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Dear Young Blood,

I can never personally say these things to you; that’s why this will be the only avenue where I can freely express that you are special to me. It’s not that I am ashamed to let you and the world know that you are dear to me… It’s just that… things will just be complicated once you know how I feel.

It’s not that I love you or anything. I mean. Duh! You’re like some years my junior. But I do admit that a part of me likes you. The part of me that’s intrigued/curious about your whole being. Curious about your smile that hides an emotional wound; about the strict sense of responsibility; about the level of deepness that someone your age had developed; and about your future endeavors and dreams.

Yes Yes. It was at first, your looks that attracted me to you. You might not be the uber gwapo type of guy but I can vouch that you are a Certified Cutie. Itataya ko Dyosa Powers ko dyan! Then I got to know you more which made me realize that you are not just a pretty face.

There was this time that you did something right in front me. I was shocked then that I froze. I don’t know if you have noticed that. But looking back, apart from the shock factor, I am quite honored that you have high trust in me. I believe only those with enough trust to a Dyosa like me will be able to do that, so thank you…

To tell you the truth, after that, I began paying more attention to you. I noticed that you have nice bum. But your thighs are much bigger proportional to your body size. You have also gained some weight as evidenced by that bump in your solar plexus. I know you are conscious about these but I assure you, your girlfriend won’t mind since she’s with a cutie, with brains to boot.

Finally, I would like to use this chance to thank you for having such high regard about me. I may not always show my intellectual prowess but you are one of the only few people who can see through my happy-go-lucky veil, which I also hold with high regard. I promise not to disappoint you with the next endeavors that I do. You are always part of my thinking process and surely, one of my projects will benefit you. Keep up your good work!