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I awoke with Bituin Escalante's voice singing in my ear. Her signature one-hit-wonder song, Kung Ako Nalang Sana, is part of the playlist in my cellphone. I was there at the right side of the bus facing the TV, perfectly comfortable with my 50-degree inclined back rest. My purple hoodie jacket protected me from the cold whiff of the aircon.The bus just passed by Mayon when I came to. Robin Padilla's daughter: on screen. We were nearing Blumentritt so I gave out a yawn then fixed my things. A quick turn by our driver at the corner and we were in the middle of the traffic in front of Chinese General Hospital's facade. Uninterested with the show in the TV, I nonchalantly turned to my right. I was perpendicular to the Emergency driveway of the hospital. It was then that images of my past appeared in front of me.

I was sitting on the caged veranda. He brought food for his sister-in-law and some supplies for his sick mother. I accompanied him that morning in the hospital because his mother was rushed there. He just got back from their Faculty retreat when he heard the news. I got a hold of him the morning after he arrived. I can tell the anxiousness of his texts that's why I offered to come with him.

After introducing me to his mother, I quietly sat down the veranda. I gave them space so they can properly talk since I know that he was very worried. That was the scenario until his sister-in-law came back.

I received a text from my friends asking where I am. They were then assembled at a place, I was instructed to join them. I replied with the situation and was asked to follow after my affair.

He approached me with a smile. His angelic face beaming. His anxious face now gone. He sat beside me and we began talking. I can't exactly remember the minute details of that conversation, but I am quite sure it was about our dreams. We were both teachers. He as a profession; Myself, at heart. We were conversing about how fulfilled we are to be teachers.

A light drizzle showered outside. Despite the cool wind that accompanied the tiny droplets, my heart was warm because I was with him. We were both happy talking. We could talk and talk forever. But eventually I had to leave. His sister-in-law will go home and he will be the one to replace her to take care of his mom. I happily obliged to go home since it is after all a family affair.

He thanked me for the company and walked me toward the exit of the hospital."

How long has it been? From what I can remember year 0 was the year that Harry Potter 7.2 was shown in cinemas. It was the year I forced myself to stand up again. The year I picked up the pieces of myself from the depths of depression. I won't fool myself and say that I already fully moved on. I can say there is always a part of me that is still broken. There are so many unanswered questions that only he can answer.

That broken part of me is only a tiny portion of my heart. I will keep moving on, until the day I finally be able to resolve the broken portion.

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