My current favorite song
I've been listening to "Piano in the dark" by Nina. It's about a girl being fed up, and is trying to leave his boy behind. But when she finally had the courage to "walk out the door", she felt the boy's emotion while "he plays the piano in the dark", which made her think twice about leaving, "just a little more time to love him".

It seems like partly, the song is happening to me. While I was trying to let him be. Now, he's the one showing emotions. He makes I contact, keeps on touching me, keeps communicating with me. Now I'm back again from where I started. I'm confused again. Should I enter the door? or go out?

My Lab Gown
He borrowed my lab gown. I don't know why he did that. His house is pretty close to our school and we have a 2 hr break. Is he making an effort? His smell is still on my lab gown. It made me remember all our happy times. It such a shame that we lost it. Is this reconciliation?