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I was very lucky to get a copy of this film. Honestly, I never expected it to be that good. I will not delve in the technical aspects of the film since that is really not my cup of tea. But I'd rather share the feeling that I had after watching it.

The real reason why the film drew me at first is because Harry Shum Jr. was part of it. Seeing the alternative poster where Shum and the lead actor, Booboo Stewart of twilight fame, was sitting on the grass at a cemetery made me wonder what type of movie the film was. We all know Shum as one of the male dancers of the hit show, Glee. So I was really curious on what his role really is in the film.

But upon my closer inspection, I realized that it was not Shum in the poster with Stewart but Gregg Sulkin, whom I know and love as Wesley Fitzgerald from Pretty Little Liars, making me all the more curious.

I was very touched by the film. Probably because it hit a few buttons on me. Just like Nick (Stewart), I was pretty close when I was a kid with my big brother. Though in Nick's case, his brother Chaz (Shum) died. Nick actually has Asperger's which is a form of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Basically, Nick just lacks the social skills and non-verbal communication skills.

Nick felt lost when his big brother died. His identity was simply his Chaz's little brother. He was contented with the idea that he was his brother's confidant and that he knows him well. But throughout the film, he learned that there are things that he didn't know about his brother. That he gambles and helps kids in a shelter.

Probably, the biggest shocker for me is that when Nick and I found out that Chaz was gay. He was in love with his friend Randy (Sulkin). Gosh! When I saw the photobooth picture and the one where Randy was kissing Chaz on the cheek. It was a bombshell on me!

In the end, when Nick got to know his dead brother more, and began to accept him for who he is, I believe he found himself, and also the courage to be himself. It's funny that he started to find out more about his brother but he ended finding out more about himself. He gained the trust of his brother's best friends and made himself an identity without a need for one to determine it.

One more button that the movie touched is that just like Randy, I also have straight friends who love and trust me. It is something that I won't exchange for anything.

Oh did I mention one more eye candy? Tyler Posey, the lead of the series, Teen Wolf is also in the film. Yummy!