There are nights when part of me wants to tell you to just own me. Tell me that you need me. Tell me that you want me by your side. It's okay if you have a girlfriend,

I don't intend to be her replacement. I just want you to acknowledge me. To inform me that indeed, you want me to be with you always.

Why do I always feel uneasy everytime we text and talk to each other? It's as if we are cheating with your girlfriend. Is it just me or you feel that too? I never

really understood that feeling. I mean we are just talking right? No feelings attached, just friends talking.

I thought when I gave up on you, I can finally move on with my feelings of love for you. But the passage of time only made my life for you slowly come back to my


I miss you. I love you. Please just tell me you own me and I'm yours.