This blog contains my strong views regarding the recent ChES Elections. I have shared my views on levels of political, personal, and legal. I have no intention to apologize to anyone because what I write here are my PERSONAL views. If you have any comments about what I wrote, approach me personally. I divided my post into keywords so that you'll know exactly what you will read in the next paragraph.

As you know, I'm one of the active student-leader/student-politician (whatever!) in our Faculty. Although I have never ever ran in an electoral race to any of the positions in organizations or councils that I am part of, I am one of the brains behind some projects of the Central Student Council, as well as some of the Local elections that we have in our Faculty.

During the course of my stay in the University, I was entrusted with the position of Thomasian Project 4 Committee Director by the former CSC President Mr. Reyner Villaseñor. That same year, I help found the local party, SIKLAB - Samahan ng Inhinyerong Kumikilala sa Lakas ng Bawat isa as its founding Legal Officer. I was also appointed as Vice-chair for Creative Services Committee. the following years I kept my positions in CSC and SIKLAB, while in ChES, I held different positions every year.

my UST political history
When I was a freshie, I was overwhelmed with the elections that were held in our faculty. One was for LSC and CSC, the other was for ChES. As a neophyte in that kind of event, I vote for random names in the LSC and CSC election. And I voted straight for CIRCLE that year. The following year, I was a bit more aware of things because I knew those who ran in the CSC elections under AKLAS and Ate Mel who ran in the ESC as Vice President under Lakas ng Inhinyerong Tomasino. If I'm not mistaken, this was also the year when SHIFT was born. I should know, this is the first time that CIRCLE had a rival after not having an opponent the year before. I also remember that this is the year that Allan ran as Auditor under SHIFT. Unfortunately for SHIFT that time, I was easily blinded by CIRCLE's projects and their candidates' credentials. CIRCLE won the elections leaving SHIFT with two positions in the form of Kuya AC, IVP and Allan, Auditor. Third year, SIKLAB was founded, I was supposed to run as External Vice President of the ESC but A-Dean did not certify my good moral because of my dyed hair. This is the time that I became more aware of the problems in our University, Faculty, and Department. Political problems. I was exposed to the harsh reality that even though we see nothing, doesn't mean nothing's happening. I saw with my very own eyes how dirty the politics in the Central level is. I cannot believe that such kind of evil exists in the walls of our University. But it's the truth, politics is around in the University especially, bad politics. SIKLAB won in 7-2 stats vs the then Independent Party RESPECT in the LSC elections. The CSC was dominated by LAKAS spearheaded by Angelo Cachero. In ChES, it was CIRCLE vs SHIFT again. This time, I had a change of heart because by this time, I already know the menace that we have in the organization. Clue: it's a person and it's not a student. anyway, I voted straight SHIFT, but again, CIRCLE won leaving (again) two positions to SHIFT again Allan (JVP) and Rona (Auditor). The following year, SIKLAB suffered a 3-6 loss in the ESC elections and AKLAS had no line up. This year, I was the campaign manager of SHIFT, I help train them with their speeches and gimik. But after the election, our flag bearer Allan Carasco did not win, CIRCLE once more dominating the polls leaving 3 positions to SHIFT: Rona (JVP), Chuchi (PRO), Lester (Auditor). I felt sad when Allan and Joeward fell short in the election. I was rooting for the both of them one: because Allan grew up in ChES; two: I know Joeward really wanted the job. This year also, SHIFT became the official ChE affiliate of SIKLAB. Now for this year, We welcome ALCHEMY - the Alliance of Chemical Engineering Youth. The name came from one of the past chairs of SIKLAB, Cyrus. We have been conceptualizing this and now here it is. ALCHEMY is now our ChE baby.

OK so after a very long introduction of my political history let's go politicking shall we?

change of heart
If you have read the paragraph above, you will surely know that I was a CIRCLE supporter from the first two years of my college life. Well, I was easily manipulated and easily blinded by high credentials. It is also good to note that they have concrete plans as shown in their flyers. On the other hand, SHIFT during our second year seems lost, primarily because I think that they were on their own and was forced to fight without any sense of direction. But of course, let us not forget that CIRCLE has help. I noticed this finally when I was in third year. I don't know with Allan, why he switched sides (I remember Allan to be the Campaign Manager of CIRCLE when we were in 1st year), but as for me, I knew the problem, and I need to make a stand.

