Watch it here first.


Yan ang sinigaw ko after ko panuorin yung video. Bonggang bongga talaga! It was very intimate and very sexy. At kitang kita na they are both very happy when they were doing the shoot.

Sa mga detractors ng pre-nup video nila Ms. Maggie, wala kayong pakialam! Eh sa Dyos at Dyosa sina Ms. Maggie eh! They have the goods so they can flaunt it! inggit lang kayo! kaya kung gusto nyo, gumawa din kayo and shut your pieholes!

To Ms. Maggie and to her soon to be wed husband, Victor, I wish you both all the best. Seeing the video, I feel like you're both very happy, and whatever negative people say about the video, just go on living happy lives.