madaya sya, madaya talaga sya. Bakit ganun sya? Sinabi nya yung bagay na yun pero ngayon ganyan yung ginagawa nya. Ganun nya ba ako kakilala at alam nya kung paano ako saktan? Hindi ko nga maisip na kilala nya ako. Hindi ko rin maisip kung bakit naman nya ako sasaktan. Simple lang siguro ang sagot dyan. Wala talaga syang pakialam sa akin. Wala syang alam, wala syang pakialam, at lalong wala syang dinaramdam.

I tried to act cold. Tried to act unfriendly. Tried to be lashful and unkind. But it all just backfired in me. I know I was part of the reason, I am paying the price. I trust him, but this trust is not returned. I tried to lean on him, but his shoulder is not there anymore. I tried to hold his arm, but he took it away. I tried asking for help, but his hands were absent. I tried calling "his" name, but it fell on deaf ears. I tried so hard to imagine he is still here for me, but no matter what I do, his presence has long been extinguished.

Stopping this madness is the key to my survival. As I said in my previos blog, I'll never be another option. I lost him. I just need accept that. All the things he said are just mere memories now, and with the recent words that he said, it atested that he never had any care for me. I forgave him when he asked me before. A single tear was shed in that moment. That moment will never happen again. I'll keep it this time. I'll keep my promise.

Dadee hindi kaw to ha. Wag mu nang isipin. intayin ko text mo mya. Love you so much! =D