Ironic... Full of Iron (II) oxide...

It's very evident that after 5 years of being in the same school together, you don't really know me. I tried to salvage this friendship from the rusty encounters that it came across, but hard as I might, I can never do this alone. I tried to set aside our differences, set aside all the faults, remember the things that I learned throughout this 5 year journey, but with those few words that you spoke... It is very evident... Crystal Clear Evident.

You don't know me, so don't act like you do! Don't ever tell me what I like to do! I am not who you think I am!

I was genuinely happy for you. I was neither hurt nor bitter. But what you said is the one that hurt me. I feel like I was betrayed once again. Once more... by you...

I hope this is the end. For I will never ever speak to you again after this summer. After all the things that are needed to be done are all finished.