I clearly remember this awkward moment (well... for me at least...) during the Thomasian Welcome Walk 2009...

The event, which was spearheaded by the UST Central Student Council, came to an end in smashing success. It was a very tiring day for the officers and the staff having to endure a planning session in the morning, then do each of our assigned duties for the event that started early afternoon and lasted early evening. Committee heads like yours truly have dual assignments, as I am the head of the First Aid Booth as well as a runner for one of the OSA (Office for Student Affairs) staff.

I came back to the office to get a whiff of cold air to freshen up. All the running plus the hot temperature of the afternoon opened up all the sweat glands in my body. Not to mention, uber tired for the same reasons.

I sat down on our desk (actually, the Office of the Auditor's desk) with a big thud. The aircon doing its job of relieving the hot stresses of the day's event. After getting comfy for a bit, I decided to go the restroom to wash up the grime even for just the face and arms.

During our time, the 2nd floor restroom of the Tan Yan Kee Student Center is for the exclusive use of the OSA Staff, VIPs, and the Student Leaders whose offices are located on the floor which are CSC and SOCC. CSC 08-09 provided a special keyholder for the key the restroom which was inherited by CSC 09-10. The restroom key was inside a key ring that is attached to a big wooden key figure.

I took the ginormous key of comfort and proceeded to the restroom. Cloud nine feelings of contentment envelop me as the cool water slowly cleanses my skin. I bought a facial cleanser for the sole purpose of washing up after the end of the day. I learned this lesson during the last CSC event that clean up is a must after every event and bring your own cleaning agents. I generously used both the cleanser and the cool water to satisfy my end of event wash up routine.

When I came back to the office, a handful of staff and officers were already there. Everyone cheered congratulations to each other for a very successful event. Of course, though there is an air of happiness, it is tainted by the desire to freshen up from the tiring activity. We found leftover shirts from last year's Paskuhan. After getting consent from the officers to use it, I took one that is my size and returned to the restroom to change.

Of course since I'm a Dyosa, I went straight to the cubicle to change upon entering the rest room. Two other male staff came in the restroom while I was changing. It didn't took a light year for me to change so I got out of the cubicle fast. They were having a conversation while I came out. I smiled at them went straight to lavatory and fixed my hair with the water. When I looked in the mirror...

there it was... A slow mo awkward moment...

The two male staff slowly (well in my mind since its a slow mo moment) lifted their shirts to their heads. Revealing their boyish non toned slim physiques. During this time, my faux jaw that is invisible to others dropped to the floor of course in slow mo fashion as well. They revealed a smile after removing their shirts and continued their conversation while I just stood their in silence trying not to freak out while in between two half naked guys. Both of them are not really gwapo, but one is really appealing sexually, while the other one has really a charming smile.

One of them asked me if I had a soap, I pointed to the available hand soap, trying to act cool amidst the confusion with the situation. After tossing my hair just a bit more, I decided to leave, but not before I had a final look at the fine reward that was given to me for a job well done.