I think I'm clinically depressed! My body doesn't function as it should be. Masyado pa ring maraming excess baggage. Need to relax more! Pero I don;t have the luxury to do that because I so have many functions to attend to. All I ask is a little help. Mahirap bang ibigay yun?

Wilberchie's Checklist to stand up
  • Buy Ruler
  • Buy index card container
  • Finish TP4 affairs
  • Finish Thesis
  • Finish Grievnace Affairs
  • Study for quizzes
  • Do Homework
  • Finish Pre-lab discussion presentation
  • Finish Postlab

Yan muna for now. Basta! Kelangan bumangon! Bawal maging depressed! Kaya mo yan Wilberchie!!! Kaya yan!!! Dapat kayanin yan!

Wilberchie - Fighthing! -