A Prayer
Dear God,

I deeply pray for Your blessing. Bless my friend, Jarry André H. Lascano, as he takes his Licensure Examination Tomorrow and on Sunday. Give him peace of mind that he may not be nervous tonight and until after his examinations. Give him the knowledge to answer all the questions in his exam. Give him the courage to believe in himself. I Thank You Lord for these blessings. These I ask in Jesus name, Amen.

St. Thomas Aquinas. Pray for Jarry.

Prayer to St. Athanasius,
Father, You gave us St. Athansius Your bishop, to defend the divinity of Your Son. Grant that we may enjoy his teachings and protection. And grow continually in our knowledge and love of You. Amen.

St. Athanasius. Pray for Jarry.

A Cheer
Naalala ko dati, ang main theme ng projects ni Jarry ay, Thomasian Pride. Now that he is given a chance to be part of those people to give pride the University, isa lang ang masasabi ko!



A Love Song

Baby you'll be famous chase you down until you love me... Pa pa Papa Jarry!

Ay!!! Love song na pala ang paparazzi by Lady Gaga ngayon? whahahha!!!! Goodluck jarjar!