Legality, bias
I have nothing against the Chairperson of this year's ChESelect and its Commissioners. To tell you the truth, I admire the Chairperson, and I am very much happy that he was chosen. Ain't no one better! The following statements are observations that I made and I'm sure that you will agree.

According to the ChES Constitution Article VII, Section 3 the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the ChES Comelec is to be appointed by the Adviser. If you are going to ask around, it seems the proper appointing persons were not the one who appointed the Chairperson. Well, it's not the Chairperson's fault. Yet, this is a question of legality.
For the sake of argument, let us say that this question of legality is not valid, we move on to a next issue. What does the word bias mean? From, when used as a verb, it means a particular tendency or inclination, esp. one that prevents unprejudiced consideration of a question prejudice. One should not use such word to accuse anyone when obviously one is guilty of being such. Accusing one of the Commissioners to be bias and telling the Chairperson to refrain from choosing such Commissioners is a refutable remark.
  • 1st, this person has no control over the ChESelect because it is stated in the ChES Consti Article VII Section 4, that the ChESelect is an independent body. So even if the Chairperson was appointed by the ChES Adviser, they have no direct control over the body.
  • 2nd, those who have no authority should not be meddling in such affairs, e.g. ex-Advisers.
  • 3rd, prove that the Commissioner in question is really bias. Show proof of such email that was sent to the Commissioner as basis of your complaint. If you fail to do such, your words are nothing but heresy.

Like pointed out earlier, the adviser of a political party has no authority over the ChESelect so any activity of the commission like the tarpaulin is not required. That is unless there is a transfer of power that I don't know about since of one of the Advisers filed for leave. No Authority. Period.

I am very dismayed that political filth has polluted the ChE domain. As the last remaining active founding member of the SIKLAB Advisory Council, I am very disheartened that seeds of bad politics sprouted inside the Diamond mine. We in SIKLAB crusades for a clean and better elections in Engineering. You can see that phrase in every legal papers that I signed and passed to the Engineering Comelec. And as a ChE student myself, I was dumb-founded when I found out that evil had entered the door.

Political strategies employed by parties in the department (certainly not ALCHEMY), is obviously the fruit of the evil seed. Describing yourself opposite of that of your opponent for me is simply a sign of insecurity. What is a campaign? A campaign is an operation or series of operations energetically pursued to accomplish a purpose. Well, if your purpose is to discredit your opponent, then you are doing the right thing. But as for us, our purpose for campaigning is to highlight the assets of each of the candidates and hopefully improve on the flaws of each. I'm imbuing them with the fire of passion that we have in SIKLAB.

Pulitika gusto nyo? Magaling ako dyan! Eto comment ko sa inyo!
  • I'm not a model pala ah? May Belo at Calayan para sayo para maging model ka. Tanga nalang din yung nabilib sayo dahil obvious naman na siniraan mo yung kalaban mo.
  • Kahit anu pang paninira nyo kay Rona Pasco mas angat pa rin siya sa inyo!
  • There is no such thing as independent candidate. Sinabi ko ito sa SHIFT nung Campaign Manager nila ako. I know that the independent candidate was a political ploy. Tanga nalang yung naniwala na Independent sya. Independent and CIRCLE pareho ng campaign manager? dun palang sure na sure na ko!
  • If Integrity is the I in CIRCLE, I am wondering where it is right now! If you call candidates campaigning for the purpose of discrediting their opponents to have INTEGRITY, SHIT! Every Presidential Candidate in the coming National Elections have INTEGRITY! Also, ACADEMIC COMPETENCE, does not equate to LEADERSHIP COMPETENCE be sure to know the difference between the two.

Circle is a symbol of continuous cycle. Therefore, it also the symbol of stagnancy. Stagnancy because everything is simply repeated, iterated. There's nothing new just the same old ways on how to manage an organization. I believe that change is something that we should not be afraid of. We should embrace it.

I will be making my next post after the exam entitled, Call for Change