I was browsing my friends' blogsites when I stumbled this entry of Joeward about CONASS. Honestly, JOeward is one of those people that I would think of writing about it. Well, I know Joey is more of the F's of life. Fun, Fashion, and Fierce! But I am very happy that he did made a statement about CONASS, and I think every Filipino should have a stand pro or against CONASS because we, the Filipino citizens, will be the one's affected by this gigantic change.

Wilberchie's statment.
I too am against CONASS. Number 1: because it was passed in a very non-traditional way, by just "ayes" and "neys". Palakasan lang ng sigaw! In this manner, the decision lies solely in the discretion of the House Speaker: which we all know is pro administration. This is highly unethical! Hindi na uso yan! We are civilized people that should be practicing democracy! It's no wonder that they are very much enthusiastic about amending our constitution! Because in the first place, they don't respect democracy at all! Kung palakasan lang ng boses ang gusto nyo? Pumunta kayo sa kalye namin sa Pitong Gatang at pasigawin natin ang sang kabaklaan sa kalye namen!

Number 2: because people are not aware what would happen after the amendment has been done. They don;t even know what parliamentary is! The media should explain what are the changes that will be made if it was to be changed to parliamentary or to Federal system of government. They should now that when we have a Parliamentary system, we will not elect the president anymore. This "President" is just an appointee whose main job is just to represent the country in any affairs. But the real person who shall be running the country is called a Prime Minister, and is only elected through the "Assembly" by the Assemblymen who are elected by the masses. The media should also give information what are the pros and cons of a Parliament and a federal system. I think that this is part of their social responsibility that the masses should be well informed. It's no use making a survey if the people are pro or against CONASS, they don't exactly know what it is so their comments are worthless. Instead of doing an effort of doing a survey about what the people what, it is better to inform them first, after all, we are not the 100% Literacy type.

I'm one with the opposition representatives in shouting that this is a disgrace to Philippine Congress! Stop this tyranny! Stop this disrespect to democracy! May you be reminded that the people voted you to that seat for you to give their voice and not to protect your own interests!

I haven't anything from that religious sector that I am always pointing out. You see, this is the issue that they should be dealing with. This disrespect to democracy is the issue that they should be addressing and not the minuscule issue of Oil Depots. Now this is a social issue of a national scale! This is your time to shine! This is the time to voice out your concern!