She sat on her throne trying to be as stoic as possible. But in truth she's deeply worried. Her knight arrived and knelt before her. She knew exactly why he was there. She gave him her blessing and a small package. Her knight slowly stood up, took the package and said his thanks to the her. Her knight bowed once more to her then turned back towards the exit and walked away from the throne.

She sat down to calm herself. Her knight left her for a while for his journey of solace. She knew this is best for her knight. Finding himself. Healing wounds on his own. Finding the answers to questions that he can only answer. His own journey to find himself. What he truly desires. What he ultimately wants to do.

She remained seated on her throne. Despite her thoughts of apprehension, she knew he will come back. There is no doubt in her mind that her knight will come back for her. She has all the faith in the world, that once more, his knight will come to the halls of her castle and he give his loyalty to her again.

She will wait until that day comes. On that day, she will welcome him wholeheartedly back into her life. And on that day, she will be once again have someone protecting her. Someone who shields her. Someone who unreasonably loves her.

Until that day comes, she will be waiting... until his valiant knight comes back...

I'll be waiting for your return... My White Knight...