Message to sakin ng anak kong si Larissa. Naiyak ako... grabeh!

ito pinasa ko sa nstp ko..
your an inspiration..
and your my inspiration..

question: Do you know other Thomasians worth emulating?What qualities do they possess that makes them worthy thomasians?


i have a friend whom i consider as a role model.

He's Wilbert De Guzman. He is an admitted gay but not the type of gay that is flirty and bitchy. he's the conservative type. he is inline with the Central Student Council. Not only with the Central but also in our own org. the Chemical Engineering Society and other organizations. He is a graduating student.

Despite of his busy schedule, he sees to it that he checks on us "her anaks" like a real mother does. whoever can see a person as compassionate, competent and committed person as he is.

Competent, imagine, he is a fifth year student but still, he can manage to do his tasks properly and knowledgebly or wisely. He is good in debates and he uses it in proteting student's rights.

Committed, whenever he sets his mind on something, he does it even if the world is against him. he is commited in serving other people like what a real thomasian is, a true server.

Compassionate, he is a loving nany to us. as much as possible, he wants to help us specially when it comes to our acads. whenever we have a certain difficulty, he is always there to help.

I love my Nanay Wil and HE REALLY IS A WORTHY THOMASIAN! :)

yun nah!