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One thing I know for certain, I need to have a reason for doing things for me to be more determined and passionate of doing it. That's the only way that I can be most productive and most passionate in my work. Finally, after a long time of working blind in the dark, I finally found my illumination.

It never really occurred to me until recently. Probably because I kept focusing on the stresses in my work and disregarding all the small positive things around me. But after I started really taking a portion of my work item seriously, it was then that I was able to see this very positive light.

Yep. He is now my reason to work hard. I will not sit idly by while he faces his challenges alone. I will be his secretary. I will throw in double the effort so everything will work out fine. I will do my best to convince him to stay.

I'm so surprised that what my ka-wavelengths said before came true. But then, I guess, they really know me more in that aspect. Wahahahahahaha!!!

For the first time, I can say I'm happy despite the stresses. Yep and it's all about that illumination.