Isiniksik ka na ngunit kulang pa rin!

I squeezed myself slowly as I move further to the back of a tin can called Genesis. My effects hurriedly placed on top of the open shelving as to not inhibit the narrow passage in which other sardines may pass through. Hopefully with every bit of tomato sauce puffed out by the aircon holes.

Our metallic packaging with wheels stopped by Tundol. It was here that "he" joined our sardine trip. He was wearing a bright blue shirt and was really giving a cool vibe. He stood behind Aaron his face nonchalant then raised his arms to hold on to the shelf. He turned his back to face the front and watched the movie on board.

It was during this time that my little sardine pancreas rodeo-ed in my PPE. Still standing mighty in that scenario, I was all smiley face and giving soft giggling sounds; Much to Peter's chagrin. Swerte!, I thought not minding this sardine parody of journey home.

Our status quo of standing with the blue guy facing the front was broken when he turned sideways around Hermosa area. My pancreas went crescendo on the rodeo. You can faintly hear the sound effects of Mario the plumber when he enters a pipe: Kilig kilig kilig! It was only that time that I got to see his features more clearly.

Well, he is fair skinned. Of course it was already evident given his sexy fair-skinned nape. He had his eyes closed while standing on one foot, his weight supported by the bus seat. He looked so angelic. His nose sharply pointing outward. His mouth closed and his brow slightly curved inward. Maybe that was due to the song he's listening that time since he had his earphones stuck to his ear all throughout the ride.

As we approached Layac, our bus decelerated to a stop. He opened his eyes and looked around when he felt that our sardine can was not moving. Shit. He whispered after observing the vehicle line up ahead and went back to his original position.

I smiled to that small activity. I confirmed that he's not a robot after all.

After passing through the bottleneck as we expected, our tin can of a bus went for a stopover. Almost all of the passengers in front step down as well as my angel in bright blue shirt. I tried my best to keep my kilig-much persona at bay before my companions. Before I knew it, the other passengers were embarking the bus. Then the conductor shouting that we are going already. "Teka lang, wala pa si Kuya!" I spoke silently. But not silent enough to be inaudible. "Sinong Kuya?", Peter asked. It was then that my angel in bright blue shirt went in slo-mo while entering.

HOMAYGASH!!! His eyes!!! Those INNOCENT EYES!!! My knees turned to slush. "Ayun oh... hihihi!" I answered Peter's question with my flirty fan-girl voice. He didn't hear me though since he had his earphones on.

Bright Blue Angel positioned back to his original station. The bus then went on his way. He continued to keep his eyes shut while listening to music while I continued dissecting his body.

After what seems like 10,000 rotation of our tin can with wheels, the couple beside me shouted to signal to the driver that they were getting off. As the disembark, I signaled Peter to sit. As I get comfy with my seat, i indulged on my Mr Bright Blue Shirt Angel. He had both his arms extended to the shelves for support. Ooh... Nice Shoulders! I mused to myself.

I took my phone and posted a status on Facebook:
"Ang tanging energy source ko lang sa pagtayo sa bus from Bataan to Pampanga ay si kuyang cutie na nakabright blue shirt na maputi at maamo ang mata. Mahal na kita. I love you! Chowz! ‪#‎BusRideTales‬"

A smile pasted on my face after my little deed. Afterwards, my seatmate exclaimed: "Anung kalandian to?" showing the status that I posted. Hahahahaha was the only thing I can rebut. A few moments later, I began to feel sleepy because of the work earlier. Before I traveled to dreamland, I took a quick fix of my blue angel before clsoing my eyes.

I came to when we are already in San Fernando. I woke up Peter to prepare for the end of our sardine trip. Cutie Bright Blue Angel also stepped down from the bus. I intently watched him as he takes his things from the bus's compartment. I gave him a last galnace before finally focusing on our group's next destination.

While walking towards Mc Donald's, "Kamukha nya si Kuya Jarnie ano?" I absentmindedly exclaimed. The two people with me affirmed.