Another person fell victim to Frat initiation in the form of Carl Intia, a student of the University of Makati. He was to join one of the biggest Fraternities in the Philippines, the Alpha Phi Omega. He was found dead in a cliff in Laguna. Well that's what I remember from the news a few days ago.

We already have anti-hazing law but initiation rites like these are still rampant. Even my own Alma Mater the University of Santo Tomas is poisoned by this kind of act but it is underground. you need to have the right connections to even know that such acts exist. I'm happy that I am not tangled in that web of shadows. I'm already covered with the Central political filth.

Anyway, why is it important to undergo these initiation rites anyway? Is this some kind of special baptism that one should first do before being welcomed to the brotherhood? I am at lost here.

To the family and friends of Carl Intia, my deepest condolences. To Carl, may your soul be at peace.