It was a pretty normal school weekday for Steward. He arrived on time for the flag ceremony and placed his bag in line with those of his classmates. The usual flag raising scenario everyday for the past year or so since he transferred to that school. Nothing new really… Except for that new song that they are forced to perform the action while singing. Urgh. But other than that, it was just a typical day in the life of a male high school student.

After a few announcements, classes were allowed to proceed in their respective rooms. Steward’s class occupies the room beside the girl’s comfort room on the second floor of the building nearest the second gate. Hence, they usually the first class to arrive to their classroom.

He sat down on his new seat nonchalantly. Their class had their seats rearranged. He was now seated on the 4th row 2nd seat from the back left of the pair of chairs. Not that it mattered to him. It was just simply a change in scenery from a big white wall to a row of windows. Even his new seatmate is not an issue. A new victim of his jokes and antics. Typical day for Steward indeed.

Or so he thought…

That very typical morning after their Biology class, he noticed his classmates Rene and Edwin were trading notebooks. At that time, he really didn’t give it any second thought. After all, it is normal for classmates to exchange notes. But on that typical day, some unknown power triggered the event that will change Steward’s life forever. This mysterious force caused one of the notebooks being traded to fall to the floor. Its hidden treasure burst from its confinement and rolled near Steward’s seat.

“Ano yan?” he asked curiously.

A long silence followed that inquiry. No words were uttered to answer his question. Just solemn muteness that lasted for about 10 seconds.

After a decade of quiet seconds to temper the waters, one of the boys grabbed the fallen notebook and retrieved the sacred treasure back to its chest. He handed the “treasure chest” to Steward who accepted it. Confused, Steward slowly opened the “chest” to reveal its “treasure”.

A blinding light burst from the opened notebook. Angelic harmony echoing simultaneously with the intense luminosity. There, glowing clamped between the pages of the notebook, is the sacred trade of pubescent males in that high school.

It was a CD. A video CD to be exact. This particular video CD is designed with women looking anguished, their busty bodies noticeably tense. In the middle, a shadowy figure of a laughing man clasping a distraught maven into his monstrous hands. Above these images, a huge caption reads: PROFESSOR PAIN XXX.

It was definitely one eureka moment for Steward. It was a don’t ask, don’t tell kind of thing. A malicious grin appeared on his face. A grin he shared with his classmates Rene and Edwin. [: D]

That typical day in a life of a male high school student was the day that Steward was blessed by the sacred light of the Notebook’s treasure. It was the day that he took the Notebook’s content, accepted it, and molded by it. Needless to say, Professor Pain introduced him to the light of this underground world of pubescent males.

From that moment on, exchanging notebooks was never again the same in the eyes of Steward. Especially, trading notebooks with malicious grins by pubescent males in his high school. Notebooks packed with different treasures for their mutual enjoyment.