Engr. Winston R. Wang and Engr. Rudi U. Dimayacyac

I arrived at the Medicine Auditorium during Engr. Rudi Dimayacyac's talk. I found it very informative. Although I must admit that I didn't see myself at all in any of the things that he explained which is the prime reason that I asked that question (read below). I was actually sleepy during the event. This is because I had my PE earlier and I slept for only 3 hrs before that. Good thing we had great speakers and I didn't fell asleep. Oh, Engr. Rudi Dimayacyac is based in Beijing, China and he works in Procter and Gamble in that country.

It was then Engr. Winston Wang's turn for his talk. He shared a brief discussion to what a Chemical Engineering student should have. I'm happy to say that I have leadership skills as Engr. Wang stressed. Although I was never an office rof any recognized organization, my leadership skills are if not better are at par with those in position. Engr. Wang works in Shell at the Panadacan Industrial zone.

Of course there was the open forum where the students were allowed to ask questions to the speaker. As usual, I am one of those who were "compelled" to ask a question. But this time, i was not compelled, I really want to ask a question. In this case, questions. I asked a question for each speaker. But 1st I introduced myself.

"Good morning Sirs, I am Wilbert de Guzman, one of the pride of 5ChE-A"

I don't know why but the crowd started clapping. 1st, I want to explain why my introduction is like that. I always introduce myself like that. When I join contests I always say that. But this time around this is not a contest. But I consider everyone in our section as a pride. Hence, I said one of the pride, because all of the members of 5ChE-A is a pride of our class.

1st, I asked Engr. Dimayacyac:
"I'm actually one of the few student-leaders who works outside of ChES, as early as now my skills are more in speaking and writing, what would be the most suitable work for me if I were to wark in a corporate setting?"

He said that having those skills in job applications will not merit an advantage but if I was hired, it will become a very good advantage in the workplace and will go along the way in my work.

finally, I asked Engr. Wang:
"I'm a Manileño whose aware of the issues that the Pandacan is facing today. What is your stand in the issue, and why do you think are the people against the oil depots?"

I love what Engr. Wang answered to my question. We had concurrence of ideas. I feel like I hit the bulls eye when he nodded his headed in approval when I answered his question back.

I don't regret going there at all, and I wish next time I will be the one giving the orientation. Hihi! =D