What would you do if you’re thirsty and you found a store to buy a soda but then you realized that your half brother is inches away from you and is also availing from that same store? Your eyes met but you both turned away at the same time?


I gave him my cellphone number. He was buying load that time. I tried not to be so awkward because I know we bonded before I knew the truth. We shared a few jokes. Actually it was him who was speaking of naughty jokes. Like, I’m so lucky, I have tons of cellphone, etc. Well I understand him because he was deprived of the rights of a son from his father. He texted me after we parted, and he asked me to save his number. He said that he just a bum inside his house, he has no things to do, he just hangs around in their house. I don’t know. After much contemplation, yes he is deprived, but then again, opportunities come to those who seek it. If he really wants to study, there are public institutions that the city can provide for him. He can ask our dad for help since he (our dad) is a public servant for “backers” so that it can boost his chances to enter these public institutions. If there’s a will there’s a way. I have learned that from my college life. Maybe he just hasn’t learned it yet.