Because of the near-death suspense of the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween Special last Friday, I am hooked more than ever in the series.

I believe I am border-lining Addiction for the series so I will express my addiction in terms of a TRUTH PAGE here in my blog. Please see the right hand side for the side pages of my blog.

I will try to predict who are the other Members of the A-Team. I will also provide my theories on what are their motives behind doing so.

I will now explain the posting Mechanics for the Page. I will borrow the Red Truth-Blue Truth from the When They Cry Series. But I will make it Yellow Truth because Blue will be hard to see. I will add another type of Statement called the Shady Statements. Here are their Definitions:

Red Truths. These statements will be information that were explicitly shown in the series. They are absolutely true and undeniable. Will be colored accordingly.

Yellow Truths. These statements will be the information that were implied in the series. These are statements believed to be true and are supported by facts shown in the series. They are half-truths and can be disproved by Red Truths. Will be colored accordingly.

Shady Statements. These are Hypothetical statements that attempts to explain some of the mysteries in the show. It is not fact based; it is more like explaining mysteries in the show through guesses. It will be colored gray.

Toby is part of the A-Team.

The hand at the last scene of The Dark A Train does not belong to Paige.
-She was standing behind Noel Khan when the Body bag appeared in the Train.

Toby joined the A-team after Spencer asked Emily to lie to Toby that Spencer is seeing Wren.

I'm so excited for this!!!