I was called earlier to meet with certain figures. I was dumbfounded to find out that it was about selected posts here in my blog. I have taken the liberty of "unposting" some of these blog entries as for their request.

This is not bravado. This is really what I really feel. I am deeply sorry to those who have felt violated in some posts here in my blog. I had no intention of violating your privacy by putting information here in my blog regarding your personal lives. But I stand by every word that I write here in my blog. I am responsible for it and if it will be used against someone or a group, I volunteer myself to testify against or for that blog entry.

But 1st, there must be some things that must be pointed out. I am not responsible why those newbies have a negative impression of you. My blog entry is not to be the blame for it. I know the reason for that unfriendly aura, and its gazillion miles away from my blog entry. Ask them yourself and be enlightened. nRT/V = ?