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Kamusta lovelife?

That's probably the most common question I hear when catching up with friends in the metro. I usually reply with the generic: Wala. Zero.

But with friends in Bataan, the usual question is, Kamusta na kayo ni Prince Charming?

To put it bluntly, I moved on. Yes there was this silver lining, for moment, that I saw with him. But I have already accepted the reality that my supposed "Prince Charming" is not the Prince for me.

Next question pops up. Ganun ka kabilis mag-move on?

I can't just move on in just a snap but I guess for this instance, the process was swift. Probably because I didn't put much emotional investment on this. It was from the start, a game of cat and mouse. There were too many loose ends cloaked in denials and lies. It was apparent that it was simply an opportunity but unfeasible from the start.

I made a mistake before when I fell in love with a coward and a fraud who treated me like a piece of trash after he was done with me. Along with that came my broken heart and shattered dreams. I dreamed that we can be a team. I dreamed that we can fulfill a common endeavor. But he left me. Without a clear explanation why and what happened. He just threw me out of his life. And I was left alone to gather the pieces of me and the dream that I made for the two of us.

It's funny that I once mentioned that I would work in my current company and finance his Masters in my Alma Mater. Though that time I was still working in a different company. And look where I am now, working in this company that I never thought will accept me, and look where he is, I think still being that closetted sexual predator. If this story intrigues you, I suggest you read The Angel of Torment series. You can read all about it there.

Anyhoo, back to the real topic. I guess, this didn't shatter me enough to make it a big deal. Like they say, what doesn't kill you make you stronger. Yep. I'm stronger alright.