It ended with a loud smashing sound akin to glass being hit by a solid by not so stiff object. Both JC and I were surprised by that big thud of a sound probably because we were focusing on our own tasks at hand. It lay there on top of the glass canopy having a seizure. It was the result of Ate Nympa's quick and mighty slap using things closest to her free hand.

I flicked the almost-dead creature away from Ate Nympa's table and it plummeted near our steel cabinet. "Buhay pa yan", I heard Ate Nympa mentioned. Out of curiosity, I stood up too so I can see the creature more clearly. It's still having it seizure and was obviously still alive.

A quick spray of the Alcohol in a bottle to put it out of it's misery. One more spray just to make sure. Evil laughter erupted at the murder scene.

Since the murder made a mess in our office, I took a scratch paper and covered the creature's cadaver. It absorbed the alcohol mess around the scene. And to end it once and for all, I stepped on the foul creature's remains. ***SPLAT!***

I took the paper with the squished remains, crumpled it, and threw it in the waste basket...

...with a smile... Hihi!

Murder scene cleared.

Mr. Malaking Langaw
DOD: July 19, 2013
COD: Drowned in Isopropyl Alcohol
Hobbies: Irritate the IMS Engineers by buzzing around the office non-stop