One whole day had passed since I found out about his lie.

He lied.


But he still doesn't know that I know that he lied. He cannot deny it anymore. My instincts told me he is, the info I gathered second it, first hand evidences and analysis of events all adds up.

When he denied it, I doubted my ability to feel a person. I doubted my ability to read people's behavior. Hell. I doubted myself.

That's the reason why I felt enraged. He made me doubt myself. He may have not done it purposely but that's the end to his action. I was infuriated as well of the fact that when I thought I made a mistake, I felt guilty. And finding out that he in fact lied to me; that guilt was baseless.

But after spending a few hours wide awake, I thought I am being unfair to him. He probably puts up a brave face but in truth he is scared. He is probably confused too; Probably trying to be cautious of his next move.

 photo Witness-stand_zpsf1b63811.jpg

That's why I think I should give him another chance. After all, he's a person that I loved. No. He is a person I am still in love with. Although this comes with an uncertainty, I don't know if he trust me enough to tell me the truth. Honestly I'm scared too. I will be broken if he lied to me again. But I will be brave. He deserves this chance, and at the very least, I gave him the chance to tell me everything...