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Lately, everytime I order 7-Eleven's Mochaccino in their City Blends, I'm reminded of the person who introduced me to it...

It was the first time that he dropped me off in my house using their car and he's the driver.  photo P_20170323_001940_BF_zpsimjfeinp.jpgWe just watched the new Power Rangers Movie earlier then. We then ate at the Beanery. We were its last customers for the day. We each enjoyed a healthy helping of each other's order of pasta. After a quick refill from our suking gas station, we were off to Limay so he can take me home. It was just a short ride since it was already around 12 midnight. We were talking of getting coffee in Limay at 7-Eleven. I used to only drink Americano from their coffee line. I haven't tried the other varieties.

He parked beside the nearby college of that particular 7-Eleven branch. We went out of the car and went straight to the store. The Coffee machine was just by the entrance. He asked me if what I wanted to drink. I mentioned that I didn't want to drink coffee anymore since it's already past midnight. Have you tried their Mochaccino?, he asked. I replied that I haven't tried it yet. "What size?", he asked with a grin. Hmmmp. "Ikaw, kung ano nalang ung sayo." Afterwards, he let out a grin and retorted, "Large sayo, Medium saken." laughing.

He paid for the drinks at the counter then he handed over my drink. When I first took a sip, I liked it. It's this good mixture of coffee and chocolate. It reminded me of the makeshift mocha drink that used to have when I was still in Convergys. We talked a some more until we finished our dirnks. By 1 AM, he brought me home and we said our usual goodbyes.

Right now, I'm figuring out if I really loved the drink on its own or I loved it because he was the one who introduced me to it. I always find myself pushing the 16 oz button of the Mochaccino everytime I'm in 7-Eleven. So maybe, I do love it after all.