It has been less than a year from my transfer from the Magical Personnel Education to the Elemental Atmosphere Section. Our team of brilliant wizards and witches have endured many challenges such as the unexpected deluge of the dark blood of earth in town, subsequent escape of spirits of unbound soil, persistence of olfactory cloud menace, uprising of the canine anthromorphs due to the spread of descentiant firecake in which they claim they were allergic to, among others.I am very much happy of what had transpired with my career as a superbly talented young witch.

Until an image flashed in my mind...

It was a scene of despair. People around were burdened and pained. There were no tears in their eyes but their faces show sadness in its zenith. Though it showed a seemingly organized and managed space, not a single soul dwells in the image. People have no energy. People have no souls. It was an image of utter unhappiness in its perfect form.

I was gasping for air after the vision ended. Cold bullets of sweat firing rapidly on my face. It was a horrible vision. That was caused my innate ability, Fact Flash.

Some people can read other people's minds with ease. Some change their appearance at will. Mine? I see the future. It's not entirely clear, but as soon as I hear a fact, an image will flash in my mind. A scene from the future that will 100% happen if I don't do anything to prevent it. It's not your conventional prophecy like the one being thought in Divination class. I remember our Muggle Studies Professor discussing a somewhat related phenomenon with Muggles, they call it a "hunch". Instead of being shown flashes of the future, they feel a strong belief that something is going to happen.

The fact that I heard that triggered my ability was that an Inquisitor shall be assigned in between our Office's Branch. I shared my vision with my partner and warned her that it is best that we escape from the ministry as soon as this happens. It was a depressing vision. One that will destroy our status quo. One that will eat our souls one by one.