They have found their target.

Immediately they commenced their operation. The pair went in separate ways. Although they have the same mission, they have different methods of doing it.

The first one made his move and managed to get the target's attention. His mission: to distract the target; It was a success. Of course, since the target is already aware of his presence, he needs to be more careful. Good thing, his target went out of the room. Must be because his mission was a smashing success, and he was able to not only distract the target but also make it leave its station. The agent thought he could rest since the target was gone and proceeded to lay on the target's workstation.

A little time later, the target went back to it's workstation and spotted the intruder just laying there. With the element of surprise in its favor, it grabbed the item nearest it and with much confidence struck the intruder.


The target set aside his makeshift weapon and looked at the intruder's lifeless body. No remorse whatsoever was felt. It looked at the corpse and grinned...

The second agent watched in horror as the target disposed of her comrade's cadaver. The body was carried using the same weapon that was used to remove his partner's ability to breathe. It was thrown away in a gray pit with revolving ceiling. Fear immediately enveloped her. She's next she thought. Should she get out there? She will die if she didn't, she thought.

Going back to its workstation, the target spotted yet another intruder in its sacred sanctum. With stealth it approached the second intruder and wondered, Why is it not moving? Slowly but surely, it approached its workstation. Anyway, whatever the reason is, it's an intruder in my space. Once again, the target grabbed its makeshift weapon. The element of surprise really favoring its fortune. One more step and one hand in the air...


The sound reverberated like the action had a greater force than the previous one. Sure enough, the target saw the proof that indeed its second strike was stronger than its first. On the wall, the crushed corpse of the second intruder adhered. The blood from the intruder painted the wall with scarlet droplets. The target grinned once more, seemingly at the sight of gore in its sacred sanctum. It's grin grew wider. Wider. Wider. Showed teeth that reflected its delight.

The second corpse was retrieved. Just like what it did to the first cadaver, it was thrown in the gray pit with revolving roof. The target released a maniacal laugh after having its two kills for the day.


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John Fly and Jane Fly
DOD: July 31, 2013
COD: Slammed by stack of papers