The Bod
Yesterday, when we were preparing to leave the badminton center. Arnie removed his shirt. He sat beside me naked to the waist. I actually saw him topless, when I went to his house to fetch him. But I don't have my glasses on that time. It was really a suprise (and a treat! =D) to see Arnie's chest. It's slowing having shape adding to Arnie's charm. It's becoming more pleasing to the eyes (well for my eyes anyway). Kung babae lang ako! At ako ang Girlfriend ni Arnie! Malamang may anak na kame!"

The Girls
Arnie was busted with his 2 girls. And is finding a way to find a girlfriend fast! His aim before his birthday comes is to have a girlfriend. It is unknown if he would celebrate his birthday because of the family problems that they are having now.

The Grades
I saw his Prelims yesterday, and found out that he's grades is really not that good. I would personally attend to him and make sure that his grades go up.