You are in my dreams again.

We were living under the same roof. I was watching you sleep soundly on your bed. Your torso exposed. Your handsome charm rubbing on me like it's my 1st time seeing you that way. You're like sunshine. Making me warm. My sustenance in this world. You're my forbidden dessert. Delectable but i swore never to indulge on you.

You woke up and saw me watching you. You beamed your pearly whites. My knees turned jelly; i almost melted to slush.

You stood up wearing nothing but boxers and hugged me. No pretentions. It's as if you have always wanted to do that. You closed your eyes and held me closer. Tighter. No other sound than the silent humming of the aircon unit can be heard. And as if on cue, i hugged you back. Eyes welting tears.

You broke the tightness and held me by my waist. You looked deep in my eyes and smiled. My arm still around your nape, i place my head closer to your torso. "I love this man", the fact chorused by my brain and heart. I slide down on of my hand to feel your torso.

I looked up and smiled back at you.

"Kain na ng breakfast", my morning line to you... Just like yesteryears.

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Posted via Blogaway