This issue is very urgent and should be given a priority.

It seems there is a fuzz going about regarding the extension of the ChES election. Well too bad for them, this kind petition is not only impractical but also illegal. Hello???? The Results are out already which only means the poll has ended. If indeed there was a plan to extend the said election, the results would have not been revealed.

It is impractical because there is a need to prepare all the required paperworks to extend the use of the Computer Lab which is quite bothersome. Also, since the ChESelect Chairperson is a graduating student, this is yet again another load for the 5th year student.

This is illegal because there has never been an election that has been extended. If it were, then every election will have a 100% voter turn out. The whole point of deciding on a pre-scheduled date for the election so that the electorate will be prepared to vote on that day. It is not the ChESelect's fault if the electorate failed to exercise their right to vote on the date prescribed. Mind you, if this election will be extended, it's a first for the whole universe!

My request to those seeking the poll extension, please stop this nonsense crusade. It is simply stupid and down right absurd. The only thing that you can petition now is a recount. But I think, that would not be necessary because we were, after all, the first to adopt the online elections as your Adviser would boast. Just accept the fact that the statistics are 6-6 and that is that. EVERY VOTE COUNTS! A cliché election statement, but as you clearly see now, it is very much true. Finally, let us not tarnish the profile that the Chemical Engineering Students in the University. Let me tell you this, being feeble-minded is not part of that profile.

My message to those who weren't able to vote. Learn from your mistakes and vote early next time. Also, If you were very eager to vote, even if opportunity did not permit you to vote as a class you will still find a way to exercise your right to vote. For instance, during the Local Student Council Election, I voted first before taking an exam. In the end, i was the only one who voted in our class.

Honestly, I'm finding it hard to restrain myself but this is I want to make clear. I think that this election protest regarding the issue that a certain section was not able to vote is politically motivated. So please stop with this ploy and let us continue on with our lives. There will be another election next year. Be sure then that you vote.