"Maalala naman kita sa Sumo Sam...", he said smiling. This was after he noticed me watching him with a sad look on my face.

"Ako maalala kita sa lahat...", I replied while looking away as tears formed instantly in my eyes. "...sa password ko, sa painting mo, sa lahat... maalala kita."

And it's true, it's been a week since we decided to go our separate ways. Yes, I am saying WE. It was a decision we both made, though not mutual. He was the first to decide, my decision was only a response to his decision.

I still think about him everyday. I always remember him in times that I don't even expect...

Eating in KFC. It was after our meeting int PSTD at the Meralco Head Office. I just parted ways with my Bom Bom Bora Friends. I was wandering around the mall trying to consciously not think about him. I was bit hungry already since I left home without eating. I decided to eat in KFC. I took my time choosing what I wanted to eat then proceeded to order in the cashier. I got my order and just sat by a corner. I started eating my order and a memory flashed of him eating in front of me. I usually sit opposite him when we eat out. I vividly saw an image of him, eating chicken across me. I remember exactly how he chews. Every up and down motion of his jaw. I know. I have it ingrained in my memory. A phantom image of him was sitting in front of me, enjoying his spicy chicken.

Mochaccino. see my previous post

TA-DAN! It was his catchphrase when he's trying to surprise me. He said it when he gave me a cupcake with blue icing on Feb 15 and the day he gave the painting and the sketch to me as my Xmas gift. I never thought it will remind me of him. I hear it almost everyday inside my mind. As if, he will just come back and surprise me that he's back in my life. TA-DAN!

I'll probably remember more of him in the next weeks. I am slowly but surely returning my life to the point where he didn't enter my life. I have unfriended all the friends he introduced me to and I don't have any plans of communicating with them anymore. I told him that they are only an extension of him, when he's gone, they are gone.

I am not that devastated because I have survived abandonment far graver than this. But that doesn't mean this did not get to me. I'm surviving everyday because on the day that he left, another person came back to me. But that's for another story.