Wow! I know we are bound to meet sooner or later but I can't believe that we met this soon. It was after I bought ingredients in Robinson's supermarket Tutuban. I went to the department store section which is on the 2nd floor. I disembarked from the elevator and went straight to the kitchen utensils section because I was checking to look at again the grater that the attendant showed me a few days ago. As I approached the customer service counter which is beside the kitchen utensil section, I joked that what if I suddenly saw him there.

A sudden twist of fate occurred and VOILA! he is walking towards me from the Customer Service desk. My mind raced. I didn't knew what I would do. But he smiled and held out a wave. I instinctively did the same thing. He pointed to my right and it seems he has a companion, I nodded and we cross paths.

AWKWARD. There's no more word to describe it. He is my estranged friend after all.