I can never explain the feeling when I finally stood up and said to myself. I'm done with this! It happened actually in the 10th floor pantry. I am not a retard. I am done shouldering this! I'm through! It really took a lot of thought before I exclaimed these words. I was holding on to this metal bar in the pantry while looking at the TV. At the same time, I was thinking of reasons why I should still stay in my line of work. *blank* well... for a minute or two. Then I thought of the seaweeds, and then my friends. But then I thought about what happened. Instantaneously, I bolted to the elevator, went down the the 8th floor pantry, withdrew some dough and off I went to Starbucks then rode a jeep home!

Few days after I received a Written Memo from my TL stating that I should reply to it within 5 days, which I did and also I enclosed my resignation letter. I sent it through LBC Puregold Tayuman. Before that, I called in to our HR department to ask how can I resign. The girl mentioned that I should send a letter to my TL and she'll be the one who'll endorse it to HR. So I left that particular partof my life for a while and sonn after, I received another letter now from an HR officer. Basically, the letter states the same thing that my TL sent me. So I called HR and asked if I still need to reply to this new letter since I already sent a reply to my TL's. Well, they said I don't need to reply to this new one given that the one I sent was not successfully delivered. But LBC called the reception and clarified if there is *insert my TL's name here* in the building. Tomorrow, LBC will deliver finally the envelop of my future. Then after still not hearing from HR, I decided to call up again. OK, the method I thought was not the right one. Apparently, I need to go directly to the office and finish the paperworks myself.

December 30, I woke up at 4:30 am from the alarm of my cellphone. I contemplated for a bit if I will really get up and go to the office or just deal with it the following year. My brain won by landslide and the next thing I know, I'm already holding my bath towel and walking straight to the bathroom. The ride to the office is short. Lucky for me, the jeep I rode passed a group of Girl Scouts (actually a troop). They filled the jeep and we flew (super fast!) to the LRT Tayuman Station.

I entered the building. Good, no one has seen me yet. I pressed the button of the elevator and went straight to HR. When I entered the room, I thought that no one was present. Good thing someone went in and I asked for the HR officer that I talked to. OK, since my resignation letter was not received (when I have it tracked with LBC, its status is "refused to receive"), the HR officer asked me if I can write another one and she'll just print it out. Good thing, I always save a backup copy in my yahoo mail. So we accessed it and she printed it out. I signed it and then she asked me to go upstairs and asked my TL to sign it then to an SOM. Then she said that if my TL is not here, I can ask other TLs to sign it.

Piff! I went straight to the elevator and went up. And whoah surprise! My TL!!!! Perhaps, it was really meant to be! I thought it's their off so I figured I would need to look for a TL who can sign my resignation papers. But lo and behold! When the elevator opened, My TL is there! Hurray! She helped me finish my paperworks. Then we went back to the HR and they gave me the forms to complete my Clearance. 1st for my TL, she just filled in the information in the form and signed in. Then for an OM, I went in and got signature from this OM that I like. Well he's kind and very commanding. Then I finished up with Facilities, then HR. It took me passed 12 pm when I finished.

THIS FEELING OF FREEDOM IS UNEXPLAINABLE!!!! I really deserve this! After all the stress that I had when I was working. I really really deserve this! I can handle stress. I mean, I like handle a handful or orgs when I was studying. But the level of stress in a call center and also being an SME. It's way way bigger! So now, I am finally able to do things I want. Reading, cooking, listening to music, lakwatsa, parapara and not just sleeping all day.