Once again, the facilities and supplies of our office is being used by a certain central political party. It saddens me because this is not a new issue anymore. I've blogged a number of entries raving about this kind of activity. I was even attacked through text as well as verbally by one of the their supporters if not their member.

Respect. I think that is the word that they should give "us". I wont talk to them directly anymore because they should know that it is improper. This is not their first time to be in a Student Council. They should have the integrity to know that it is unethical and can be considered as small time corruption. But as they say, big or small, it's still corruption.

It would be okay IF our office was comprised of ONLY that party. Dominated yes, completely no. I for one is a member of the party opposite theirs. Along with few other fine specimen. But seeing I'm the only one always present, clearly they are taking advantage.

Having meetings inside our office, talking about internal political affairs, printing of their documents, use of our computers and internet access for these political purpose... I'm the Legal officer of our party but I always rent a computer terminal everytime I write our legal papers and I think they should do the same. I can tolerate their Alumni coming to our office because after all, they were once part of the office but having a political caucus and talking about their future plans inside OUR office really gets my nerves.

Like I said in my previous posts, the Central Student Council should be a neutral ground. No politics should be involve for the betterment of student service. My fight is not in central but in our faculty. My loyalty is in our Local Party, SIKLAB, Samahan ng mga Inhinyerong Kumikilala sa Lakas ng Bawat isa. But being aware to this kind of activities I can never shut myself about it. After all, that office is not mine, but is also not THEIRS.

Sabi nga ng isa sa top brasses nila, "UMAYOS KA!" Now heed your words.