This passed week during lunch time at work, I had sudden inspiration to write short poems. Here they are:

 photo earth20rotating_zps19d2b708.gifGulong
Umusad ang mundong nakapako
muling nabuhay ang puso't dugo
Pagnaghoy sa sinta unti unting nililimot
Bumabangong muli sa mundong umiikot

 photo envelope_zpsf10d43e6.gifEnvelope
A container holds the most important of things
maybe white, brown, just a single sheet
But when feelings are the ones kept within
Sealed not by adhesive but tears

 photo stock-photo-paper-boat-floating-on-water-in-a-dreamy-weather-3204918_zps145e32a5.jpgmotion heading outward. Away.
Without word of mouth to say.
Like a lily slowly drifting with its leaves
afar in the horizon. Vanishing from perspective.

My most favorite of the three is the last one, Fleeting. It's a depiction of my love for Prince Charming. I know it's still there but it is slowly dissipates and will soon vanish, just like the lily that is being washed away by the river. Some things are just left with time to wash it away.