Nakakaloka yung message sakin ng isang partymate ko sa SIKLAB sa Facebook. Isa itong link sa isang blog.

Nakakatuwa na may mga tao palang aware sa Engineering that are able to make a comparison between the two parties and also between the past ESC Executive Boards, pre-SIKLAB and post SIKLAB foundation. To think that they have a strong stand regarding the issue, I am in awe of the words that they posted in their comments.

Personally, akala ko walang kwenta rin yung pinaglalaban ko sa SIKLAB. Kasi yung mismong mga classmates ko, hindi naappreciate yung mga ginagawa ko para sa kanila under SIKLAB. Puro nalang tanong, wala man lang praise at thank you dahil ginagwa ko yung mga yun. But despite that seemingly negative vibe, I still continued serving them in my own way in the Central Student Council and as an officer in SIKLAB party.

Kaya nung nabasa ko yung mga comments ng mga Engineering students dun sa blog, nakakataba ng puso. Kasi may mga nakakakita pala ng effort na ginagawa namin. Yung mga pagbabago na sinimulan namin, yung pagbabago na gusto namin para sa mga Inhinyerong Tomasino. Lalo na nung sinabi ito oh:

"If i’m not mistaken. Mas gumanda ang council nung dumating ang siklab. THE COUNCIL IS SHIT nung wala pa ung Siklab. hindi maganda ung performance ng Council. sana pag mag sasalita ka ayus ayusin mo ha. please. nakaka irita ka eh"

I love you kung sino ko man! You took the words out of my brain! Wihi!

Comment ko: Hindi kasi ako makapagcomment dun sa site eh.

I think that before you boast your accomplishment of being the author of current ESC Constitution, make sure that your accomplishment doesn't have flaws. If I would state all the errors both typographical and content, I'm sure I'll waste bags of time just typing it. How many times did you read it before you passed it to the studentry for a plebiscite? I was around when this was supposedly passed. I didn't sign it because honestly I don't even know what a plebiscite is back then. Surely there is a lapse in that project of yours. Those two persons that you loath are the 2 persons who trusted in me! Read the comments! Those persons defected from their respective parties because they think that something lacks! That is why they formed a BETTER party! With regards to the beauty issue, that is so plastic! Then tell me, why is it that for the 3 terms that SIKLAB is participating in the Local Elections, the opposing party has a female candidate for the presidency? As one of the comments pointed out, our candidate in terms of credentials was more eligible for the position! So don't talk rubbish of the strategy that your party has been using. Since your already graduated, Like I will in a year, stop meddling with the affairs of bonafide Engineering Students, in case you don't know, you're already an alumnus. All you can do is support you party financially and with the training of candidates.