Last December 17, 2014 was the date we celebrated our Refinery's Xmas party. In my mind, it was just another major Refinery program. But I had my rags pulled under me when I realized it was a big thing for everyone.

I was the party's floor director/program manager. I make sure that the programs go smoothly. I advise the hosts if there will be any intermission or if there are changes with regard to the program itself. I was situated left of the stage during the whole program except when I was running to the backstage or shouting near the badminton court for pasaway contestants.

After our Ms. PBR Bebot 2014 was crowned, it's as if a huge weight was lifted from my back.

"TAPOS NAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!", I exclaimed on the top of my lungs beside the stage.

The crowning ceremony signaled the end of my duties as floor director. I immediately went to the backstage and got my things. Before I went home, I mingled a bit with the remaining crowd which consists of mostly engineers plus our VP and some of members of the PBR Ladies Circle. I gave my things a quick shove to a chair and immediately joined the photo-ops.

It was during this time that our VP congratulated me for a job well done. His wife also said the same thing and that she enjoyed the night. Of course I accepted their congratulations very graciously and also gave my thanks before quietly slipping out to go home.

The next morning during pour debriefing session with HR about the event, we received emails congratulating our team for a job well done. In the general, our employees really enjoyed the night and were really grateful to have attended the party. As part of the organizers, one can only be proud and happy that people appreciate what you did. Because that was the exact objective of the program, that is to entertain people and somehow have them forget about the stresses in our workplace.

Two of the most important congratulatory messages came from two people whom I look up to in the Refinery, Tita Bong and Sir Eli V. I guess they are what you call our "seniors", our "predecessors" in the Refinery. It was because of them that people like us are treated equally in the Refinery. That our gender identity is not a question of our technical and creative prowess. That's why I nearly cried when Tita Bong mentioned that he can now retire because he knows the Refinery is in good hands, program-wise.

During our Division Party, when our VP took the mic for his Xmas party address, I was shocked when he first asked everyone to clap for the appreciation of my hardwork during our ONE PBR Xmas Party. There I was sitting in front, since I was also the program manager for the party, scratching my head in embarrassment while everyone was clapping.

To tell you honestly, people are just making take credit for everything when the program itself was a combination of creative juices and sweat-toiled hardwork by HR; I am especially mentioning Anna Marie Eugenio who was the overall in charge of the program.

During the preparation stage, I was in charge of the BEBOT rehearsals from ramp to intermission number. I researched and mixed the songs for it. Given the limited time that we have, we were only able to practice thrice. I also supervised though not consistently, the New Hires Presentation. Actually, I was just making sure if they follow it the choreography. I mixed the songs for the Petron Sessionistas performance. Those performers were so demanding with their pieces! KALOKA!

The other parts of the program were assigned to other HR associates with Ate Venice taking charge of the widely successful Audio Visual Presentation, just to her acknowledge her hardwork. The lynch pin to all of us was Anna Marie who handled everything else.

So please, give that girl the recognition she deserves. SHE EFFING DESERVES IT!