my concern for the batch is unmoved. To the point that if ever that I would need to choose from a co-worker or from someone from our batch... I'm sorry. I cannot be objective on this one since I already have inclination towards the boys.

Last week, I joined two inuman sessions organized by members of the batch in their respective work groups. First was Group 3 where my dear friend Albert is also a member. They introduced me to the other members as: "Si Whil. Secretary namin yan." Honestly, nakakataba ng puso. I never thought that they cared enough to introduce me and equate my name to the position they elected me to. The other session was with the self-proclaimed Line Trace Engineers of Utilities. Again, members of the batch introduced me with Secretary namin not far behind. I just can't help but feel appreciated. I never thought that my simple care and sense of duty for them, is something that they know and appreciate. Kakatouch

I will always be proud of our batch. Proud to be the sole "Out" Dyosa. Proud to be its Secretary General.


Afternoon Thirst

 photo e03e5264-52a2-4d55-ac24-d9ddf8c28201_zps54c0a5a5.jpg

I was in the middle of thinking of a way to solve this particular concern regarding the forms when I suddenly got thirsty. I took my water bottle, which was on top of the most cluttered desk (mine) in our section, and proceeded to get some H two O in the pantry.

I was filling her up when my inattentive eyes met a gaze of someone familiar. He was holding a box of some sort. Of course, since I wasn't really expecting anyone, I helped myself with some of that hydration liquid non-nonchalantly.

When I stepped out of the pantry, curiosity got ahead of me. My head turned left and to my surprise it was prince charming. Charming as always, I thought.

"Oh, diba off mo?", I said, obviously surprised.

"Hindi ah, first day namin, pang-umaga na kami ngayon. Last day ng off namin kahapon.", he replied smiling.

I paused for five seconds and processed the information that I just heard.

Yep! Day Off na ng Group 3. Tapos pang hapon ang Group 1. Kaya tama pang umaga na yung Group 4.

"Ay! Uu nga! Wahahahaha!", I said laughing.

"Kaw talaga...", he replied smiling.

With that I went back to our office. Feeling much less stressed. My afternoon thirst was quench by that short trip to the pantry.