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It's already been a month since the controversial airing of the pilot of my new addiction, My Husband's Lover. It's also been weeks after the CBCP gave a "reminder" about the show's sensitive theme. Only to be, sorry there is no word for it, masupalpal with GMA's statement about the show.

“GMA Network welcomes the scrutiny of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) of our primetime program ‘My Husband’s Lover’. We believe that our program while tackling sensitive real-life situations is produced with utmost prudence and in good taste. The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board or MTRCB has given the program an SPG (Strong Parental Guidance) rating and GMA is committed to comply with all its standards.

We would like to thank all the viewers of ‘My Husband’s Lover’ for supporting our program not just by watching it but via intelligent discussions and comments in all forms of media. The Kapuso Network is pleased with the high ratings that ‘My Husband’s Lover’ has achieved in its first two weeks and would like to assure the Filipino audience that we will continue to produce relevant and entertaining programs.” - GMA Network

I think this is just a battle Open-minded people vs close-minded people. I really don't get what their concern is with the show. There always this concern about the youth with the likes of CBCP. Honestly, I really don't know why they are concerned. Here's my comment to this guy. He commented in Jessica Zafra's article in and he, just like the CBCP, is concerned about the youth having Gender Confusion. I was trying to comment but kept receiving error messages. So here is my reply to him.

Let's chop it too.

1st issue: Taga Tondo ako so I guess kahit hindi ko personally nakita yung mga taga-riles sa Blumentritt at eskinita sa QC, I have credibility to say I know this people with "given socio economic status". Question. Pag mahirap, bobo agad? this is what "given their socio economic status" implies right? These people are parents too. You don't need a college diploma to explain to your kids what the show is trying to impart. Also, the rating SPG does not mean your kids can't watch it and the parents should turn of the TV when it is rated SPG. STRIKTONG PATNUBAY NG MAGULANG means the parents should be their with the kids while their watching it so as to avoid confusion and the parents can explain the matter to them at real time. Let the parents do their job as parents, at least give them that chance.

2nd issue: We have confusion. Then realization. Then conclusion. That's how people learn. Try remembering your first math class. Nuff said.

3rd issue: Let the kids decide if they want to watch it. Then stick to the SPG rating with the parents watching it with them. Matalino pala ang mga bata ngayon eh. Let them use their brains and think about the show's message. She's right you know. We start as gay kids and grow up as gay men. Gay Professional Men who contribute well to the society. Also, hindi ka magiging bakla pag nanuod ka ng My Husband's Lover. Bakit magkakaron ng confusion ang mga bata just from watching the show? Baka naman what your trying to say is baka makarelate sila? Di kaya?

I will iterate...


The show is a reflection of what is happening to the society. The show depicts real life that everything is believable. Also, in terms of execution, tt is the prime example that you don't need flesh exposure or kissing scenes between two males to make the show appealing to the gay milieu. The simple scenes that we can relate to and the kilig moments are enough to keep us hooked.

That is why I don't see anything wrong with the show. It is done in good taste and well applies to the masses curious buds.