As a Filipino, I think I'm very much compelled to blog about the 1st State of the Nation Address of our incumbernt president. Although, I wasn't able to watch the whole thing, I am able to read the transcript of his speech at

The 1st part of my blog is about the SONA itself. I will be attempting to write my views as objectively as I can without prejudice of the news that I heard after the SONA. To put it simply, this my view regarding the RAW SONA speech.

I would like to compliment P-noy in giving his speech in Filipino. I mean, since he is addressing a nation of having less than 100% literacy rate, it's good that he addressed them in the language that they can understand.

I am very much aware that the 1st SONA of an incumbent president is the eyeopener. This is the chance of the newly elected president to have a tell-all speech in which he/she can openly express the problems that he/she will be inheriting from the previous administration. In P-noy's case, although I am expecting these revelations, I was still stunned when I heard about the misappropriation and misuse of the taxpayer's money.

This is also the chance to brag about what he/she had done in his time as president before the SONA. It is pretty evident that Pnoy is very satisfied in what his Cabinet members had done. I just wish that this is not a so called ningas kugon and still continues in their 6 year reign.

In the opening statements, I just feel like it's the continuation of his campaign material with the Daang matuwid, daang baluktot speeches. I would have appreciated it more if would refrain from stating those words in every speech he will give in the future.

He wants to start the public-private partnerships which I think is a good step. Since we have a large balloon deficit in our budget, the rent-develop-money equation sounds good to me. They rent the place, they develop it, give jobs to the locals and pays tax. It's sounds surreal but I think it's feasible.

I'm disappointed in his call to amend some of the existing laws. I mean, he should have pointed out the flaws and what should be the changes to be done on it. Since he already expressed his intent for its amendment, I assume he already read the said bills and should therefore should have given ample explanation in what changes to be made.

In conclusion, I didn't have the heebeegeebees that I was expecting. Maybe because the speech itself lacks the strong standpoint that should have been there. There were lots of pagpaparinig but that's all there is to it. There were no statements to punish those who had done wrong in the past administration. Just those who are doing red tape activities and tax evaders. But I would have wanted to hear that he will do his best to punish those who had laundered the government funds and used it inappropriately. There's one person in my mind. Clue: she flew to HongKong the night before the SONA. *wink*

In terms of Physics, P-noy's SONA is a vector. I see the direction that he's pointing but unfortunately, the magnitude or the strength of the vector seems very vague and has no corporeal foundation. I wish that in the next SONA, this magnitude is sufficiently filled so as we have an idea how far are we moving forward.