The year 2013 is a fairly good year for me. I had no major setbacks in my life. No biggie. Just a few somethin somethin from work of which I have no control over.

I am putting this into writing to symbolize that I am letting go of the bitterness of this particular event. Though I am letting go, doesn't mean I will not base my future decisions on this "trivial" matter. This particular scenario, in my opinion, showcases the weakness of our section. But let's not spoil the fun. You be the judge after I explained my side.

I never actually thought that I will be praised for the 1st one since it is just a simple transition effect using powerpoint. After being praised for the 1st teaser that I made, I rev'd up my gears for more creative teasers for the major event that was assigned to me. I spent a non-OT paid weekend to conceptualize an effective campaign for my teasers. I even downloaded related items from the internet during the same weekend so that come Monday I will start working on my concepts.

After two full working days, I finally finished the 2nd teaser. Friends, I present to you the unreleased 2nd teaser for the 17th CIP Season:

I really felt good after I finished the material. I know for a fact that it was fresh and it was never done before. With pride, I presented it to my co-workers in the office and of course to my supervisor and received positive feedback. That is why it came as a big shocker when it went for final judging, it was ultimately scrapped.

The reason? It's NOT CORPORATE.

I slaved for 2 days. I even conceptualized unpaid. Yet, it was all scrapped because the material was NOT CORPORATE.

FUCK right?

I was on brink of a tantrum that day. Good thing friends and people from other sections were very supportive. Without consent, I sent my work to selected people in the company to get their view. I got positive responses as well. No surprise there.

It was then I realized that I will never be able to show my true potential in my work. Call me an onion skinned bitch but that is true. You cannot present an out-of-the-box idea to someone that is already close-minded to accept the idea and expect a positive result. I've read somewhere that free-spirits or those in the creative business don't work well in box, three dimensional prison called Corporate world.

Hence, starting that day, I never placed my whole creative output for each of the things that I design since it was a well thought of material for me. I used the Minions' popularity because my intended audience were the new hires and was clearly set to create awareness. Then they had the nerve to say that my campaign was not effective since no one is aware of it.

Duh! Yeah, because I made less than worthy of my talent materials after.

That particular scenario really did a blow on my confidence (ok yeah, my ego too!). It was something that I made with all my creative talents yet was deemed unworthy to be released by simply not being corporate. If I remember correctly, I had comments like the other managers will not appreciate it, etc. My point is, they were not the intended audience anyway. They already know the project, why entice them?

One thing I can assure you. I'm not Kiss Ass.